Memories, Molton Brown, and a new member of the family!

I’ve never liked arriving late anywhere, but I get particularly anxious if I’m heading to an airport or for a meeting! Although we had plenty of time to pack and get ready Colin and I were running 30 minutes late when we headed off to Gatwick for our trip to Gozo a week or so back. The petrol light came on about 20 miles from the airport but we reassured each other that we had enough to get there and we would refill on the way home… Scroll forwards 10 days and there we were with everybody else queuing at the Shell petrol station just outside the North terminal. Mercifully we were the last customer to be served and managed to get a full tank! It was a mighty relief and a positive note to end our second fabulous stay on the beautiful Maltese island – photos and shared memories to follow.

Before I do that though, I must ask how are you? It was lovely to be able to keep in touch while I was away and I’m very glad that England saw the sunshine finally in September. I see that you managed to meet up with family, celebrate birthdays, even attend weddings and I know that a few babies were born too. The circle of life continues and in a more familiar pattern it seems.

We added to our family too with the arrival of Penny’s one and only puppy Poppy! You may remember from my last post that Penny was expecting, and Lucy was able to stay with her throughout her labour and help deliver Poppy who was far larger than most Chihuahuas puppies should be! Having given birth to my 10lb 2 1/2oz baby son Jack some 28 years ago  – with surgical intervention I am relieved to say – I felt her discomfort! So glad that Lucy was there to help it all go smoothly and Honey is understandably delighted with the new member of the family. We all met up this Sunday while our friends Roz and Chris were visiting – Sam and Elise popped over too – and we all had a cuddle.   It was lovely 🙂

As was our second sojourn to the tiny island of Gozo just off Malta. Once more we were blessed with beautiful weather, warm seas and bright sunshine and managed to spend several more evenings with QVC‘s lovely model Cordelia McGrath and her husband Barry. They are such great company and because they live out there they have local knowledge when it comes to restaurants and places to visit – a real treat.

We also met up with Colin‘s longtime friends Tom and Jackie who were staying on Malta and had another cracking night out in Valletta – once more using the very efficient and incredibly fast catamaran service. It travels at 33 knots – which translated means almost 40 miles an hour! It should take 45 minutes for the journey but on the way home which was more than a tad choppy it only took 35 minutes! It felt like we were flying at some points!

We ate out every night and I enjoyed exquisite calamari, fennel flavoured lamb, their traditional rabbit stew and the local fish Lampuki which is the Maltese name for the Mahi-mahi fished only in their waters during autumn. Grilled and delicately seasoned with local herbs it was absolutely beautiful. So was the local wine from the Victoria Heights vineyard – particularly the Merlot – and the local liquor called Frangelico which has a nutty flavour – very moreish! We swam in the sea, walked up along the cliff edge and explored some more of the local towns. It was an absolute escape from the norm and certainly from the somewhat depressing weather we’ve had all through August.

It’s full steam ahead now though and I’m back at the Q Tuesday night at 9pm with a stunning TSV from the Welsh designer Julien Macdonald who has a set of two Lotus Flower Tealight Holders for just £29.98. Truly original and exceptional quality – I hope you’ll be able to join me at 9pm and get yours.

There’s also a mighty collection from the British brand Molton Brown coming to you on pre-order from this Wednesday night. We’re calling it The Ultimate Luxury Collection and it includes eleven items for just shy of £56!  Incredible value and perfect for buying now and gifting later 🙂 Here’s a sneaky preview below. Along with the excitement of welcoming the beauty brand Clinique to QVC this week, and a stunning new Water Resistant Suede boot from Emu, we’ll be once more welcoming Christmas early with a 16-function, pre-lit frosted Christmas tree from the ever popular brand, Santa’s Best – might be just the thing for you to put away safely until the nights draw in.

This Tuesday sees Tova Borgnine returning with more from her fabulous range of Diamonique designs and then my regular show will be on air from 8pm the following week. Our Diamonique buyers have treated us all to a preview of all the fabulous jewellery they have bought in for us this autumn and I think it has to be one of the best collections yet! As you know, my Tuesday night show often gets the first airing of these pieces, so join me if you can, and keep in touch with Kathryn Goldsmith’s online feature The Jewellery Insider as she has a direct link to all the up and coming jewellery shows on QVC – a very knowledgeable young lady and passionate about her jewellery too.

I had hoped to be able to bring you some positive news about my book, but to date no takers within the publishing world, although some very flattering feedback so I will continue with the waiting game… fingers crossed!

I think that’s it from me for now, but I do hope your life is not too disrupted with the current fuel crisis. Do keep in touch with me here, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and I’ll looking forward to seeing you again on Tuesday night – still fairly tanned! 🙂

Take care,

With my love,

Ali xxx

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  1. Hi Ali, Glad you had a lovely break on Gozo – it looks lovely and, as usual, you have a great tan!
    Penny’s puppy is adorable!
    I am now on the IOW and today the weather is terrible, although we have had some sunshine. Tomorrow is supposed to be good so we plan to make the most of it! I am so pleased to get away after having Covid.
    I can highly recommend the second series of Manhunt (as mentioned previously).
    Take care.
    Love Tina xx

    1. Hi Tina,

      I’m so glad you managed finally to get away and I very much hope the weather improves for you. It must be a relief to feel well again and to get out and see different scenery. Thanks so much for the recommendation of the second series of Manhunt – The Night Stalker. We binge watched all the episodes one evening and it was superb. Take care and do keep in touch, love Ali xx

  2. Hi Ali,
    Nice to hear you got home again safely and had another nice relaxing holiday. Luck was on your side to get the last of the petrol on your return home! The scenes have been awful especially for all the essential workers, yet again. What on earth has happened to the state of this world?! Your mind doesn’t even know how to process everything that is going on! Day at a time just.
    Lovely news also about the puppy and nice you all got together again too.
    How’s your brother in Australia these days?
    Take care,
    Susan x

    1. Hi Susan, you are absolutely right about the petrol – it’s been a nightmare here too..! The media hype doesn’t help and there should definitely be provision made for the front line workers. It’s so stressful. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos and little Poppy. She’s getting bigger each day! Gozo was grand and I wrote to my brother while I was out there. He’s doing better now he can see his granddaughter once a week as lockdown has been tough. I believe restrictions are to be lifted this month – October – so hopefully life will return to normal. I do miss him and he’s not one for FaceTime either but we write and text regularly. I hope all is well with your family, love Ali xx

  3. Hi Alison glad you had,a,lovely time we got back on Sunday the 26th weather as,you say was,lovely although the humidity played havoc with my ankles swelling local people were saying its,been worse this year, but we still rested a bit but also visited old haunts we didn’t manage to get to Gozo long story anyway went to the craft place and bought the two granddaughters an initial pendant each and myself a ring the man making them has been doing it for years and it’s fine filigree so very fiddly. We had a trip on the old vintage bus too and visited Valletta by day, and caught the ferry over from Sliema for a lovely meal by the water in the evening, as you know there are a lot of steep steps in Valletta hard work in the heat. I mainly ate salads would like to try other things but I always seem to end up with upset stomachs, which I did only once thankfully after eating a very nice fresh tuna salad, I suppose it happens to a lot of people. Clare and Geoff and the girls are of to Cyprus on the 3rd October so that will be nice. Love the new puppy bless I had a chihuahua when I was young. Some lovely photos of you and Colin, we had some nice ones taken together.We have been looking at holidays to Italy again for next year probably sicily, we did miss seeing the scenery. Anyway nice to hear from you take care love Loraine xxxxx😀

  4. Hello Ali
    What a lovely blog as always.
    I am so pleased you had such super holiday. You both look really well and rested. As for the new addition to your family what can you say but beautiful. My son is also getting a new puppy addition in a months time
    . He is adorable and I can’t wait to met him. As always our home will be his second home and if he turns out half as good as the previous dog we are in for some good times. I did write to you on the previous blog with a catch up from me so I won’t repeat it all again. I am waiting for my youngest grandchild to bound in from school any time now so that will keep me going until bedtime! It’s raining here and I am tucked up in bed with my hot water bottles to help relieve some pain. Until next time, glad you are home safely. Take care and as always love and hugs Judith xx

  5. Hi there Loraine, I’m glad you enjoyed your time away although it was definitely a lot warmer and more humid than we remembered it being too. The locals said it had been the same last year, and on the Monday it hit 36 degrees which was immense. The day we visited Valetta it was incredibly hot but overcast, although the restaurant we ate our dinner in was down one of the side streets that had a constant wind blowing which was lovely. It’s a shame you weren’t able to manage more of the local food – I think the local fish would have been okay for you but maybe next time 🙂 I hope that Clare and Geoff enjoy Cyprus and good luck with booking your holiday to Sicily next year. Thanks for keeping in touch, love Ali xx

    1. Hi there Loraine, lovely to hear from you and I’m glad you had a good time although you found the humidity a bit much. We had a couple of days where it was incredibly hot and cloudy but it was still enjoyable. I saw the vintage bus on a couple of occasions and next time Colin and I visit Gozo we plan to take the ferry over to Sliema for a meal. How are Clare and Geoff getting on in Cyprus? I do hope they are enjoying the sunshine. I think Sicily will be a wonderful place to visit – somewhere Colin and I have yet to go. Thanks for keeping in touch, Love Ali XX

  6. Hello lovely, What a super trip, your photos have made me long for a Mediterranean holiday & you looked fabulous! Congratulations to Penny & well done Lucy, will Poppy be joining the family? My trip to Chelsea followed by the Malvern autumn show gave me lots of ideas for the garden but the abrupt change of weather last weekend has put a stop to all things horticultural & I’ve packed away summer so I’m now surrounded by newly washed autumn & winter clothes that are refusing to dry… However, we must always look for the positives & we’ve got quite a few theatre trips booked; we’re also having our conservatory taken down & bi-fold doors fitted so that I can bring the garden right up to the dining room. Of course everything might grind to a halt if we can’t get any fuel & the thought of cycling everywhere when it’s raining doesn’t appeal – my opinion of the media’s scare stories is too strong to repeat. Love from Jo x

    1. Dear Jo, I am sure your opinion of the media is much the same as most! Mercifully things do seem to have righted themselves somewhat so hopefully all will be well by the time you read this. It sounds as though you’ve had the same sort of weather we’ve had here – been trying to get the roof fixed but it is endlessly postponed because of the rain. Loving the sound of your bi folds. They’re part of our re-furb plans but won’t change the garden. It will be lovely for you to have the garden right up to your dining room – and a clear view out too! I’m sure you’re looking forward to your theatre visits – I’ve been enjoying Colin’s gigs with the live music and we have several nights out at a Jazz Club in Canary Wharf closer to Christmas which will be fab. Take care and stay well, love Ali xx

  7. Lovely to see you this evening on the Molten Brown show . I absolutely loved reading your blog from your holiday and your photos are gorgeous, so nice to see . Congratulations on the newest member of the family the photo of you with the puppy is so cute 🥰. Yours is the first blog I’ve read. Think am behind the times I didn’t actually know that these blogs existed I stumbled across them looking to see if I could find the details of the red snake shirt/ dress you wore today it looked absolutely stunning on you and all of my searches on the app have failed unfortunately , but am not one to quit so I might end up looking through every clothing item QVC sells 😂. Take care stay healthy and I will see you for your diamonique show . Just before I go I’ve been watching you on TV for many years now I bought from you many many years ago now it was a 9ct gold fire rose cut diamonique ring an 9ct gold Aquamarine ring and a 18ct 1ct princess cut diamonique ring must of been around 2001-2002 I still have them the amount of comments and questions about that fire rose cut ring still happen today . I wish I had bought more of those unusual cut diamonique stones as you can’t get them now . But mine are still as lovely as the day you presented them and so are you . Best wishes from Sarah xx

    1. Dear Sarah, thank you so much for your lovely comment, and I’m delighted that you have enjoyed the blog. Now that you have found it I hope you will keep in touch! I’ve been writing this for 14 years now and it’s a wonderful way to keep up-to-date with everything. I’m so sorry you weren’t able to find the red snake shirt I was wearing. It was actually the TSV from our brand new fashion range JM by Julien MacDonald. The item number is 191161 – and it’s still available on our website so I very much hope you’ll be able to get hold of it – I loved wearing it. Gosh! You bought those pieces of jewellery when I very first started working at QVC. You’re right about the original cuts though. I don’t know any other range that does this with what might be classed by some as fashion jewellery. I’m delighted that you are still wearing the rings and they still look as good today as they did when you bought them. I look forward to hearing from you again, take care, love Ali xx

  8. Hi Ali, glad you both enjoyed your holiday, love the photos as usual you certainly both look refreshed. Poppy looks gorgeous, Lucy will certainly have her hands full with three of them. Merchexx

    1. Hi there Merche, You’re right about it being busy with the three of them. Poppy has just started to walk so she’s no longer stuck in her whelping box! Lucy and Honey will need eyes in the back of their heads! I’m glad you enjoyed the blog and thank you for keeping in touch. I hope you’re well, love Ali xx

  9. Hi Ali, not much usual writing time as it’s a school day but I’m in bed recovering from a tummy bug and thought I’d catch up.
    Your holiday looked wonderful, what a beautiful place to meet up with friends..the scenery is stunning.
    Congratulations to Penny, certainly a big pup for her to deliver but Poppy is gorgeous..I’m sure Honey I besotted with her.
    So the weather is now fully Autumnal, very windy and sporadic heavy showers..the garden has been well and truly battered and this weekend I will endeavour to get out there and start tidying up but I have to paint the feature wall in the nursery at my son’s due in 3 weeks! My dahlias are just about hanging on…I will send some bedroom is finally finished..just waiting for my sister to come and help me put the TV on the wall and hang the mirrors on Saturday then its done..I have to say I’ve done an amazing job! I’ll send photos when it’s completely finished.
    Thanks for highlighting the MolteBrown TSV..I bought 2 sets to sift and gift for Christmas pressies..great value.
    Well that’s about it…I hope you get some news on your book soon. Lots of love. MARY

  10. Hi Mary, I’m sorry you’ve not been well and I really hope you are fully recovered by the time you read this. At least it gave you a little bit of a rest in your beautiful newly decorated bedroom! I will look forward to receiving photographs. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog – yes Poppy is gorgeous and she is now walking so very much more of a handful! Wow only three weeks to go before you become a grandma – it really is the best thing and I’m certain you will love it. I’m glad you managed to get in early with the Molton Brown TSV – great value for money and always appreciated as gifts. Thanks for the kind words about the book, it’s quite hard to stay positive but if it’s right then someone will hopefully take it. Look after yourself, love Ali XX

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