One hundred years, Olaplex haircare and Diamonique Day!

So, we’re finally through lockdown and on our way to a more positive place.  I really hope that the changes that came into place at the beginning of the week have already made a difference to you and the future is looking brighter.

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments at the end of last month’s blog. Also for your sweet words of concern and advice regarding my nails. They are still refusing to grow in spite of all the fab products I’m using and so I do believe I must be deficient in something or another. My cuticles are great but the nail themselves do not seem to be repairing so hopefully they may find something else in the blood test, and we can go from there.

I must say hello to Jo who spotted my somewhat glaring omission in my last correspondence with you.  I mentioned the dentist in my title but gave nothing away in the blog itself because I completely forgot! I had planned to explain my absence the previous Monday. I should’ve been on air, but I lost a huge chunk of my tooth at the weekend and had to take an emergency appointment on the Monday afternoon. I was so full of numbing agent that I sounded like the late but lovely Dudley Moore in the movie 10 after he’s had tooth removed and is trying to hold a conversation with Liza Minelli! It’s hilarious on film but not so much fun in real life.

Luckily Miceal Murphy was happy to stand in for me while my gum defrosted! It was the last but one tooth on the top row and I’ve had it filled and re-filled over the years. Being a child of the ‘60s this was the way as I’m sure some of you remember. It’s done incredibly well to last this long but I’m certain with the new filling it’ll do me for the next 20 years or so. I had such a morbid dread of dentists when I was a child that I used to pray for false teeth!

So, having had my teeth fixed, the next thing will be my hair, and by jingo will I be glad! This is my current root growth but it’s less of a shock to me than all the grey that seems to have appeared! I’ve been cutting it myself with a pair of hairdressing scissors my cousin Marianne (who used to be a stylist) sent to me, and filling it full of Philip Kingsley’s One More Day! Can’t wait to have a cut and colour! Talking of hair, I’ve been doing a bit of research into a hair care brand that you may be familiar with and that I’ll be introducing to you this Saturday 17th April on our Live Channel at 6pm.

The brand is Olaplex and they have a range of products that are all about repairing damaged hair, and that can be hair that’s damaged by using heat on it, colour or just the wrong products.  Apparently our hair is made up of millions of disulfide bonds that give our hair its structure and strength. When they’re broken, it results in damage. Olaplex restores damaged and compromised hair by repairing it from the inside out with a patented single ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. So, once all the bonds are intact and in alignment, you have healthy, beautiful, shiny hair. There are a number of different treatments in addition to a fabulous shampoo and conditioner so I hope you will be able to join me to find out more.

From hair to body, and we’ll be giving you the opportunity to buy the L’Occitane TSV on pre-sell before its launch on Saturday at 9pm. Personally I’ll be at the front of the queue as it’s made up of my favourite L’Occitane fragrance – the Almond Top to Toe four-piece Collection! I think it’s because it reminds me of the smell of marzipan and Amaretto, but the Almond Shower Oil is just delicious! The TSV includes a supersize in the Almond Shower Oil, the Shea Sweet Almond Hands and Body Liquid Soap and the Almond Delicious Hands and then a full size of the Almond Milk Veil.  The full value is £117 but the offer price is £53.96 plus P&P, saving you £63.04. It’s rich and indulgent, great for men and women and works perfectly to refresh, cleanse and calm the senses. Marvellous!

Another wonderful way to refresh and calm the senses I find is to get outdoors and have a walk, and although I normally walk alone last week I headed up to Swindon to spend a couple of days with Lucy and Honey so I had them both for company which was a real treat. Lucy drove us to Ringsbury Camp in Purton which is an old Iron Age hill fort thought to date back to 50BC and could apparently be the site of the Battle of Mount Baden! Well, whatever took place there all those centuries ago our visit was peaceful and fun.

We walked our way around what would have been the moat and Honey climbed on the trees and then we had a picnic on what would have been the Castle’s keep!  The rain caught us for the last twenty minutes but it didn’t dampen our spirits although little Bear Bear was a bit waterlogged so Honey carried her. I hope you enjoy the photos and I’m sorry but I won’t be able to post any more pictures of Honey after her 6th birthday next month as Lucy feels it’s not right anymore on such a public forum, which I accept. Thank you so much though for ALL your wonderful comments and love over these last six years, and I’ll keep you up to speed in writing with family events.

I am though happy to be able to post these photographs, which in their own way are quite historic for our family. Colin’s mum Kathleen was 100 years old on April the third and we were allowed to visit her at her retirement home and she got her telegram/card from the Queen, which was wonderful! I don’t suppose they’ll be many of us who ever get to see one of these!

As you can see she looks pretty well considering the number of years she’s been with us, and we all pray we have still some more years to come – Colin is her eighth and youngest child.

And to the youngest member of our family! Having announced the birth of our Corey James to Hayley and Joe in the last blog, they have just had these photographs taken. This is Corey and his brother Rhys – our beautiful boys. : )

Something else I do want to mention is Diamonique Day this Friday ALL DAY! We missed my regular show on Tuesday at 8pm because all the jewellery has been put on hold until Thursday night at 9pm when Jackie Kabler starts it all off with a preview. I’ll be with you for the finale at 10pm Friday when Lee Clark will be joining me. I’ve been privileged and delighted to see some of the jewellery ahead of the day and this has to be one of THE best and varied days ever! Danni Minogue will be joining us with her personal designs, along with Tova and Melissa Odabash, we have your favourites, the vintage collection and VERY excitingly, a whole hour of Platinum Plated Diamonique! Do hope you can join myself and my colleagues for some of it.

Oh, and as I like to do each blog, I thought I’d mention the latest films I’ve seen in the hope you may like them too… Hugh Bonneville and Keely Hawes in “To Olivia” I will warn you though, it’s very sad but does have a hopeful happy ending. Beautiful acting throughout, depicting the life of Roald Dahl and his wife the Oscar-winning actress Patricia Neal. We also watched Judi Dench and Eddie Izzard in “12 Minutes to Midnight” – it is set in the summer of 1939 on the Sussex Coast during the run up to the Second World War. Jim Broadbent also stars. Very tense and well acted.  And of course anything to do with Line of Duty I’m there. We’ve just completed series one and two in three nights! : )

I think that’s probably all my news for now other than to say I hope you’re well, that if you’ve not managed to get your vaccination yet, it will be soon! Do drop me a note whenever you have the time, and I’ll get back to you : )

With my love,

Ali xx

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  1. Dear Ali, another lovely blog as usual and such wonderful photos of your family. I’ve loved watching Honey grow up, but fully understand your daughter’s concern, you can’t be too careful these days.

    What lovely pictures of Colin’s mum, you can really see the resemblance, and I’m so glad you got to visit her and share her special day.

    Look forward to Diamonique day on Friday, I may be tempted to treat myself 😉.

    Take care, Anne x

    1. Dear Anne, Thank you for your lovely response and I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos – they’ve given us all some wonderful memories, and I will keep you in touch with Honey’s progress just not in pictures. Did you find anything you liked on Diamonique Day? I have to say I was very tempted, but what I’ve bought is to be put away until later in the year for birthdays :). I hope you’ve been able to enjoy the sunshine these last few days? I’ve made the best of it and stayed out in the garden, planting out my seeds and mowing the lawn! Take care, love Ali xx

  2. Hi Ali, I love reading your blog. So glad you’ve been able to spend time with your lovely family – grandchildren are such a joy. Colin’s mum has done amazingly – happy 100th birthday!
    Love your Diamonique shows, will be watching on Friday. Always a good place to treat yourself or pick up presents for family and friends!
    Take care, love cherry

    1. Dear Cherry, thanks so much for getting in touch and I’m glad to know that you enjoy the blog and the photos. I’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity to see most of my children at some stage or another over the last year, and it was amazing to be able to see Kathleen for this truly special day. What did you think of our collection of jewellery on Diamonique Day? I am very taken with the platinum plated collection but there was so much choice it was difficult to have a favourite. I hope you found something you liked. Love Ali xx

  3. Dear Ali look forward to you blogs what wonderful news that Colins mum as reached her 100 th birthday and she looks very well for her age too. Bet it was lovely to visit honey and her mum again after the awful time we have all had I have been shielding and missed my three grandsons so much. I did see them last Saturday they really lift my spirits.Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your nails hope you can sort them out soon. Take care look after yourself love Pauline x

    1. Hi Pauline, That is such good news to know that you’ve been able to see your grandsons. Not just good for you but for them too! It’s amazing the difference it can make I realise. Yes, it always gives me a lift to see Lucy and Honey and I was lucky enough to see Sam too the week before, so just need to organise a walk with Jack when he’s free :). I have a blood test tomorrow so that may shed a little light on the nail situation although I’m saying (tentatively) that there does seem to be a tiny sign of improvement. Phew! You take care too, love Ali xx

  4. Hi Ali, I normally have my hair short, but as it hasn’t been done since The middle of December it’s now looking like a Bob with all the layers gone! I always colour it myself, mixing my colours with peroxide to get a natural colour which I did this week, but have got to wait until the 28th April at 7.45am for that important cut.
    It has been lovely to see Honey over the years, but I can see where Lucy is coming from. Merche x

    1. Wow Merche! That sounds brave mixing peroxide and doing your own colour. As you know I’ve had a bit of a go with the scissors on mine and Jo my stylist said I hadn’t done too bad a job, but I don’ think I’d ever endeavour to colour it myself! I hope you enjoy the cut and it’s worth getting up so early for! Lovely to hear from you as always, and I hope you’ve had the chance to enjoy the sunshine these last few days. Love Ali xx

  5. Hi Alison sorry your nails are still not right hope the blood tests come up trumps. Still waiting for a date on the move but at least our buyers mortgage is approved and the surveyor has been out so we should be nearly there I hope. I will miss seeing Honey’s photos on here now she’s getting older but good you see it Lucy’s way. I had my hair done on Tuesday feels so much better like you a few more grey hairs seemed to appear at the sides but the top growth is my natural brown. We are looking forward to a few things coming up, in June we are seeing George Benson in Bournemouth then August Billy Ocean we have a couple of days booked in Brighton in July then we are all of to Somerset end of August for a long weekend, all of course fingers crossed, please forgive me if I’ve told you all this before. How nice for Colin to still have his mum bless her. We had message the other day that one of Les’s brother’s has,been in hospital with covid he had a few tests as his heart was racing and he’s 62 so they kept him in for 4 days he’s got a shadow on his lungs but should make a full recovery.Glad your enjoying your films we are still catching up with line of duty late to the party as they say but so good. Well must be going take care best wishes Loraine.xxxx

    1. Hi Loraine, good to catch up with all your news although I hope it’s not too long now before you get a date for the move… I’m sure the fact the mortgage has been approved and the surveyor has been out are both good omens and that it won’t be much longer. I’m sorry to know that Les’s brother has been poorly and hope they can sort his lung problem out. Sounds like you have got some wonderful gigs to look forward to! I’ve never seen Billy Ocean or George Benson, but I remember buying Nature Boy in 1977 – a brilliant album although my favourite is Breezin’! We are keeping everything crossed that the tickets I bought for Colin’s Xmas present two years ago will still be valid. End of July The Isley Brothers at the 02. We finished the first three series of Line of Duty on Sunday evening – fantastic! Now we have to remind ourselves of Series 5 and watch the new Series 6! I love it. You take care too and thanks for keeping in touch, love Ali xx

  6. Hello Ali, Thank you for sharing so many photos of Honey over the years; I can understand Lucy’s decision & know that you’ll continue to tell us about her adventures. Obviously we’d look awful without them, & a diet of mush wouldn’t be fun, but teeth can be a nightmare so I’m glad that you got yours fixed – being a child of the 60s I know all about fillings! How funny that you mentioned Dudley Moore, I was talking about him this morning & said that there was just ‘something’ about him, this led onto a conversation about Davy Jones & I had to have a Monkees dance session in the kitchen. I’ve grudgingly accepted going without everything that’s fun during these interminable lockdowns but not having my hair done has been horrendous so Monday was a happy day, I took fizz & chocolate for the girls at my salon & Ellie is chomping at the bit to get hers done next week. Your style has looked fabulous & I’m very impressed that you maintained it so well. Lovely photos of Kathleen & Corey, born a century apart but both after turbulent events that affected the world. I hope you get your nails sorted, mine are doing a very good impression of tissue paper, dratted things, almost as bad as teeth! Love from Jo x

    1. Dear Jo, I had a feeling my comments about the dentist might resonate, and I too rather liked Dudley Moore, great smile and very twinkly as was Davy Jones! Possibly lagging a bit behind with the Monkees Dance session although I’d be game to try. :). VERY relieved for you about your hair. I had just got to the point where it was beginning to fill me with dread gluing it in place when I was at work, but Jo did a cracking job. So glad you enjoyed the photos of Kathleen and Corey and your words are very profound… My nails are possibly just beginning to show signs of improving and so I’m taking it slowly. Tissue paper is a very good description of them – I hope yours improve soon! Great to hear from you, take care Love Ali xxx

  7. Hi Ali, sorry to hear about your tooth but glad you got it sorted out ok. I can sympathise about your nails as both of my middle fingernails always seem to peel no matter what I try! I have already managed to have a haircut and colour and was so glad to get it done as I seem to have become a lot greyer over recent months. I definitely feel more human again now!
    Line of Duty is my favourite series and you can’t afford to blink or you miss something vital.
    Lovely pictures of your family and congratulations to Colin’s mum – she looks amazing.
    Take care love Tina x

    1. Hi there Tina, sorry to now you too are struggling with your nails – do try the Margaret Dabbs serum and one of our nail strengtheners – I’m using everything! Great that you’ve had your hair sorted and are happy with it, and I guess the grey is all part of getting older which we all are :). I too am hooked now on Line of Duty and we are going to go back over Series 5 and then enjoy the latest Series 6. Do try Unforgotten if you’ve not seen it, as I said, great writing. Glad you enjoyed the pictures, and I hope that you’ve also had the chance to enjoy the sunshine these last few days.
      Love Ali xx

  8. Hi Alison, Thank you for a lovely blog with beautiful photographs of your family and puppy!
    Being a child of the late 50’s I can fully appreciate your fear of the dentist. my teeth too were drilled and drilled, funny thing, after leaving that dentist I have never had a new filling since only a couple of repairs to his handy work.
    your mother in law looks amazing and after 8 children, so glad you have been able to see her.
    My Kindle Fire died an untimely death this week, I was discussing with my husband what to replace it with when I suggested to him that I would try and find out when the next Amazon TSV was being presented, much to my delight I found on the weekly programme listing that you will be presenting the Amazon TSV a week on Saturday, I phoned customer services to see what the TSV was going to be and to my delight he said it was going to be the Amazon Kindle fire 10 you cannot imagine how pleased I am, don,t mind waiting at all.
    I love watching you present the Diamonique shows and have acquired quite a collection over the years , do you remember the days when it was all set in 9K and14K gold, its so good that many more people can now take advantage of the prices that seem to be shrinking!!
    Best Wishes to you Alison and see you a week on Saturday!!

    1. Hi there Erica, and that is good news! Yes we have the Amazon Kindle Fire 10 this Saturday which I will be launching on Friday night at 9pm. Glad you know you’ll be joining me then. I have been given one to try – on loan – so I’ll see how I get on. I love working with Lee Hobein too and he’s an absolute Amazon expert. Did you find anything you liked on our Diamonique Day? I actually mentioned the gold settings when I was on air for the finale. And you’re right about the prices coming down. The gold plate is very authentic but I also think the 9ct pieces are well worth buying too! I hope you’re enjoying this brief warm spell and I’ll try and give you a wave on Saturday night. Love Ali xx

  9. Hi Ali,
    Congratulations to your mother in law. What a great age and she looks to be pretty bright for it which is the main thing. It’s nice you could visit her after so long.
    Totally understand Lucy and as a teacher she’ll be aware of the social media perils. Love the pup too so maybe we’ll see her.
    Hope your nails improve and hope the tests aren’t for anything more.
    Lovely to hear that Kathy is back after a terrible time but hope she improves still over time. It’s hard keeping up with changes being all different across the 4 countries but hope you can catch up soon x

    1. Hi Susan, yes you’re right about Kathleen, and apart from being very deaf she remembers most folk’s names and where she is. She’s healthy and happy which is the main thing. Lucy definitely has seen the very negative side of social media and all she wants is the right thing for Honey so I am obviously backing her on that. Blood test tomorrow and hopefully it’ll just be the case of taking a small supplement. I was lucky enough to have a lovely long walk with Kathy last week and the sun shone all the way. She’s feeling far better than she has done for months and is looking to make a few changes in the future which I know will benefit her. I hope that all is well in your world and thanks for writing, love Ali xx

  10. Hi Ali what wonderful celebrations from new born to 100 year olds great photos . To get a telegram from the Queen is certainly an achievement you would never guess your Mum-in-law had reached that age. Seeing her would have been the best present.
    I am not sure if you got my last reply to your last blog but I did send one.
    Yes old fashioned dentists have a lot to answer for. I can remember the smell of the rubber of the mask and being so frightened.
    I was going to order the L’occitane tsv but fell asleep & when I woke it was after midnight!!
    I have now broken a toe – I got up in the night and didn’t put the light on and forgot the suitcase was on the floor and walked into it. I am so mad at myself. They are taped up and am at the fracture clinic in the morning. I am travelling to London on Saturday. They have told Charlotte it is a big baby not long now. Ivy said to her Mummy she could have twins because there are three of them to look after them!
    I have received Keith’s Memory Elephant a lady makes them from the hospice. They used two of his shirts and was able to incorporate his North of England Orchid Society tie it is just him. Poignant memories.
    I am looking forward to the new series of Call the Midwife and continue to try and fathom the next episode of Line of Duty … my favourite character is played by Adrian Dunbar he has such great sayings bringing some reality and a little humour to the series.
    I have had my second vaccine today – they gave me a ‘bravery’ sticker! She said to take paracetamol when I got home. Fingers crossed no side effects this time.
    Sending lots of love from Julia xxx 🤗🤗

    1. Hi there Erica, and that is good news! Yes we have the Amazon Kindle Fire 10 this Saturday which I will be launching on Friday night at 9pm. Glad you know you’ll be joining me then. I have been given one to try – on loan – so I’ll see how I get on. I love working with Lee Hobein too and he’s an absolute Amazon expert. Did you find anything you liked on our Diamonique Day? I actually mentioned the gold settings when I was on air for the finale. And you’re right about the prices coming down. The gold plate is very authentic but I also think the 9ct pieces are well worth buying too! I hope you’re enjoying this brief warm spell and I’ll try and give you a wave on Saturday night. Love Ali xx

    2. Dear Julia so good to hear from you, and I can only apologise for missing your last comment – I will go back, read and respond. I was up against it last week with prepping for some of the shows at work and had a deadline for the new blog. Thank you though for taking time out to write to me here though.I am sorry though to know you’ve broken your toe – so sore! I did that once on a skirting board and it really hurt. I’m guessing you are already in London and with Charlotte and Ivy – exciting times ahead! How lovely that you have received Keith’s Memory Elephant with those chosen materials and his tie making it even more special for you. Another piece of your life together to hold onto.
      I hadn’t realised Call The Midwife was back until Colin pointed it out last night – I am beyond thrilled. I agree with you about Adrian Dunbar in Line of Duty, but I like Steve Arnold and Kate particularly. Jed Mercurio deserves a medal for his writing! So glad you’ve had the second vaccine and I very much hope you don’t have any reaction to it this time. Lots of love to you and thanks as always for keeping in touch, love Ali xx

  11. Hi Alison, I forgot to put this on my other message . I have spent the past 2yrs growing my grey out ,,,from brown. It was not easy and there were times when I almost gave up, but, now its done I am so pleased and I get many nice comments. My daughter is a hairdresser and, under any circumstances she would not let me have it bleached and then dyed grey… as is the current fashion, as, it would have ruined my hair and I would have had to grow that out.! I think the key to being grey and 62 is having a really edgy cut but “Alas Alack!!” Its in a pony tail because of you know what!!! Ericaxx

  12. Hi Alison, you may miss this as I’m rather late to the party! Beautiful photos and adventures on the blog and I hope your tooth is settled and fixed. My daughter, at 21 has to be sedated for any treatment and I have to go in with her for check ups and hold her hand as she is terrified!
    This will be a quick one but just wanted to share with you that I’m going to be son and his partner are expecting, due October half term week..very excited!!
    Hope you get your nail issue sorted..mine have never been right since the menopause they used to be so strong, now they flake like pastry! I’m using pro strong at the moment but nothing has helped and I’m on all sorts of supplements.
    Call the midwife started last week and as is usual I sobbed, one of the best programmes on the tele..and its followed by Line of Duty..I’m hooked.
    Cricket matches start this weekend and Chloe has been to practice for the last few weeks but sadly like last year we vsnt create and provide our wonderful cricket tea..seems ages since I made the team favourite of a bakewell tart and fresh cream fruit scones..
    Your hair looks fab normal service has resumed my end…as I had my mani and pedi on the opening of lockdown and a haircut on the Friday..and John finally opened to customers and we are so thankful that customers sat outside in coats, hats and scarves, brought blankets and we provided some too..he was very very busy…the support of the customers has been a credit to John’ and we certainly would not have survived without the government support which has kept us afloat. Cheers to better times ahead for us all. Take care love Mary

    1. Dear Mary, I did read this but didn’t get the chance to reply before the bank holiday weekend and so my new blog was posted! I couldn’t though not respond to your fabulous news – you’re going to be a grandmother and I’m thrilled for you Jack and his partner and also the rest of your family. I know how much she will enjoy looking after the new baby and will no doubt go the extra mile for them as you’ve always done for your own children. Great news also for John and his micro pub. It’s nice that customers have been loyal but I’m certain he provides a great service and they no doubt have missed him. Definitely better times ahead for us all.
      You and I are so alike – I didn’t watch Call the Midwife last night as I’d watched two episodes the week before and both had me sobbing before I went to bed! We still haven’t managed to check out series 6 of Line of Duty as we wanted to re-watch series 5. Now the challenge is not to know who H is as everybody else in the country will know! Take care of yourself Mary and I’ll look forward to hearing from you again soon, and I promise not to be so tardy. Love Ali xx

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