Christmas, Cozee Home and chaos at home!

So here we are, literally just days away from Christmas and with sadly so much uncertainty about the week ahead surrounding us. I think we had such high hopes that this year would be easier, but it looks as though the latest strain of Covid has other plans. I hope very much that whatever happens you will remain well, and if we have to postpone it all, then we will. But as I’ve always told my children, and it’s been my mantra throughout many different scenarios in my life “nothing changes until it changes”. When I was ill I adjusted it slightly – “it’s nothing until they tell me it’s something”, and it’s something that’s served me very well. I hope whatever keeps you feeling upbeat and positive you’ll find it in spadesful.

So rather than dwelling on the negative, I thought I’d share some lovely positive pictures of places and people with you. On Saturday 4th December my daughter Lucy organised for Honey, my younger granddaughter Calla and me to take an open-top bus tour to enjoy the Christmas lights in London. I’ve never done this before and haven’t been to the city at Christmas for many moons, so it was a real treat.

We had lunch in the fabulous Sherlock Holmes pub before boarding the bus. We couldn’t have been luckier with the weather – although incredibly cold, it was absolutely clear with a full moon and bright skies. Luckily the girls were wrapped up in their warm coats with hats, scarves and gloves, and I had recently bought the full-length Badgley Mischka coat, which zips right up with a hood and was incredibly warm. I would love to share ALL the photographs I took with you but there isn’t room on the blog so here are a few of my favourites.

I think the city has once again surpassed itself and the flying angel lights were truly spectacular. I started working in London in 1976 when I was just 16 years old and it is still one of my favourite cities. I’ve never felt anything other than safe there and it was lovely to experience such beautiful sights with the girls and Lucy.

Because of all the building works at home we’ve had to do an enormous amount of sorting out in the house, and not before time. We actually moved here nine years ago this weekend! However, I feel we may need to do a little more as I discovered a visitor in our pantry! He’d already eaten his way through my Scotts Porridge Oats and was starting on the shortbread biscuits when I found him. I love mice but not amongst my edibles, so we’ve got some humane traps and I can let them out in the field behind us.

Our tree is up now and although it took me almost five hours (and Nativity One and Two – delightful!) I managed to wrap most of the presents. It certainly feels a lot more festive now and thanks to SFIXX Hooks I have hung all my Christmas cards up across the windows where they’re safely secured for the duration. Thank you so much for them – I’ve posted back to those of you who supplied addresses so I hope they get to you in time. I took two photos of the tree – one in the daytime and one with the lights on – not sure which I prefer but it does look lovely.

The photograph of our two grandsons – Rhys and Corey – was taken underneath their own tree but I hope it makes you smile. Bless them!

And this little dot is my grandniece Aggy who was born a year ago in Australia on 17th December! I of course have never seen her other than on FaceTime, but she is such a happy little soul and brings her mum Clare, dad Cale and my brother Peter and his wife Sarah a great deal of joy. We are so blessed to have an extended family I know.

We’re hoping to spend Christmas Eve with Lucy and Honey and then Christmas Day with Sam, Elise, Vicky, Jack and Dan. Hopefully, Joe, Hayley and the boys will come on Boxing Day with Lucy and Honey and we have several other visits planned with family and friends but I don’t want to jinx it so will just keep everything crossed.

But before that I’ll be with you throughout the week pretty much until 1am on Christmas Eve when I’m launching a fabulous Cozee Home Juno Soft Twist Shaggy Rug for just £29 and available in 2 Easy Pay instalments. Perfect for stone or hardwood flooring or just to add a bit of interest to a tired carpet! Of course there’s plenty happening over the next few days before that too – watch out for Ruth Langsford, Monsoon, Luxform, Cook’s Essentials and a fair few End of Year Sales from various brands too. Always worth checking out our TV schedule to make sure you don’t miss them. I’m back with you on New Year’s Eve but I’ll keep in touch in the meantime.

I did hear a rumour that we may have a white Christmas this year… but then we’ve heard a lot of things that haven’t necessarily panned out, so all I’m hoping for you is a truly happy Christmas, hopefully, spent with those you love, and that the new year will see us all safer and healthier. Thank you so much for all your support, conversation and love here on the blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I hope you know how much it means to me.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and every happiness in the New Year.

With my love,

Ali xxxx

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  1. Dear Ali, you know I always love your blogs and seeing your lovely pictures, the little ones are so delightful aren’t they and bring so much pleasure. I truly hope we all get to fulfill our plans this year, we are going to my youngest daughters on Christmas Day and Dad is coming too, so my little granddaughter will no doubt keep us entertained 🤗. Then on Boxing Day we will be joined by my middle daughter and grandson, so fingers crossed nothing changes 🤞.

    Thank you for all your lovely pictures and news over what has been another unbelievable year, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2022.

    Lots of love, Anne x

    1. Hi Anne, So glad you enjoyed the blog and the photos, and yes, you’re right, the little ones are so sweet and bring us so much joy. I very much hope that all your Christmas plans came together and you were able to see your daughters and grandchildren on Christmas Day and Boxing Day too. Sadly both Colin and I tested positive for Covid on Christmas Eve so our Christmas was cancelled, but we are already planning a day sometime in January when we can all be together as a family. Luckily Ive had the booster otherwise I think I’d be feeling even worse than I do now! I wish you and yours a very happy 2022 and thank you for your support this year. Love Ali xx

      1. Dear Ali, I’m so sorry you and Colin have both been ill, my eldest daughter also tested positive for covid a few days before Christmas and spent the holidays isolating. Hope you are both feeling better soon. Love Anne xx

  2. Hello Ali
    Well can you believe yet another year is almost over? The phots are lovely and they do make people feel brighter. I love Christmas especially with the grandchildren. Sadly Katie my eldest is 15 and well out of the believing stage but she plays along and Rosie 8 1/2 holds on to her every word. It’s just magic and I would love to bottle those moments and bring them out when days are not so good. We are having Christmas dinner at home. We hope to see our children for a short time and then home to put our feet up. Although not what we hoped for but I find I get very tired so being at home means I can rest when needed. I am still feeling pretty groggy but some days are better than others. I am gradually doing a bit more each day and have even done some sewing. Well Ali I’ll say stay safe and send love and hugs to you. Enjoy your time with the family and hope 2022 is a good one for you. Judithxxx😀🍷

    1. Dear Judith I do hope you stayed well enough to see your family and enjoy their company without wearing yourself out too much? I’m sorry that some days are still so hard for you, and I very much hope that 2022 will be a far healthier and happier one. Sadly Colin and I both tested positive for Covid on Xmas Eve so have been isolating since then. Christmas will be replayed at some point in January! Take care, love Ali xx

  3. Hello Ali, Wonderful photos of our wonderful capital city & I’m delighted that all your girls loved their Christmas lights tour. It’s also lovely to see the other small people in your family, “More babies, more love” was my mum’s motto & she was right. Sadly I see our family as smaller rather than larger these days so our plans to see Ellie, Dave & their children on Christmas Day & my sister on Boxing day are set in stone, the only way we wouldn’t meet would be because of illness, of any variety, not a ban. A mouse in the house & he looks as though he’s a gymnast! We watched the beautiful & very moving film ‘A Boy called Christmas’ last Saturday & ironically we also had a mouse visitor yesterday, sadly this one was an ex mouse & had passed away in one of my boots; I suppose it was lucky that I found him so soon after a certain spoiled cat had brought him indoors but I didn’t feel that way when trying to put my foot inside! Wishing you a Merry Christmas & a 2022 filled with happiness & laughter. Love from Jo x

    1. Hi there Jo, I’m loving your mum’s motto – not heard it before but may well steal it for myself. I’m sitting huddled up in an electric blanket giving myself 20 minutes in front of the computer before no doubt I’ll have to lay down again! Blessed Covid got both Colin and I on Christmas Eve so everything was cancelled. We’ve both been feeling really rough but are hoping we’re through the worse of it. So glad you also saw A Boy Called Christmas. We actually watched it after the Christmas Lights trip and loved it. I also rather liked Abominable… a rather unusual animated film that I watched on and off on Christmas Day. I’m very glad you found the mouse before it had started to smell – think the wellies may have needed to be binned if that was the case. I wish you, your Colin and your girls a wonderful 2022 that will be healthier and very happy. Love from Ali xx

  4. Ah, Alison, the photos of your family are lovely. Those of us with extended families are indeed blessed. Glad you enjoyed the trip around London – we went up last Friday and the lights were beautiful. Have a wonderful Christmas and very best wishes for health and happiness in 2022. xxx

    1. Dear Cherry thanks for getting in touch and I am so glad that you too were able to enjoy the Christmas Lights and have extended family to spend time with. Our Christmas was sadly curtailed by Covid but we will re-convene at some point in January when both Colin and I are out of the woods with it. Sending you every good wish for a healthy and happy 2022. Love Ali xx

    1. Dear Elaine, thank you so much for your kind wishes, which I am sending right back to you. I hope that 2022 will be a healthy and happy year for you all. Love Ali xx

  5. Happy Christmas Ali. I hope you have a nice time with all your mass of family! Your tree is lovely. I think the snow is only possibly for the north of Scotland but I could be wrong! All I wish for Christmas and the new year to come is to feel peace and love and I hope it’s not too much to ask! Keep safe x

    1. Dear Susan, I do hope you enjoyed a white Christmas and were able to spend it with those you love. As you will have seen we had to miss the majority of our meetings with family and are still recovering from Covid. Let’s hope for health peace and love in 2022 and thank you for taking time out to write to me. Love Ali xx

  6. Hi Alison hope you get to see everyone,we are hoping for the best too,at least all the things Clare and Geoff had planned for the girls has gone ahead this year. Gary and Lamis are coming up on Thursday to stay so we will all be together.Les and I had our booster on the 20th Dec apart from a bad arm we were ok we had the moderna jab this time we seemed to wait along time to get something booked in and much younger people were getting theirs, but it’s done now so that’s good. Hope you have a great Xmas and happy 2022 to you all see you on the other side , and Hope your building work goes ok. Love Loraine xxx🎅❄🎄🍾

  7. Hi Ali, more great photos especially of the beautiful Christmas lights in London – very magical. How did you manage to get such a brilliant picture of your very own Mickey Mouse??!!
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas with all your family. I still aim to go to my sister’s and we are all making sure we do regular Covid tests beforehand. My poor brother now has Covid in Chicago but seems to be improving daily thankfully.
    Stay safe Ali and enjoy the festivities. Wishing you and your family a Happy and Healthy 2022!
    Love Tina xx

    1. Hi Tina, yes the mouse was very photogenic wasn’t he! So glad you enjoyed the blog and the photos and i very much hope you managed to get to your sister okay? I also hope your brother is over his Covid, but as you will see both Colin and I fell foul just before Christmas really began. We’ve just delayed everything until January but it was a shame. Here’s to a healthier and happy New Year. Thanks for all your support in 2021. Love Ali xx

  8. Hi Ali, just wanted to say how much I enjoy watching you on QVC, reading your very entertaining blogs and looking at your beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing. A very Merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year to you and your family xxx

    1. Susan, you are very welcome. It’s my absolute pleasure sharing my life and photos with you and it’s always a boost to hear back from you. I do hope you had a healthy and happy Christmas and every good wish for the New Year. Love Ali xx

  9. Hi lovely Ali what lovely pics with the adorable kids and also a really lovely pic of you and Lucy. The lights look lovely up London. I like you started working up London at 16 and have many happy memories of working up there in my youth! Your tree looks fabulous. Have a lovely Christmas and wishing you a very happy 2022. Stay safe and sending you a big hug xx

    1. Dear Karen, How funny that we both began our careers at 16 in our great city. I loved working in London and as I said it remains one of my favourite cities to spend time in. I have printed out the pic of Lucy and I as I too love it! I very much hope you had a good and happy Christmas and thank you for always keeping in touch here on the blog. Every good wish to you for 2022. Love Ali xx

    1. Olwen thank you very much! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and will have an equally healthy and happy New Year. With my love, Ali xx

  10. What a WONDERFUL blog darling…you welcome everyone into your world with such warmth and inclusiveness if thats even a word but a lovely post, beautifully written as always xxx

    1. My dear Yo, if it’s not a word it should be! 🙂 Wonderful as always to have your love and support. With my love, Ali xx

  11. Hi Ali,
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and a Very Healthy & Happy 2022.
    Your tree looks so pretty, and I love the picture with the cheeky little elves sat underneath it – so cute!☺️
    Enjoy the time with your family & friends.
    Love, Sue Radford xx

    1. Hi Sue, yes, both Corey and Rhys are very photogenic – Corey definitely preferred being dressed as an elf as opposed to his Halloween outfit 🙂 I hope you were able to enjoy some time with family and friends? Thank you for your support and contact throughout this year – it means a lot. Happy 2022 Love Ali xx

  12. Hi alison merry xmas and happy new year i got your christmas card on wednesday 22nd december int he post thank you very much.

    1. Dear Martin, You are very welcome. Thank you for always sending me a card! Happy New Year to you. With love Ali x

  13. Just a quick one on Christmas Eve to wish you and your wonderful family a very happy Christmas. Xxxx
    I love a bus tour, never done the Christmas light one but feel thats a must for next year. I’ve spent the day cooking beef, turkey, prepping the veg..although I’ve just realised I have not peekeld any spuds, making pigs in blankets and stuffing..I also watched Nativity favourite one and got through half a bottle of Bailey’s!
    Enjoy a super day tomorrow.
    Much love Mary

    1. Mary you are so my kind of girl!!! I adored the Nativity films and am definitely partial to a few Baileys! It sounds as though you were majorly organised as per and I hope you, the family and baby Arthur were all together to enjoy it. Sadly Colin and I will have to reconvene in January thanks to Covid, but luckily the rest of the family are staying well. Thank you for all your comments, your kindness and for keeping in touch this year as every year. I wish you every happiness in 2022. Love Ali xx

  14. Hi Ali, love the photos and your blog, I hope Christmas went well for you all. Here’s wishing you and Colin a very Happy and Healthy 2022!!!
    Merche xx

  15. Dear Merche, So glad that you enjoyed the blog and the photos. It’ll soon be time for me to welcome in the New Year with a new blog. I hope very much that you enjoyed your Christmas – sadly all our plans were sidelined by Covid but we will be reorganising for mid-January. I do hope you and yours stayed well and enjoyed your time together. Thank you for keeping in touch this year and for your support. Happy 2022! Love Ali xx

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