Hearts, flowers and a mix of news!  

So here I am sitting in front of my newly improved computer that is now working faster than I have ever known it to!  It was second-hand when Colin bought it for me four years ago, and it’s never let me down until recently, when it started inadvertently shutting down and running so slowly that I began to worry I may lose everything I have stored in it!  I found a local company with the catchy title I-Crackedit.com, who collected it and within two days restored it all so that it’s like new.    And reading this back it’s a pretty good analogy for the way I’ve been feeling over the last month and most definitely the last week, and I currently have everything crossed that I will be ‘fixed’ just as quickly.

Before I fill you in, let me thank you for your lovely comments as always and also for your support with the Story Time feature that runs every Saturday on Facebook and Instagram.  Over 2.5k of you listened to last week’s story, and I’m hoping that as everyone is sharing them it may become even more of a regular thing.  Of course it began as part of QVC’s Always With You campaign, and it’s lovely to know that sitting and listening to great story from a talented author brings so many of you pleasure and a chance to escape from the world, even if only for a short while.  I have to admit to thoroughly enjoying the reading of them too although I am desperately seeking a new source of material having pretty much exhausted my Maeve Binchy and JoJo Moyes collections.

I had more good news last week when the government announced the Support Bubble scheme that would include single parents with children under 18.  Finally I would have a chance to do what so many of us have been longing to do – actually spend some quality time with my daughter and my granddaughter Honey and be able to cuddle them finally.   I was all set and ready to see them at the weekend before work, but on Thursday after my regular walk I passed out.  The first time for me in my entire 60 years and not something I want to repeat!  Colin was home and it happened just as I got back, not while I was out in the fields thank Heavens.  I banged my elbow pretty hard, but managed to avoid banging my face on the concrete and spent the remainder of the day resting.  I slept relatively well, although my hot flushes kept me awake for a large part of it.  In the morning I loaded the car and set off to see my girls, chatting to my friend Roz on the journey.  Unfortunately while I was driving I had the same sensation of racing heart and lightheadedness, and began to panic thinking I was going to pass out again. Roz kept talking to me to keep me calm and suggested I get off the motorway as soon as I could.   Unfortunately the M4 currently has no hard shoulder and so I had to keep going (very slowly) until I found an exit onto a business park and on Roz’s advice I headed for somewhere with people and then rang 111. If she hadn’t have suggested that I think I may well have stayed in my car which would not have been sensible.  She was a nurse for years, moving into palliative care for the latter years of her career, and has an incredible knack of knowing exactly what to do in any given circumstance.  I am forever in her debt for her kindness and calmness 🙂  111 got a clinician to call me and she sent for an ambulance.  It didn’t take long to come, but I was feeling far worse and by the time it arrived and was in some sort of shock with a racing heart and blue hands and feet! Colin arrived at much the same time, but obviously was not allowed into the ambulance and had to wave me off through the doors.  That was hard…  The paramedics Tom and Alan could not have been kinder, as were all the staff at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.  They ran various kinds of tests including a chest X ray and CT scan of my brain, but there was nothing conclusive.

Being in A & E really brought home to me how incredibly upsetting it must be for everyone and anyone who has had a relative or someone they love taken into hospital without being able to accompany them. Worse still if that person is kept in and they are unable to visit – such a worry.  All the staff at the hospital were incredibly kind and thorough, and everyone was wearing PPE so I didn’t feel at risk, although I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. I was able to text Lucy and Honey, but was heartbroken that I couldn’t see them and that our long awaited reunion would have to wait.   As I was having chest pains and felt lightheaded I was advised to rest completely over the next few days and to contact my GP on the Monday so I did as I was told. Colin picked me up from the hospital and it was such a relief to see him and to be able to go back home together.

When I spoke to my GP I was still struggling with chest pains and fatigue and he advised me to find a Cardiologist asap and arrange a consultation.  Some of you may know that I lost my dad when he was just 54 to a massive heart attack, and I think this, coupled with my cancer history meant they were more concerned.  Thankfully our local hospital opened its doors on Monday and so by Wednesday morning I was having another ECG and an echocardiogram.  I was also fitted with a heart monitor that has to stay in place for a week.  I thought naively it was something you wore on your wrist but I was wrong!

Maybe I should decorate it with tinsel or a pendant? It’s a very clever device and will continually monitor my heart rate and highlight any unusual activity.  I have a diary to fill in too.  The cardiologist went through the results with me that afternoon and although he said he didn’t feel there was anything too worrying there, because I still had discomfort and fatigue, he would need to carry out a CT angiogram so he can make sure that none of the arteries are furred up.

Hopefully the discomfort will pass, and I’ll be given a clean bill of health and can go back to business as usual, but I will be away from work for a while, although keeping in touch with you here and on social media.

I missed my regular Diamonique show on Tuesday and sadly I won’t be able to join Ruth Langsford this Friday with her Today’s Special Value for the day  – a beautiful midi dress with a belt.  It’s already available to pre-order in an orange spot print and a mono spot print, but also in four block colours – black, magenta, cobalt and sand. Better yet it’s available in three different lengths – petite, regular and tall. Jackie Kabler will be launching it on Thursday night at 9pm and she will be wearing the tall option because of her fabulously long legs! I’m sure it’s going to do really well!  I have to admit to being very glad of my Lucca Vanucci linen dress from last year’s collection – there’s a similar style on clearance at the moment that is equally lovely in electric blue, hot coral or pistachio.  I’ve had great results from my Gatineau Golden Glow Gradual Tanning Milk which I’ve been liberally applying since the sun packed its bags and I’ve also been using the Jane Scrivner brand of beauty products as they really seem to suit my skin.

I would highly recommend the Overnight Recharge Balm and the Rose Gold Ultimate Facial Serum which is closer to a facial oil.  I’ve always shied away from anything with rose in it as I’m none to keen on the fragrance, but my skin really appreciates it.   My Richard Jackson fragranced lilies are taking their time to flower but I was very late planting them, and so I thought you may like to see my Calla lilies instead?

This is the fourth year I’ve had them and they never fail to impress.  They pick really well too.  I’ve also been delighted with the way my Hayloft Clematis are growing! You may remember they were a Today’s Special Value back in May and I planted them in the new trug Colin built for me and I planted them out in Richard Jackson‘s compost and have been feeding them regularly with his Flower Power – a winning combination!

I also treated myself and my mum’s partner Joe to some more of  Forman’s Smoked Salmon – just delicious and seriously the best I’ve tasted.  And talking of food, following my rather scary end to last week, Roz and Chris very kindly sent me this fabulous food parcel to cheer me up!  My favourite cheeses (including Godminster’s Chedder  special chutney, crackers and an apple brandy!  It was such a lovely surprise, and will be so very much enjoyed 🙂

And for my final bit of news – and the very best news – I had a surprise visit from Lucy and Honey on Sunday, and although I was still feeling pretty ropey, my hug with Honey did my heart no end of good.

I spent most of them day watching her on the trampoline and rushing around the garden…  Just having them both here was an absolute tonic and Lucy made the tastiest spaghetti Bolognese for lunch.   I realise how lucky I am and that you may still be waiting to get your arms around your loved ones, but I am praying for you that the wait will soon be over.

It’s Colin’s and my fifth wedding anniversary next Friday and so we’re planning a day in the garden with a special meal to celebrate – so very many things to be grateful for.

I hope you can join me this Saturday when I will have another short story for you (hopefully) and you can hear it on my Facebook page or on Instagram.   I have the entire collection of stories on YouTube too if you missed any – Ali’s Story Time QVC.  Do feel free to share and comment – it will be lovely to hear from you.

Take care, stay safe and please do stay in touch.

With my love,

Ali xx

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  1. Dear Alison so sorry your not feeling great hopefully back to normal really soon I did contact you on Twitter but wasn’t having a lot of luck with it I’m not sure why. What a,scary time for you ,my mum also died of a massive heart attack like your dad. Pleased you got to see Lucy and Honey in the end good tonic. Les has found a job at lymington hospital starts in a couple of weeks I think I said in the last blog he wasn’t happy where he was his boss didn’t want him I leave but understood why. We have also put the house on the market staying locally so see what happens a lot of people don’t want people to view at the moment so could take a while we spoke to the family about down sizing might as well enjoy some of the money they said while we can had so many chats lately about things as I suppose lots of folk have.
    I hope your feeling better very soon your such a strong person I admire you with all you have been through . Best wishes love Loraine and Les xx

    1. Dear Loraine, good to hear from you and I hope that in this last week you’ve been able to enjoy the sunshine before Les starts his new job at the hospital. I Do you hope he will be happier there and I’m sure his old boss will miss him. Have you had any viewings? I remember when you first moved to that house but it makes sense to size down now. I’m sorry you had trouble getting in touch with me on Twitter, but I’m glad that you persevered here. Always good to know how you both are. Take care Love Ali X

  2. Lovely blog ali u take it easy now and nice weather next wk coming yr way after this rain, yr grandaughter is growing so fast it’s a real tonic to see them full of life and jumping around take care look after yourself xx

    1. Dear Eileen, So glad you enjoyed the blog, and the photos. Yes, I didn’t have the energy to join Honey on the trampoline, but it was great to be able to film her. I hope that you have had a chance to enjoy this beautiful weather. Thanks for keeping in touch, love Ali xx

    1. Dear Alison so sorry to hear you are unwell and wish you a speedy recovery. I am so pleased you managed to see you daughter and beautiful Honey 💗

      1. Dear JH, it really was an absolute tonic, and although I’m still not 100% hopefully the tests will provide some answers or it will just run its course. I hope that you remain well, and have family and friends close by, love Ali xx

  3. Oh Ali what a time you’ve had! I do hope you’re feeling better and the doctor gets to the bottom of what’s wrong.So matron Honey will be no doubt supervising your recovery and everything else round about so just let her and Im sure Colin will do you proud on your anniversary. Please relax and keep on pottering as I’ve been doing .I’ll keep you in my thoughts.x

    1. Dear Suzi, Hopefully the test results will all be analysed by the end of next week and we can get to the bottom of it. I hope to see Honey again next week, and yes, she and Lucy are always a tonic. Pottering is about all I have been doing, but we have been blessed with the most beautiful weather which always helps. Thank you for your kind words, love Ali x

  4. Ah bless you lovely Ali so sorry to hear about your health. I did miss you on your Diamonique show. How lovely to finally catch up with Honey and Lucy. Lovely pic of you and dear Honey – i love her unicorn top! Bless her. What a lovely pressie you had – im not a cheese lover at all, however, having tried some of the heart shaped Godminster i really enjoyed it. They make lovely gifts. Cant believe it will be your 5th Anniversary. Have a lovely day and congratulations to you both. Sending you much love and a big hug and hoping you are better soon xx

    1. Hi Karen, yes, I’m sorry I missed my Diamonique show but I have been so lucky to see Honey, Lucy and over this last week, Sam and Jack too. The Godminster cheese was absolutely delicious as were all the other goodies and I felt truly spoilt. It’s funny how you think you won’t enjoy something and then when you try it you wonder how you’ve managed without it! Thank you for all your kind words and I very much hope that you are staying well and safe, love Ali x

  5. Hope you start to feel better soon. I bet your Cwtch with Honey was lovely still waiting for mine from Dylan,Jenna, George and Edward. Stay safe lovely girl sending love xx

    1. Dear Kay my cwtch with Honey was delightful, and I have no doubt that once you get to be hug Dylan, Jenna, George and Edward your world may well seem a brighter place too. You stay safe too. Love Ali xx

  6. Hi Alison, sorry to hear you have been so unwell. Hoping you soon start to feel better, think you have had your fair share of illness. Great you got to hug your loved ones. Look after yourself. Love and hugs Karen x

    1. Karen, I think I feel better than I did this time last week, but still not my old self. Fingers crossed the results may make some sense of it, but seeing my family has definitely helped. All the children have visited and that and the sunshine has been a real tonic. I do hope you are able to see those you love too. Love Ali xx

    2. Hi Alison, Happy Anniversary to both of you. I have seen some family but unfortunately not my Dad who is 88 and as I work in an A and E dept, they’ve advised I keep away to be safe. I’ve also missed my 2 little grandchildren who we haven’t seen for about 3 months now. They lost their Mummy, our daughter 3 and a half years ago and it is difficult to see them anyway but Covid has definitely made it hard. Hope you are feeling a little better. Much love Karen xx

  7. Hi Alison I hope your feeling better soon so pleased you got your cuddles with Honey ,stay safe and take care xxx

    1. Hi Carol, I too was incredibly pleased and after such a rotten few days, it was just what I needed. I hope that you’re staying safe and well, and thank you for getting in touch, love Ali xx

  8. Hi Allison, sorry to read about your health scare. You have the same symptoms as my twenty four year old grandson. he has been diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope . It took a lot of tests before he was given a diagnosis but at least he has answers to why he was having blackouts and chest pains . Sadly he can’t return to his job or drive with this diagnosis which at his age was devastating for him . I hope you get your answers to your health issues soon. You look so happy with your granddaughter . I’m very lucky to have had my eleven year old grandson with me through the lockdown as he chose to stay at our house from day one of the lockdown, I know most grandparents weren’t so lucky. best wishes from Margaret in Wigan.

    1. Gosh Margaret how incredibly worrying for your grandson! At least at 60 years old I expect some issues but 24 is no age and as you say, very difficult for him to come to terms with. I very much hope they will be able to find something that will improve his situation asap. I am very glad to know though that your 11 year old grandson has stayed with you throughout lockdown… it would have been a very long time not to have seen him it’s not. You take care and stay safe and well and thank you for keeping in touch, love Ali xx

    1. Dear Ann, That’s very kind of you to get in touch. I’ll let you know how I get on. I do hope you are well and safe, love Ali x

  9. Aww Ali so sorry to hear you’re not too well but hopefully feeling better now you’ve seen your lovely family hope your text results come back ok I’m sure they will 😊 take care and look after your self miss seeing you on air stay safe love di xx🌹🌷

    1. Dear Diane, Yes, seeing my lovely family has definitely helped and I am feeling better than I was this day last week. I am sure once the results come through have a better idea of what’s going on. I do hope you’re staying safe and well and thank you writing to me, love Ali XX

    1. Veronica, thank you very much. I do hope that in spite of the strange times we’re all living in you are staying safe and well, love Ali xx

  10. Hi Ali, I am really sorry to hear about your faint, how frightening, especially whilst driving. I sincerely hope that all your test results come back clear. Xx

    1. Hi Jane, yes, it was pretty scary, especially as there was no hard shoulder to pull over onto. I have my antibody test tomorrow and hopefully all the results by the end of next week, love Ali xx

  11. Ali, how frightening for you. As you know we went through a similar event with Geoff. I know how frightening and worrying it is. The tests are very thorough and I hope they have you back to yourself very soon. How lovely that you could see Honey and Lucy and have that long awaited hug. Sending much love ELAINE x

    1. Dear Elaine, I do remember you telling me about Geoff, and my cousin Len also went through something similar. It is a worry and the imagination plays all kinds of tricks on you too. It was though a real tonic to see Lucy and Honey and both my sons have been to see me over the last week too which has been lovely. You take care and stay safe and thank you for writing to me, love Ali x

  12. Sending my love and best wishes that you feel better soon Alison ….. how lovely that you spent some time with your lovely daughter and granddaughter … Honey is absolutely gorgeous… and growing up so fast … I loved her little dance XX …. Unfortunately we never had children but I’m very close to my niece and nephews …. My nieces son ( my great nephew) popped in to see us while on leave from the Army…. he was covered from head to toe in protective clothing and surprised me with a huge hug …. oh it felt so good …. 🥰 ….. it definitely lifted my mood … x take care Alison … we all care about you xx

    1. Dear Christine, I am sure you are a fabulous aunty and great fun to be with. Lovely that your great nephew popped in to see you and had his protective clothing on. We ALL miss the hugs so very much, and I’m glad that it lifted your mood. Hopefully not much longer before we can all hug each other again without having to consider protective clothing at all… Thank you for your sweet words and for keeping in touch, love Ali xx

  13. Hi Alison, that was a lovely read thank you. Everything crossed you are soon feeling great and back to work.
    It was our wedding anniversary last Tuesday. Bit of a strange day, we would normally stay somewhere nice and enjoy a nice meal but were lucky enough to drive somewhere different and sit outside in the sunshine with a cup of coffee and a lovely piece of cake, still a bit weird though with not many people around and a strange atmosphere.
    Anyway like you say, many things to be grateful for, hubby was in hospital for 8 days with Coronavirus. Couldn’t see him at all during that time and when I picked him up from hospital he actually looked worse than when he went in, he had lost 6kg and he hadn’t had a shave but he’s still here and enjoying life again after this horrid experience. Onwards and upwards, take care. Lin

    1. Dear Lin, how awful for both you and your husband. Such an incredible worry and so awful not being able to visit him while he was in hospital. I am so glad that he is back home with you and feeling much better. We would normally do something special for our anniversary, but I think this year we may just stay home and have a takeaway. Not the same, but so much to be grateful for, when so many others have had it so hard… I hope you stay well, and that you both will book somewhere nice to go once the restaurants open. Take care and stay safe, love Ali x

  14. Ah Ali you must have been so scared bless you. It is very hard also not being able to have your loved ones go to hospital with you which i have experienced too. Hope you get well soon. So glad you got to see Honey and your daughter and have a big hug. I can’t wait for that moment to see my family and little nephew but i think it will be a while for me as my chemotherapy doesn’t finish until end July. Take care and stay safe Alison 🤗🤗🤗

    1. Dear Alison, you’ve been in my thoughts and I do hope you found my last response on the blog? I was rather late in posting them and this new blog popped up while I was still finishing my replies. Only one more month for you to go with your chemo, and then the worst is over and you will have been given your very best chance of moving on with your life. I am sure your family and your little nephew will be equally delighted to see you too. You stay safe and well and thank you very much for keeping in touch, love Ali xx

      1. I did see your reply thanks Ali. I have to have some Radiotherapy after chemo but i hear that isn’t as bad so fingers crossed. Then it will be more surgery to have my right breast off and then a hysterectomy due to this BRACA 2 gene i have inherited. But i know it is all being done to prevent the big C coming back. Anyway enough about me i hope you are getting better and enjoying time with your granddaughter. Take care lots of love Alison xxx

    1. Thank you Jo, yes I feel incredibly lucky to have seen them and particularly to have been able to have a cuddle with little Honey. That in itself was healing 🙂 Sending you love too, Ali xx

  15. Hiya lovely Ali, fingers crossed you are all sorted and feeling back to normal soon, much love Ali xxxx

    1. Hi Ali, yes fingers and toes crossed. I find it really frustrating not being able to do what I would normally do, and with everything taking so much more effort. However, I have been resting more than usual and this warm weather has certainly helped. Thank you for getting in touch, love Ali xx

  16. To Alison. Wishing you all the very best.i love watching you. I know it must have been so hard not having your family go with you to the hospital as work in the NHS and it’s been so sad patients not seeing there family. Well hope you feel much better soon. You take care lots of love
    Tracey xx

    1. Dear Tracey, thank you for your kind words and for all the hard work you and all your colleagues in the NHS are doing for all those of us who aren’t feeling well. I am definitely feeling better than I was, and am hoping very much that the test results may answer a few questions. I hope that you are well, and remain that way. Love Ali xx

  17. Hello Ali – SO sad to hear about your health scare! Goodness me it doesn’t seem fair, especially when you’ve looked so well of late. Continue to be as bright and positive as you’ve always been….you’ll see this will turn out to be just a little blip!! ❤❤

    1. Dear Hilary, I have certainly been feeling really well and so this definitely was a bolt out of the blue! Fingers crossed though that with all these tests etc. we’ll maybe learn a little more, but either way, I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of it. Take care and I hope that you stay well, love Ali xx

  18. Oh Alison, what a worrying time for you all. I’ve been having similar symptoms for some years and have also had the monitor a few times as well as the CT Angiogram. I have calcification of the arteries and ectopic heart rhythm along with palpitations that cause a racing heart. Paramedics called a few times over those years. The final outcome is that as unpleasant as it all is, as worrying as it all is, fundamentally my cardiologist assured me none of it is life threatening, even tho it feels like it at times. I’m sure the delightful menopause plays a huge part in it too.
    I’m sure you are going to be fine and you are clearly being well looked after. It’s the unknown that is the most worrying aspect so the sooner you get the tests completed the sooner you can embrace the quiet lift of lockdown and be back with you family far far more. Sending you lots of love, and a Welsh cwtch cariad xxx

    1. Bless you Seirian, and a big cwtch back to you! So sorry to know that you’ve struggled with these symptoms for years as I now know how disconcerting and worrying they can be. However, as you say, the most important thing is that they are not life-threatening. I am very fortunate to have had the necessary tests run, and I am hoping very much that it will just be a clip. I’m sure once life returns to something closer to normal many of us can relax a tad more too. Sending love to you too, Ali xx

  19. Oh Ali,
    You are the Queen of positivity – a glass half full girl who finds the “silver lining”!
    Sending you my love and prayers for you to be well again soon. Let Colin spoil you – which he will I’m sure! ❤🙏❤

    1. Lisa, that’s really kind of you to say! I always try to find the silver linings, and am determined to keep on moving forwards rather than going back over the past. The enforced rest has definitely helped although I still find the slightest things wear me out. Hopefully it will pass, and I’ll be back at work in the not too distant. I very much hope you are staying well and safe. Love Ali xx

  20. Sorry to hear you have been feeling unwell alison. And pray you’ll be feeling much better soon,and it’s nothing to serious, take care X

    1. Dear Lynn, that’s really kind of you, and thank you for getting in touch with me. I’m sure it’ll just be a blip and nothing too serious. I’m just very lucky that they are prepared to run the tests to make sure everything’s ok. You stay well too, love Ali x

  21. Hi Ali .Just To Say Something Similar Happened to Me year And Half Ago !My Son Took Me To Docs To Cut Long Story Short ?Did Those Test On Me And Sent Me Home !Then Same Again !!put Me On Aspirin And Heart Tablet !meantime Had To Wait 4 Months For CT Scan ‘result Says Was Normal For Age slight Tighteningin Arteries .Took Me Off H.tabs But Kept Me On Aspirin !!Still Get The Attacks just Have To Slow Down !! such A Nusance you Will Be Fine ,,,❤️❤️❤️🌹👍🙏💋 !!

    1. Oh Sally I am sorry to know that you’ve been going through all of this which has caused you concern and upset. It’s the slowing down that’s difficult especially if you’re someone who normally leads a busy life. I know there are life changes and diet changes that I may need to make, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed it will just pass. I hope that you are coping better these days, love Ali x

  22. So glad your on the mend , I wondered where you were , You take care and look after yourself
    Regards Janet Jones

    1. Hi there Janet, never too far away, but off until the 7th July now when hopefully I’ll be firing on all cylinders once more. I do hope you’re well and the family too. Love Ali x

  23. Oh you poor thing xxx so scary a feeling, I had similar a few years ago and it was a horrible . Hopefully it will all be fine – take care lovely
    Much love and rest up xxx

    1. Dear Bev, It seems as though quite a few of us have been having similar symptoms – maybe it’s an age thing? It’s just hard to contend with when normally I feel so well – no doubt you felt the same. I hope that you are now well, and staying safe, and thank you for getting in touch, love Ali xx

  24. What a horrible shock it all must have been; we went through a similar episode when my husband had an anesthetic & I remember so clearly, the desperate & overwhelming desire I had for life to ‘just get back to normal’ so it felt like my own again. Happily, his turned out to be a badly administered anesthetic & fingers crossed that there will be a simple explanation for your heart irregularities. I love your stories & can’t wait to build up a YouTube Library of them. Love & hugs 😍😍😍

    1. Dear Penny, it definitely was a shock, and interestingly the only other time I’ve had a reaction like this it was following an anaesthetic just like your husband. Hopefully this will be the last time and have no connection to my heart. Glad your husband is well now, and I hope you are too? So glad you’re enjoying the stories – another one for you this Saturday. Stay well, and do stay in touch, love Ali xx

  25. Firstly Alison I sincerely hope that as each day passes you are feeling a little better and that you get some answers soon as to the cause of your discomfort. I can imagine how frightening it must have been for you and for Colin..In the mean time rest, rest and more rest plus granddaughter cuddles must be the order of the day. I can imagine it was wonderful to have that first hug and of course, to see your daughter too. I haven’t physically seen mum since 19th March as her nursing home went in lockdown esrly..we are keeping in touch but its not the same as a proper squeezy hug.
    So as life continues in an ever changing world the garden has once again been a focus of attention for me inbetween working from home. I painted the garden bench that came from mum’s garden in a colour to match the cabin..a sage green colour called Willow, and swapped the position of it with a concrete curved bench that also came from mums garden. The wooden bench is in the sunshine and the concrete bench is in the shade and has 3 beautiful flower stuffed pots of fuchsias on it with a hosta and two pots of gorgeous bright green leaves primroses underneath. It looks amazing. I have some blue stripy primroses due from the Q in September..I cant wait to get those and to see those in flower. My bedding plants that I bought from Q in a bundle are thriving.The petunias are a gorgeous red and the dianthus are full of pink flowers..i love them. My giant lilies are enormous and will soon be in flower..i will send you a picture.
    The dinning room is my home office although challenging at times as we have a lounge diner and trying to work through the kids catching up on soaps and other stuff on TV is difficult and when I have zoom meetings the area is out of bounds because of data protection. We have a cabin at the end of the garden which would be perfect for me to work in…if a little hot and stuffy but our wifi signal doesn’t reach but as I am working from home until the end of term I have ordered a booster thingy from Amazon..other stockists are available…to see if it will help.
    I found out this week that there are no admin jobs available at school so when my maternity leave cover secondment finishes at the end of August I will return to my old job in school..I was disappointed although it wasn’t unexpected but I have applied for a couple of admin roles at other schools as I want to remain in this area although I love the people I work with I have worked with challenging children for 20 years and I definitely feel I’ve done my bit and want to come away from that ..fingers crossed something comes up.
    It’s really early still 4.15am..but the seagulls are so noisy here on the coast and I am not sleeping well at the moment..probably due to work and stress with when the pub will open..plus it’s very warm..or at least my hot flushes are!! I am going to try and have a snooze now..
    Look after yourself Alison. Much love Mary x

    1. Dear Mary, thank you for your kind words and for bringing me up to speed. Your garden sounds delightful and I particularly like the idea of decorating the stone bench with plants. Do let me know how your lilies turn out – mine are just beginning to show tiny flower buds so a way to go yet. The Calla lilies are stunning though. How nice to be able to look after these things for your mum although I am still so sorry you’re not able to spend any time with her. Hopefully that will change sooner rather than later. Disappointing for you to to find out about the work at school but fingers crossed you will find something different but in the same area – so much nicer to stay there because of your friends. I very much hope that the 4th of July will mean John’s pub can reopen – he must’ve been going stir crazy all this time and as you say the four of you at home isn’t easy when you’re trying to get things done! I hope your hot flushes have eased a bit now it’s a tad cooler, and thank you as always for keeping in touch with me, love Ali xx

  26. Dear Alison, I am so sorry to hear of your frightening experience, it must have been awful, so pleased you had so much help and kindness from everyone. Glad you got to see Lucy and Honey after all, I love the little film clip Honey is adorable and so much fun. Congratulations to you and Colin on your fifth wedding anniversary I hope you both have a lovely day. Take care and will look forward to seeing you on QVC when you feel better. Love Carol N

    1. Hi there Carol, so glad you enjoyed the photos and the little film of Honey. Yes, it was just the best feeling being able to spend time with her and Lucy and we’ve seen her again since then so things feel a tad more normal. I am feeling a little less ropey, and am hoping for answers end of the week. Thank you for your kind wishes and for keeping in touch. I do hope all is well with you, love Ali xx

  27. Dearest Ali
    I am sitting up in bed reading your blog and my heart goes out to you. I know that dreadful feeling you experience of being on your own at the hospital, feeling totally frightened and on your own. This happpened to me a couple of weeks ago and it’s not something I wish to repeat. I pray you get some answers soon. I’m sure your hugs and cuddles from Lucy and Honey did you a power of good. I long to do this also with my family. I won’t bore you with details but I am trying to get some health issues resolved but as the current situation delays all this it is a worrying time. Stay strong Ali and you are in my thoughts. Sending lots of love and hugs JudIth xxx

    1. Dear Judith, I am so sorry to know that you’ve been in hospital and I very much hope you’re feeling better now? It is a worry having to wait for results and procedures but hopefully things will ease soon. You’re right my hugs and cuddles from Honey definitely made my heart feel good, and I hope that you too have support from your family. Sending you my love, Ali xx

  28. Hi Alison, so sorry you are feeling poorly – and what a scary experience that must have been on the motorway! I do hope your tests all come back clear and you are feeling much better very soon. It makes you even more thankful for our wonderful NHS, doesn’t it. I’m sure seeing Honey was a real tonic – it’s been wonderful to see my grandchildren, even if only in the garden and we haven’t been able to hug them yet. Take care and get well soon xxx

    1. Hi there Cherry, yes that was not a good moment on the motorway – makes you realise how important the hard shoulder is! But I am and always will be incredibly thankful to the NHS – they’ve never let me down. You’re right, seeing Honey was a real tonic and although you’ve not been able to hug your grandchildren I’m glad that at least you’ve been able to see them and have them in your own garden. I’m certain things will change very soon. Stay safe, Love Ali xx

  29. Alison, so sorry to hear you have not been feeling well I do hope you recover fully soon and can get back to normality even in these difficult times, please take care. Lovely short video of your granddaughter, they are a joy and girls are always dancing. You looked stunning on your wedding day and lovely to look back and remember, sounds like you have a wonderful caring hubby in Colin. Just wanted to wish you well and look forward to seeing you soon, I will check out the dresses you mentioned, not sure what I would do without QVC and great that it has kept going through these difficult times. Take good care and very best wishes, big hug x

    1. Hi Christine, so glad you’ve enjoyed the blog and Honey dancing! She’s definitely a natural, and I cannot wait until she is old enough and I can take her to see the musicals on stage in London. I think she will love them 🙂 Yes, our wedding day was extra special, and Colin is and always has been a caring man – I’m lucky 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words about QVC – so good to know that in these strange times we have been a comfort to you. Sending you my love and I hope you will keep in touch, love Ali xx

  30. So sorry that you are not feeling well, but I have to say you look amazing. I always watch your Diamonique show and always spend(not good but who cares). Your granddaughter Lucy has grown so much and gives you so much joy as it is meant to be, plus your wedding anniversary on Friday hope you have a lovely day, and I have to say your garden is lovely and your Calla lilies are just gorgeous they are one of my favourite flowers, I don’t have a garden except a small one at the front of my house I am not a gardener I have someone come to cut the hedge and dig the soil as I have arthritis in my hands and feet which is a nuisance but hey ho. I thin I have waffled on a bit too much so hope you recover quickly and get back to QVC I really miss your happy face, take care and look after yourself as I am sure Colin will make sure you rest. Take care. The cheese looks good too – enjoy (I am a cheese lover too trouble is I can’t stop once I start. I am reading over this and keep adding bits to it, I will stop now. Once again take care.

    1. Dear Julie, so lovely to have your comments here and to catch up on your news and your garden. I am so sorry to know you have arthritis in your hands and feet – it hasn’t got to my feet yet but my hands are already Notting up so I’m making the best of it while I can still use them. You could easily grow the Cala lilies in a pot as I have done – they pick brilliantly and last ages indoors. Colin and I did have a lovely anniversary and because the weather was so beautiful with able to eat out in the garden in the last of the evening sunshine. We even had cheese and biscuits – and yes the cheese was fab – like you I am a cheese lover. You take care and stay safe and please keep in touch, Love Ali XX

  31. Hello there! I just wanted to let you know that I have just posted responses to all the comments from the previous blog and you can find them there now. I’m so sorry I hadn’t managed to get them across to my editor before the new blog was posted, but didn’t want you to think I hadn’t seen them 🙂 Many thanks for taking the time to keep in touch, and I hope you enjoy the new blog, love Ali xx

  32. Hi Ali
    I’m so sorry to hear you’re not well. You really have be through the mill over the years. Let’s hope that all the results will come back “normal”. I’m also so pleased you manged to see Honey. I know I’m missing my girls but I did manage to see them from a distance a few weeks ago. In Wales conditions are different and are very much still in lockdown to a certain extent. Hopefully in a few weeks time we will be able to travel more than five miles.
    Have a lovely anniversary-albeit different. As you say strange times!!
    Please keep safe and take care-and try to relax young lady!!!!
    Speak Soon.
    Julie xxx The Girls xxx

    1. Dear Julie, I know how much you miss your girls and I very much hope that things will change in Wales although you have done a spectacular job of containing everything and keeping people safe. Long may it continue. Our anniversary was lovely – and we were so blessed with the weather we were able to eat alfresco! Trying to relax and keep my fingers crossed for the results – I hope that you are well too, love Ali xx

  33. Hi Ali. So pleased you had good results and hope you are soon fit and well again.
    Lovely for you to have your big from Honey . I am still waiting for mine from my 4 grandchildren as I am shielding. I have triplets who are 8. 2 boys and a girl and a 4year old.
    I am really enjoying you reading the short stories and hope you are well to read one this week.
    Get well soon and take care. With love from Sonia xx☺

    1. Hi there Sonia, yes I’m hoping that the last two results will be equally clear so I can return to work. I’m sure you must be missing your grandchildren – gosh fancy triplets! And a four-year-old two – you are very blessed. So glad you are enjoying the short stories and I hope you manage to find last Saturday’s one from Maeve Binchy? It’s great to have something regular to do while I am away from work, and hopefully it won’t be much longer before I can return. Still not able to drive though so will have to see what the cardiologist says. I hope that you are staying well, and pray it will only be a short while before you can hug your grandchildren again. Love Ali xx

  34. Dear Alison,I am so sorry for what you are going through at the moment.Lets hope the doctors can help you and get you feeling better and pain free.Lovely that you got to see Lucy and honey after all and got your hugs. Happy anniversary to you and Colin and hope you have many more. Sending love, Carol. Xxx

    1. Dear Carol, thank you for your lovely comment and your good wishes. I’m keeping everything crossed that I’ll be back to work before much longer but it has been wonderful to see my children and also be able to hug little Honey and Lucy. Colin and I were blessed on our anniversary with a fabulous evening weather so we could eat alfresco. It was very special. I do hope you remain well and safe, love Ali xx

  35. Dear Alison, Thank you so much for sharing your lovely blog. So sorry to hear about your health scare. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Get better soon. You look so happy with your granddaughter. Stay safe.
    Antoinette x.

    1. Dear Antoinette thank you so much for your kind wishes, and I am very glad that you’ve enjoyed the blog. Fingers crossed I am on the mend now and will be back with you at the Q very soon. Keeping in touch here and seeing my granddaughter too makes the weeks pass more quickly. Stay safe, love Ali xx

  36. Dear Ali your blog has only just appeared on my iPad, I am so sorry to hear that you are unwell,it must be a worry. I ‘m sure the doctors will get to the bottom of it 🤞the angiogram will be fun my husband had one a few years ago 😀,I am wishing you well. I am like you in that I haven’t been able to see my grandchildren for ages and they are now coming to visit on Sunday!! The excitement is like Christmas, I can’t wait and I know I will blur like a baby. I am so glad you got to see Honey 😁👩‍❤️‍👩I hope you and Colin enjoy your wedding anniversary in the garden,that is what my husband and I did in May,let’s hope for good weather and good health 🤞 As for authors don’t forget Marcia Willet that I mentioned in an earlier blog. Good luck with your tests and hope all is good, can’t tell you how much I am hoping you are better soon. Take care lots of love Debbie 💕

    1. Hi Debbie, Good to hear from you, and I do hope that your husband is keeping well and any heart problems he has are contained. I’m sure you will have a fabulous time with your grandchildren when they come to see you on Sunday. I know that feeling of excitement – it’s wonderful. Yes, Colin and I were lucky enough to enjoy our wedding anniversary in the garden as the weather was sublime. Thank you for your suggestion of Marcia Willet – I will have a look on Amazon and see if I can find a book of short stories by her. I’ll keep in touch and let you know as and when I’m back to work. You take care too, love Ali xx

  37. Oh my goodness, hope you are better very soon, hope it’s nothing serious. Honey looks so grown up! Happy 5th Anniversary for next week. Now get your feet up and relax! Take care , sending Love and Best Wishes, XXX

    1. Dear Sandra, thank you so much for your kind wishes re my health, and also for remembering our anniversary. We were able to have our supper in the garden in the last of the evening sunshine. It was beautiful. Fingers crossed the results will all be back next week and I can then relax and get on with my life! Love to you too, Ali xx

    1. Hi there Lucy, and thank you for taking the time out to write to me. Your kind words are a comfort and much appreciated. You stay well too, love Ali x

  38. Dear Ali, oh what a terrible time you’ve had, so sorry and hope all is well soon. How lovely for you to be able to see Lucy and Honey after all this time, I’m so glad you got some hugs, the best tonic ever! Take care of yourself and have a lovely day on your anniversary, can’t believe five years have passed so quickly! Lots of love, Anne x

    1. Dear Anne, it certainly was a pretty rotten time, but I’m glad to say that I am feeling a lot better these days and am keeping my fingers crossed that the results as and when they come through will prove that it was just a blip. But you’re right, love and hugs from Honey and Lucy were a wonderful tonic. Thanks for our anniversary wishes too – we had a lovely evening. Love Ali xx

  39. Hi Ali,

    Speedy recovery, all the best.
    We have booked Mexico by the way for next Feb.
    Take Care.

    Kathy x

    1. Hi Kathy, good to hear from you, and I am delighted to know that you are booked and waiting to head to Mexico in February next year! You will have a fabulous time, and we may well be heading out there again ourselves! You take care and stay well, Love Ali x

  40. Dear Alison,
    Sorry for your health difficulties.
    I love you reading to me! May I suggest author Amanda Prowse? Her stories are so poignant and lovely, but with deep issues explored.
    Take care and stay safe. With all good wishes to you for recovery from your current illness.
    Jill x x x

    1. Hi there Jill, thank you for your good wishes and I’m so glad to know you’re enjoying the Saturday night stories. Thank you very much for suggesting Amanda Prowse – I’m not familiar with her writing, but I will look into it. I’ve also had Marcia Willet Recommended to me to so I will see if I can get hold of a copy of their short stories. It would be nice to have a change I agree. I do hope that you remain safe and well and it’s not too long before I am back to work so I can see you.. Love Ali xx

  41. Oh my days Mrs E it was horrible to read your post last week & then see in the opening paragraph of this blog that you’d felt under par for some time, however, I’m pleased that the medics have looked after you & are investigating. As always you’ve turned a negative into a positive & at last you’ve seen Lucy & Honey which is wonderful. She leaps on & off that trampoline with ease & your little star has become all legs! Because I look after Etty two days a week I’m the same as a childminder so with Ellie & Dave back in school normal service has resumed except that I now look after a little girl rather than the toddler I left behind in March. She’s potty trained, talking in short sentences has the memory of an elephant & her laugh is one of total joy, she is, quite simply, my treasure. Existing in this surreal limbo & not being able to make definite plans is an absolute pest even so there’s an idea hovering around about seeing the sublime Mr Stigers in Denmark early next year if the Danes allow us in. This morning we went to one of our favourite local businesses that sells the most sumptuous rugs & we bought a Gabbeh one for the sitting room – as we can’t go anywhere exotic we can at least look at something that is! Happy Anniversary – fifth one & many more to come. Love from Jo x

    1. Dear Jo, as on many occasions I find that we are incredibly similar. Your description of 80 and how she has changed and the fact that she is your ‘treasure’ – Exactly what I’ve always called Honey. In fact if I was to ask her what does nanny call you? She would always say ‘my treasure’ 🙂 I’m so glad that through what has been a very difficult time for you she brings joy into your life and you’re spending two days a week with her. I will keep everything crossed you get the chance of seeing Mr Stigers in Denmark next year – I will never forget Colin’s and my evening out at The Stables where he entertained us so brilliantly – thank you for making that happen. To be honest I have not heard of a Gabbah rug, so I looked them up, and I can see exactly why you’ve bought one. They look absolutely beautiful thank you for our anniversary wishes and love to you and your Colin , Ali xx

    1. Dear Martin, thank you for getting in touch. I’m definitely on the mend now, and the family are all good. I do hope that you will be able to return to work soon but that you may have had some good weather in the interim. Take care love Ali xx

    1. Hi Anne, me too! I think the results to be in by the middle of this week so I’ll be back at work next week. I hope that you are safe and well, love Ali xx

  42. Hi Ali, so sorry you’ve not been well. I did wonder why we hadn’t seen you on air for a while!
    Lovely to see you with your gorgeous little Honey, she’s such a poppet isn’t she?
    We’re missing our Charlie terribly. We haven’t seen him since January 6th apart from FaceTime and little videos his mum sends. Can’t wait for the biggest cuddle we’ve ever had. When he comes to me for a snuggle he says “ I’m squeezing all your juice out Auntie Sue”. They are comical aren’t they? He went back to school this week for the first time since lockdown. His mum was quite apprehensive but she said he’s been fine.
    Here’s hoping you make a speedy recovery Ali.
    Take care and stay safe. Love Sue xx

    1. My dear Sue, how awful for you – I’m sure you must miss Charlie terribly – the 6th of January seems a lifetime ago. I’m certain he will miss you very much too as I know you have a close relationship. I’m glad that he got on okay back at school – Honey goes back just one day a week from this week which she is quite looking forward to. Hopefully things will change in the next couple of weeks and you will be able to see your niece and Charlie too. I hope this finds you will and safe, love Ali xx

  43. Hi Ali, So sorry to hear of your latest health scare. It must have been a very frightening time for you. Luckily you were with your friend who could try and calm and reassure you. I hope everything turns out ok for you and you are given some answers as to what caused these problems. I know how scary these things can be. A couple of years ago I had a funny episode while out shopping. My vision was affected and even though I am a trained nurse did not know what was happening. I drove straight to my surgery where I was told it could have been a trans-ischaemic attack ( mini -stroke). I was referred to the rapid response team at my local hospital and had all the usual tests. Anyway to cut a long story short I was diagnosed as having had one episode of atrial fibrillation and put on various medication which I have to take for life. Thankfully I have been ok since. After having had the episode I was not allowed to drive for a month. It was the longest month ever especially when you are so used to just jumping in the car to go whenever you want to. I hadn’t caught a bus in years. It was just as well I had my bus pass as it would have cost a fortune in bus fares!
    Anyway, at least you have at last met up with your darling granddaughter . Here in Wales we are still not allowed to meet up with anyone outside our household who we haven’t been isolating with. We can meet someone out of doors as long as we still keep 2 meters away. Some shops will be re-opening Monday and we are still only allowed to travel 5 miles until 2 weeks when we can venture further . Finger’s crossed the end is in sight and a vaccine is found soon.
    Wishing you all the best with your test results. Take care.
    Best wishes, Tina S. ( S.Wales ) xx

    1. My dear Tina firstly thank you so much for your beautiful letter that I received just before I was off work. I’m not certain where it went but having finally got to me, it meant a great deal that you’d taken the time not just read a book, but to write to me about it. Your thoughtful words about how lockdown has affected you as a family also resonated – there have been so many changes for so many people but I do believe they will be good to come from this awful situation…It was interesting although worrying to read about your trans-ischaemic attack but I am very glad that you have never had one since. I like you not allowed to drive at the moment, which is very frustrating as I feel once again as though I’m back in lockdown. Hopefully not for much longer now. I think many of us are praying they will find a vaccine that will make us all safe – and meantime stay well and take care. Thanks again for your support and kindness, love Ali xx

    1. Thank you Antoinette, I do hope you are well and safe and thanks for keeping in touch, love Ali x

  44. Dearest Alison, So sorry to read you have been so poorly. Take things easy, remember how loved you are by your family, friends and extended QVC friends, and will look forward to you having a speedy recovery. Stay safe x 🌈

    1. Hi there Kim and thank you so much for your sweet words… they mean a great deal. Hopefully results next week and then I can return to work all being well. Stay safe and well Love Ali xx

  45. So sorry to hear that you have been unwell let’s hope they get to the heart of the problem (excuse the pun) and you will soon be feeling your normal self. It must have been very scary for you but I am sure that with some TLC and rest you will start to feel better. Take care x


    1. Dear Christine, I think your advice is perfect and because I have been under a kind of enforced rest things have definitely settled down. I should get the results back from the tests soon and then I am hoping to return to work once I can drive. I hope you and yours are well and safe, love Ali xx

  46. hi gosh glad you were ok to drive to somwere safely to get medical help must have been so frightening for you . i have had fast heart beats before and gave up driving because the thought of one while driving scared me , that a posh monitor they gave you mind you it could do with some bling lol do hope they find the cause in the meantime you rest take care x

    1. Dear Janice, I have to be honest it was pretty scary as I didn’t know if I’d get off the motorway before passing out and that was a huge responsibility. The heart monitor was posted of and along with the angiogram results and the blood tests I should know better what happened by next week. Resting up but hoping to be back at the Q the following week. You stay well, love Ali xx

  47. Hi Alison
    Sad to read this, great photo,s of you and Honey.
    I’ve been in lockdown on my own, as my husband died just over 3yrs ago.
    Hope your feeling well real soon

    Zoe. Xx

    1. My dear Zoe, I am so sorry to know that you lost your husband and that you’ve had to contend alone with this dreadful time… I do hope you have folk around you who have been able to help with shopping and keeping you company – if only at a distance. It’s so kind of you to send me your good wishes, and I am sending you mine. Please stay well and safe and I hope that once all this is behind us life will become easier for you. Love Ali x

  48. Hi Ali so sorry you’re been not well. You will have to rest . I am glad you have seen your family which helps a little. It has been a weird year we are having, because we have not be going out went for walk just felt unfit but will get there. When I turned 70 in March found out I have HPP I think as you get older things go wrong. My brother been shielding he came to see us on Friday out in the garden which was nice. You Take don’t do to much.
    Love Christine x x

    1. Dear Christine, I think you’re right about things changing healthwise once you get older, and I keep forgetting I’m 60! I am sure that once it’s easier for us all to get out and enjoy walking or whatever else we like to do the pressure will be less. So glad you have been able to see your brother in the garden – let’s pray we have more of this sunny weather. I was lucky enough to see both my sons and my sister this last week in the garden. Hopefully once my results are through I can drive and return to work. Stay safe and well, love Ali xx

  49. Hello,Ali sorry to hear the news regarding your recent health problems. Hope your results come back normal. Take care and rest up at home I’m sure I will see you back on QVC presenting Diamonque very soon. xx

    1. Hi Sue, thank you for your kind words. I too am very much hoping that the results will come back as normal, and I have been able to rest up although it’s not what I’m used to! Just hoping that once I return to doing more things don’t lapse again. Fingers crossed I’ll be back with you the week after next and definitely with Diamonique 🙂 Take care love Ali x

  50. Dear Ali as with all the other replies I am so sorry to hear you have not been well and going through a worrying time. It must have felt very scary. It sounds like our good old NHS saved the day yet again – what would we do without them they deserve every single praise that is bestowed upon them.
    Thank goodness that the timing coincided with being able to hug Lucy and Honey and send some special time with them. You can’t put a price on a much needed hug especially from a granddaughter who loves you so much.
    I am still unable to go and see my youngest granddaughter Ivy (4 in August) as they are in London and we are in Lancashire. I spoke to her on Facetime and she was making me a pass the parcel so looking forward to getting that when we can finally meet!!
    My eldest daughter Sarah was able to sit in our garden socially distancing we hadn’t seen her since March she is shielding her husband who has many health issues. It seemed very odd not being able to give her a drink etc but lovely to see her.
    I think the garden and nature has come into it’s own in this time of lockdown. I was able to meet a friend in the park the other day she is in her late 80s and lost her only son last year. We sat at either edge of a bench & we could get a takeaway coffee (on a tray too) and we could hear the birds singing & happy children’s voices and we both sighed and said it was only a simple pleasure but it means so much more because we have taken the time to drink it all in and not only that it is free … Hope you and Colin enjoy your anniversary meal in the garden.
    I hope you soon feel less fatigued and free from discomfort too – it sounds like you are in good hands to get the root of any problem and you get better soon.
    Take special care and I hope these messages help in some way to make you feel some comfort knowing we are all sending you our get well wishes to someone special Lots of Love Julia (Smith) xxxx

    1. My dear Julia, I can assure you that your comment along with all the other beautifully written, kind and caring sentiments have carried me through these last few weeks and have made the world of difference. I know it’s unlike we will ever meet, but this connection is priceless. I loved your description of the time you spent with your friend in the park, and if we take only the simple things from this experience and use them to appreciate the same once it’s behind us, then it will be a very good thing. In your comments alone I saw so many reasons to realise how lucky I am and how fortunate to have family who are well and healthy. So many others are no where near as fortunate… I hope it will not be too much longer before you and Ivy can sit down to your long awaited game of pass the parcel and that you can hug your daughter Sarah who no doubt could do with it as much as you. Thank you very much for taking the time out to keep in touch here, and I look forward to hearing from you again, love Ali xx

  51. Ali,

    So sorry to hear you’ve been ill – what a scare that must have been for you and your family! I very much hope you’re feeling a lot better now. Thank goodness your friend Ros was on hand to give you such good advice. I’m sure the best tonic of all afterwards was meeting up with your lovely daughter and granddaughter.

    Take care, Ali.

    Love Sue Radford xx

    1. Hi there Sue, I do hope that you and yours are well, and yes, I was very lucky that Roz was there to guide me as I think I would have truly panicked if not. She is very wise and cool-headed in a crisis, and made all the difference. Yes, seeing Lucy and Honey just a few days later was a real tonic, and hopefully once the results come through i will be able to drive and return to work. Love to you, Ali xx

  52. I feel worried to read this, am a regular watcher of QVC. Please take care of yourself, you lovely lady! Hope nothing is wrong and it was just tiredness. Please make sure that you get enough rest: I’m sure that you usually rush around. Thanks for sharing about yourself and your life. Beautiful garden! x

    1. Dear Molly, please don’t worry I have been very well looked after and once the results of all the tests are through I am sure I will be able to drive once more and return to work. I think this may well have been my body just telling me to slow down! Whenever I get stressed about things I just busy myself to it’s been good for me to rest for a while. I am glad you enjoy the blog and the photographs and thank you for getting in touch, love Ali xx

    1. Dear Heather, missing the Q too, but hopefully back with you the week after next all things being even. I hope that you and yours are well and safe. Take care, love Ali x

  53. Hi Alison, so sorry to hear about your recent health scare, such a worry for you and your family. Lovely to see the photos of you and Honey. I know how much those cuddles mean. My grandchildren live quite far away, not sure when I will be able to see them. I’m really enjoying your Saturday night stories, thank you for sharing them. Take care and best wishes x

    1. Hi there Sue, lovely to hear from you and thank you for your kind and caring words. I am feeling better than I was and this enforced rest is no doubt helping. I am very glad that you enjoy the blog and also the Saturday night stories – it’s my pleasure to bring you both. I do hope it won’t be too much longer before you can see your grandchildren – fingers crossed the final restrictions will soon be lifted and we will feel safe again. Take care, love Ali xx

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