Hands, feet, sunshine and shopping

Is it just me or are you having trouble sleeping at the moment? I know some folk believe that when we have a full moon our emotions are pulled to the surface and feelings are heightened. Others believe it has more to do with subtle changes in the Earth’s magnetic field that bring about these reactions. Either way, after three late-night shifts and road closures on the M4 that required me to circumnavigate Heathrow Airport in order to get home, I need matchsticks to keep my eyes open today! I didn’t manage to get a photo of the moon in all its glory but did catch this beautiful crescent moon and wanted to share. No filters here at all.

I have booked leave this weekend as it is Colin’s birthday, and am looking forward very much to seeing all the family at Vicky’s for a BBQ to celebrate. I’m also heading down to Sussex before that to see my Godmother Edna – 18 months since we’ve had a hug, and a year since we’ve physically seen each other – I am sooo looking forward to my visit 🙂

Jenny and Linda’s stay last weekend was a great success and gave Colin and I the chance to try out two new vegetarian recipes. Colin made a fabulous cauliflower risotto, and I put together a butternut squash hassle back roast. If you’re familiar with hassle back potatoes you’ll get the idea. You cut the squash in half, score down the back of each piece, place bay leaves in the slots and then in this recipe cover it with Harissa paste, olive oil and garlic. Having roasted it for half an hour then add mint and honey plus lime juice. It was absolutely delicious when served with crumbled feta cheese and salad leaves.

We watched the Eurovision on Saturday night – I still find it hard to believe that the UK was yet again disregarded when it came to the scoring! We also watched the old classic The Glenn Miller Story starring James Stewart. It’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve not seen it for years and even though I know the ending it always makes me cry.

Colin and I finished watching Leonardo and that too had a very moving finish but also a bit of a twist that I wasn’t expecting. Aiden Turner was superb as Leonardo di Vinci. Thanks, Tina for recommending The Pact to me. Our friends Roz and Chris binge-watched it until 2am!!! It definitely sounds like something we’d enjoy. 🙂

It’s been difficult keeping up with the garden with all this rain, but I’ve had to pot my tomato seedlings on as they’ve shot up, as have the lettuces and beetroots and the sunflowers will need to come out of the propagator soon because they’re so tall! I found this beautiful patch of violets a little earlier on in the month, but like the bluebells, they are now finished for the year.

The crops in the fields have been shooting up as have the weeds and the grass, but that’s been too wet to mow, although Richard Jackson’s Lawn Magic is definitely helping it to green up. I’ve not had much chance to get out for my walks this last week because of the rain, so I very much enjoyed my two hours on Monday with the Fitquest Exercise bike. I hope if you ordered yours you’ll get great use out of it.

So many birthdays for us in May, and I’m proud to say that most of the gifts I’ve purchased have been from QVC.  For Linda we bought the White Stuff brushed cotton shirt and along with her dressing table, we treated Honey to Charlie Brook’s Diamonique Design of the Month – the four-leaf clover pendant.  She loved it!

My niece Verity asked for Laura Geller’s Balance n Brighten Foundation, Phoebe needed more Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and I also bought her the Tan-Luxe Tanning Drops too, and for Joe’s Hayley we bought Liz Earle’s Skin Repair and the Rock Rose Bath and Skincare collection.  It’s Sam’s girly Elise’s birthday on 31st May but I can’t tell you what I’ve bought for her yet, suffice to say, it’s ALL from QVC and so that just leaves Colin, and I’ll be honest, most of what I have for him I’ve been gathering for a while.  Although there may be something from the L’Occitane range stowed away…

Tonight, he and I are going out for a 12-course Thai taster meal at the Crazy Bear restaurant.  I bought this as a Christmas present for him in 2019, and because of the pandemic, we’ve only just been able to book it in!  Kathy and Olley also had a Thai meal there before the last lockdown and said it was superb so we’re looking forward to it very much.

There’s lots for you to look forward to at QVC as well with Monday 31st being Discovery Day. There will be hours dedicated to your favourite beauty brands, and homewares plus fashion with a TSV on the day from Lulu Guinness. It’s The Bree – a triple compartment grab and shoulder bag available in 3 Easy Pay instalments at under £240.

I’ll be back with Diamonique on Tuesday at 8pm after this week’s break for the Lola Rose Anniversary, and then I have a Jewellery Sale at 10pm, which will definitely be worth tuning in for too.

I do want to mention the Ultrasun TSV that’s making an appearance at 9pm on Wednesday 2nd June as it’s a four-piece Top Up Collection at just £29.98, and there are two choices available to you plus an Auto Delivery, which is great as we move into the summer months. You’ll choose between the Family/General collection with the Family SPF 30, Sports Spray SPF 30, Aftersun Tan Booster and the Lip Protection too, but there’s a sensitive skin option too with the Extreme 50+, the Sports Spray 50+, Aftersun and the Lip Protection too. The Sports Sprays would be £29.98 on their own, so this is an amazing deal.

I’m hoping to have more photos for you in the next blog as Colin and I are heading off to Cornwall for a short break from the 4th June and are hoping that the promised sunshine will follow us down there. It’ll just be good to get away and see some different scenery to be honest, and to have some time together as he’s been working flat out these last few months. I know a number of you have been moving house so I do hope that’s all gone well, and if you have a holiday planned may the sunshine for you!

Take care, do keep in touch, and stay well. Hopefully, we’ll all have had our second vaccinations by the time I next write.

With my love,

Ali xx


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  1. Hi Ali
    For many years, I have been fascinated with the different phases of the moon and managed to take a few pictures of this month’s Supermoon on my iPad (albeit through the window in the comfort of being indoors) 🙂
    The picture you took of the crescent moon is great – you have captured quite a spooky image 🎃
    I hope your husband enjoys his birthday and that you have a lovely time in Cornwall. I also hope that you enjoy catching up with your family and friends – the weather seems to be improving just in time ☀️
    Best wishes
    Jules x

    1. Dear Jules, Well done you for capturing the SuperMoon – I only ever seem to see it when I’m driving! Yes, I was very chuffed with my crescent moon pic – Colin was impressed! We had a lovely time for his birthday and Cornwall was fun. Home now and cracking on with the garden in the sunshine. Making the very best of it. I hope you and yours are well. love Ali xx

      1. Hi Alison I hope you can help me,I watched you on Saturday night on the Gatineau show and I absolutely loved the dress you were wearing,please could you tell me where it’s from,I would love it for my next holiday thanksxx

  2. Hi Alison, Happy Birthday to Colin, do hope you enjoy your meal out. Have a lovely holiday in Cornwall. Hope the weathers good for you. You take some really lovely photos.
    Love Karen x

    1. Hi Karen, And thanks for the birthday wishes! I can’t believe it was almost a fortnight ago! We had a lovely time in Cornwall and I’ll be sharing the photos on the new blog. I hope all is well with you, love Ali xx

  3. Hello Ali, I went from someone who could sleep through any alarm, thunderstorm & even my mum vacuuming my room when I was in bed (how rude) to becoming the lightest sleeper in the country when I became a mum & unfortunately I’ve never reverted. This month’s Super moon was sublime, we have a fox visit us every night for a snack & watching him eat his supper by moonlight was a delight. I took advantage of a slightly drier weekend & cut the lawns & the lovely weather of the past two days has meant that I could do all the little tasks so our garden now looks at its best & about time too! May truly is a big month for you with all those birthdays; I hope you & Mr E had a wonderful time tonight, at all the get togethers you’ve got planned & especially when you go to Cornwall. I love that county, it’s where Colin proposed & she has a certain quality that I can’t quite define, I think loving the novels of Daphne Du Maurier & Winston Graham has a lot to do with that. Have a lovely time & remember jam first! Love from Jo x

    1. Hi there Jo, you made me laugh with your comment about your mum vacuuming your room while you were still in bed! My mum did the same thing at around 6 am! I think my hot flushes probably keep me awake – up to 6 a night, hard to believe it’s been 10 years since they started. I too though sleep very lightly and Colin snores! I’m loving the sound of your fox – I just wish whatever was visiting our garden and still eating my roses would leave us alone! Colin’s birthday was grand and we had a lovely time in Cornwall. I agree with you about the county – something very special about this part of our country. I did a bit of reading about Daphne du Maurier and she had a very interesting life. Was surprised by the accusation of plagiarism! I hope you’ve been enjoying the sunshine but taking time out to rest. Thanks for keeping in touch, love Ali xx

  4. Hi Alison,
    Just wishing you a fab BH weekend and its half term for me…Jack and his girlfriend are moving into their rented cottage so I am on painting duty!
    Weather had been beautiful today so I’ve spent most of it in the garden starting to add the final touches to my newly done garden…its looking lovely and my mum would love it.
    I hope you got to see my last blog reply…it was a bit late so not much has happened since then..hence a short one this time.
    Enjoy the sunshine and hope Colin has a lovely birthday. Mary xc

    1. Dear Mary, I’m so sorry I didn’t get round to responding to your last comment. I was thrilled to know you are expecting a grandson, and now to know that Jack and his girlfriend are moving into their cottage. They may well already be there as I’m rather late in responding to this comment to as we’ve been away. You are going to make the most wonderful grandma, and it’s really sweet of you to be helping them prepare their home. I’d love to see what your garden looks like – and I’m certain your mum would be delighted to have made it happen for you. I have to admit I was tempted by the lanterns from Luxe Form – we have another illuminating TSV this Saturday! Cornwall was fun and we had a few glorious days before heading home. Photos in the new blog. You take care and I hope you’ll have managed a few lazy days in between the hard work! Sounds like you need a rest from work too. Love Ali xx

  5. Hi Ali I don’t have all the modern technology but wanted to tell you about my Diamonique moment when I was seventy, I’d always wanted to go to New England in the Fall and now being on my own as the man in my life had died I went, we stopped at the most amazing waterfalls and they had a gift shop so buying the usual touristy bits I went to the counter to pay, the assistant went wild when I handed my items over as my rings caught the light and she said “Wow how many carats are those”? I didn’t have the heart to tell her they were man made, she must have thought I was rolling in money, well perhaps not being on a coach tour.

    1. Dear Jill, lovely to hear from you and what a fantastic story! Very brave of you to head out for new adventures on your own, but delighted that you managed to get to New England in the fall. Loving the fact you kept the secret to yourself about Diamonique – I always do too! I hope you’ve managed to enjoy some of this beautiful weather we’ve been having. Love Ali xx

  6. Hi Ali, I hope that Colin has a great birthday and that you enjoy your break in Cornwall. I lived there for a while and used to love to visit Fowey and Polperro – very picturesque. It looks like you’ll be lucky with the weather🙂
    I’m glad you think you’ll enjoy The Pact – I thought it was very good.
    Funny you mention not sleeping well – I always used to sleep with no problems but now I don’t always sleep that well, although it could have something to do with the fact that I’ve,recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia which causes all sorts of problems!
    Enjoy your time away – will miss seeing you on QVC.
    Stay safe. Love Tina xx

    1. Dear Tina, Colin really enjoyed his birthday with all the family for the first time in ages and we were relatively lucky with the weather in Cornwall. Fowey and Porthleaven are two of my favourites, but we also loved Hale and Polruan too. The Pact was very clever and had me guessing all the way through pretty much… I’m sorry to know that you also aren’t sleeping well – and I would imagine that fibromyalgia has a lot to do with that. I think none of a sleep as well as we get older now. Back at the Q this Saturday, so I will see you then love Ali xx

  7. Hi Alison,
    Hope you’re enjoying your Cornwall break. I think the SE is having great weather? So many birthdays for you in May so hope they all enjoyed them and at least they could have family and friends over! Hope Edna and joe are ok.
    I only just read your last blog too. I agree about line of duty. So many people take things so seriously! It’s just a tv programme and I enjoyed it! Yes disappointed but that’s only one tiny part! Fabulous stories and acting. Look forward to your holiday update x

    1. Hi Susan, yes thank you we enjoyed our break in Cornwall that came home earlier as the weather was pretty bad there but beautiful at home. All our birthday celebrations went well and I had a lovely day with Edna in the sunshine. Still trying to arrange to get to see Joe but hopefully it will be soon. I’m took quite a few photographs while we were away and will have them ready for you in the next blog! Thanks for writing to me, love Ali xx

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