Sea, sun and a summer offer from Elemis

It’s the first time in a long time since I’ve got off a plane and the temperature in the UK is higher than it was in the country I’ve been holidaying in! I’m so glad that the summer has finally arrived for us in the UK, although over the last couple of days I think a lot of us have found it maybe a bit too hot! I mustn’t grumble though 🙂 remember how much rain we had in May and June?!

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments over the last few weeks and for keeping in touch with me while I was in Gozo. It was lovely to hear from you and I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. There’s sooo much to see on this beautiful island, and it was hard for Colin and I to believe it had been four years since we last holidayed there.

Once again, we stayed in the town of Xaghra but this time in a really old farmhouse that had been converted into a small hotel. We had decided on a bed and breakfast as we enjoy eating out in different places in the evenings.

You’re certainly spoilt for choice in Gozo with so many local restaurants and a wide variety of food including fish – lampuka and pixxispad/swordfish – caught along the coastline, as well as rabbit stew, bragioli (beef olives) and delicious ftira, which is a traditional flatbread. They even have their own vineyards and the local wine is just delicious.

We spent most days on Ramla beach where the sea moves between calm as a millpond to huge crashing waves tipped with fabulous white surf. When it was too windy there, we’d head off to the other side of the island and swim in the very deep cool waters that surround the coastline at Sannatt – heavenly.

We also had a couple of nights out in Valletta – the capital of Malta. A huge catamaran took us from Gozo port to the city and the journey afforded us terrific views of mainland Malta. The beautiful buildings and sapphire blue seas made a delightful distraction from the rather odd safety video that ran on loop and featured a terrified looking woman standing alongside a glass case that contained something that looked like a machete – to be used in emergencies!!

The walled city was established in the 1500s by the Knights of St John’s and there are a large number of beautiful palaces, grand churches, baroque landmarks and a cathedral. From Republic Square there are many side roads that lead down to the reinforced walls and they are all filled with fabulous restaurants. The steps leading up and down are covered in cushions, so the bars spill out onto the streets and it has a terrific ambience.

We missed the annual feast days because of COVID, but they still fire the guns which on our first visit scared me to death as I thought war had broken out! They also set off fireworks at night, which are very impressive, and I am certain we’ll be back for feast day another time 😊.

I certainly felt better, not just for the rest and relaxation but also the vitamin D and the tan, which was safely acquired using Ultrasun’s Factor 30 with Tan Activator for the body and the face. I also used Tan Accelerator from Gatineau as an aftersun and I didn’t burn once.

Talking of beauty brands, British spa brand Elemis have a fabulous six-piece Pro-Collagen Rose Nourish and Glow Collection, which is available now on item number 243150. It features a brand-new Wildflower Cleansing Oil, your choice of Pro-collagen Marine Cream – Original or Ultra-Rich – plus Rose Facial Oil and a trio of rose-scented body care formulas, all in this gorgeous linen beach bag.

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I’ll also be introducing you to something new from the Mr Max range!! We know you love the trousers in this range, and these come in five different colour options with three different lengths and are just £21.98! I don’t remember the last time we had trousers at that kind of price so if you join me at 9pm on Sunday night you can make your choice!

Before I go, I just wanted to thank Erika White who joined me for my Diamonique show at 8pm on Tuesday and was an absolute star! This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with one of you and it was great fun, so if this is something that appeals to you just email saying why you’d like to be considered and include your telephone number so that one of the team can get back to you. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

I think that’s all for now except to say that I’ve just started listening to Beth O’Leary‘s third novel The Road Trip, which is easily as good as her first two and beautifully narrated by Eleanor May Tomlinson who played Demelza in Poldark and actor Josh Dylan. I highly recommend it if you fancy a well written and engaging love story.

Thanks for your comments last time and I look forward to hearing from you again. Take good care and try and stay cool!

With my love, Ali xx

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  1. So glad you had a good holiday, Alison. I have many happy memories of Malta, Gozo and Comino – love those islands. We’ve always stayed in Sliema, but I love everywhere on those islands. Not quite as adventurous this year, we cancelled our planned holiday to Southern Spain and are now off to the Isle of Wight in a couple of weeks. But I’m looking forward to it very much – all the family are going, so will relive childhood memories with my grandchildren. Good to see you back at the Q. xxx

    1. Dear Cherry, so glad you’ve had a chance also to visit these islands – we had a view of Sliema when we arrived on Malta and it looked beautiful. I’m sure you will enjoy the Isle of Wight especially as all the family will be with you. Enjoy and thank you for keeping in touch, love Ali XX

  2. Welcome home, What a fabulous holiday & well done you two for living life. I’m embracing my own personal freedom because I won’t be looking after Etty again until next May when Ellie returns to school, we’ll obviously see them regularly but I don’t mind admitting that I won’t miss the early Wednesday & Thursday mornings. The weather has been incredible, but typically British going from dull & 20 degrees to scorchio overnight, no wonder everyone’s wilting. I thought that I’d got enough books to see me through to mid August but lazing in the garden has overturned that plan so I’ll look for The Road Trip. I’ve just read Mothering Sunday after seeing the review of the film, I’ve never come across a book like it & absolutely loved every word. We’re not going away this year so have decided to go on a day trip per week to somewhere within 100 miles that we’ve never been before so next week’s is to the Potteries – an oatcake shop we saw on Homes Under The Hammer, the Emma Bridgewater factory & Trentham Gardens. You look lovely in your little white shift dress, very few women can look good in white, but you defo did! Love, blue skies & continued sunshine. Jo x

    1. Dear Jo, I think Colin and I are very lucky to get the chance to live our life and I’m really happy to know that you too are embracing your own personal freedom although you may miss Etty initially… Those early mornings I agree will be good to give up on. Invariably the weather is hot while we are abroad, but we were lucky to get back for a few days of it and I’m happier now it’s cooler at night. Thank you for your recommendation – I will now look out for Mothering Sunday. Nearly finished The Road Trip, and it’s very different to her first two books, but as always, great and strong characters. I hope you enjoyed The Potteries – I used to live not too far from there and there are some wonderful places to visit. Never made it to the Emma Bridgewater factory but maybe another day. Thank you for the compliment about the dress – I wonder how many more years it will last? Sending you sunshine and blue skies too. Love Ali xx

  3. Hi Alison such lovely lovely pictures we haven’t been to gozo but went to Malta a few years ago and plan to go back as you say Valletta is lovely. I have been busy looking after Ottilie this week Clare is covering holidays where she works in this heat it’s been hard going i must say. Les and I had a,great time in Windsor and met with my cousin after 52 years
    It was special as if we had never been apart ,we met her husband Ian he’s really nice, we had a meal at the crown pub in Penn brought back a lot of memories then we went to see her mum in beaconsfield she’s ninety and still going strong very fit was a PE teacher for years and was teaching TA CHI until she was 82 only gave it up because she had a fall. We plan to meet again much more to talk about. Ottilie is 2 on Monday so we have some celebrations this weekend Clare and Geoff are taking her to Paultons park on Monday she loves Peppa pig. Anyway so nice to see you back looking so well take care with love😃

    1. Hi there Lorraine, sounds like you’ve been very busy with your granddaughter Ottilie – how were the birthday celebrations? and I’m sure you’re glad it is now cooler! That’s wonderful you were able to meet with your cousin in Windsor, especially as it had been so many years since we were together. Great that you got on with her husband Ian as well and I’m glad you had time to see her mum also. She sounds incredible – 82 and still teaching tai chi! I’m glad that you enjoyed the blog and the photographs and hope that one day soon you’ll be able to return to Malta yourselves. It really is such a lovely part of the world. With love, Ali xx

  4. My late husband and I holidayed in Malta in 1976 our first trip abroad as a married couple. We had a fantastic time and also spent a day on Gozo. I have so many happy memories of that holiday. Thanks for reminding me of them xxx

    1. Dear Bernadette, I am glad to know that the blog photographs brought back happy memories for you of your husband and the times you spent together. It’s so precious to be able to re-live all those years again. Take care and thanks for writing, love Ali x

  5. Hi Ali, your photos are lovely as usual and so glad you were able to get away – Gozo looks stunning!
    I used to love going to some of the Greek Islands (Crete and Cephalonia being my favourites), together with Cyprus where the locals never forget you year after year! Unfortunately, I can’t really tolerate the heat anymore and have to stay out of the sun or I get terrible rashes that don’t go away very easily (thanks to Fibromyalgia)!
    I still hope to go to the Isle of Wight in September🤞
    I’m glad you’re back presenting on the Q – you look lovely and brown.
    Take care. Love Tina xx

    1. Hi there Tina, I hope you’ve had a good week and it’s been a little easier for you now it’s cooler? I’m completely in your camp when it comes to enjoying the Greek Islands – Zante and Cephanlonia – two of my favourites and I also enjoy Corfu when we can get back there. Fingers crossed you’ll make it to the Isle of Wight in September – that’s always a lovely month of the year. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos Love Ali xx

  6. Hi Ali,
    I’m glad to hear that you’ve been away and returned home safely. Did you have to have tests pre and post? No quarantine for Malta either. How was the atmosphere there? I hope you had a drink and a rest for us all?! I really hope next summer we can get away but I’ll need a factor 50 after no hols for 4 years! I hope the travel industry and hospitality can survive but it will remain to be seen. Hope all your children are ok also.
    Take care,
    Susan x

  7. Hi Ali, so pleased you and Colin had a great holiday to relax and wind down. The photos are lovely as usual.
    John and I went to Bawburgh in Norfolk for 2 nights last week and stayed at the Kings Head a beautiful old inn, with superb food. We stayed there 3 years ago which our children choose as part of our golden wedding present and it was just as good 2nd time around.Merche x

    1. Dear Merche, Bawburgh in Norfolk sounds delightful! Because of the restrictions we’ve not been able to see Joe in Wymondham since the end of last year but are hoping to see him this month. The Kings Head sounds beautiful and how lovely to revisit when you’d had such a great time for your anniversary. Thanks for writing love Ali xx

  8. Hi Susan, I’m happy to report that the atmosphere in Gozo and Malta was happy and relaxed! We had both been double vaccinated, had to have an independent flow test on Gozo two days before we went home and book for a further test while we were out there which was sent to our home and that too was negative. We were lucky that Gozo was a green country – nightmare for all those abroad who then had to quarantine when they got home! All the children are doing very well, and I’ve been lucky enough to see them all over this last week or so. I very much hope that you and your family are well too. Love Ali xx

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