That was the week that was….

The last time I wrote to you we weren’t in lockdown, Donald Trump was still President of the USA and I had a washing machine that worked… Whether change is for the good or just necessary for us to move forward, it can be difficult to accept or understand. I’m not a political animal, and fully appreciate everyone has their own views on the world and the way it’s managed, but I’m just praying that all lockdown restrictions will only run until the 2nd December so that as many folk as possible can have Christmas with their loved ones. I was lucky to have seen Lucy and Honey just the week before when we spent a sunny afternoon on a Pumpkin Trail. I know, I wasn’t at all sure what that was initially, but a number of households in the village had used pumpkins and other props to create the titles of popular children’s books and then displayed them in their front gardens and windows.  We had a map so we knew where the houses were and we had to write down each of the book titles as we guessed them. The sun shone, the rain held off and the displays were very impressive – I never knew just how versatile a pumpkin could be! 🙂

We also had a visit from Sam and his lovely girlfriend Elise. They’d spent the weekend in Salisbury off roading in his Land Rover, and came to us for Sunday lunch.  We’d not seen them for a while since meeting Elise’s parents for dinner at their home. We had hoped to return the compliment, but will have to hang fire on that for a while. As I was working that weekend, Colin made the roast beef dinner which was delicious, but I made dessert. Do you remember Angel Delight?  It was Sam’s favourite as a child and a great way of getting milk into him. He may be 31 years old now, but he still loves it, especially butterscotch flavour and decorated with sultanas. You’re never too old… Sadly I’ve not been able to see my youngest Jack, but we do talk regularly and FaceTime and hope to sort something out once lockdown is over.

My sister Jenny came over for a few days, and along with a wonderful trip to Wisley Gardens, she did an amazing job of sorting out my airing cupboard for me. She is the queen of organization and has also done wonders with my wardrobe, encouraging me to recycle my clothes and get rid of things I’ve had for over five years! I bought some amazing Periea Storage Boxes from QVC a while back and so we utilized those along with the brilliant Space Bags – all my remaining summer clothes are now neatly stowed away in the top of the wardrobe and I’ve got room to hang my jumpers up! Small pleasures.

Unfortunately, our visit to Dorset to see our lovely friends Roz and Chris has had to be postponed, along with a weekend’s stay with Joe in Norfolk, but I know how lucky we’ve been to be able to work around the restrictions and safely see family and friends throughout the summer. Reading your comments on the blog, it’s very clear that not everyone has been as fortunate and I hope very much that the end of this year will see these limitations lifted and give everyone a chance to be with the people they’ve missed the most.

There’s been a fair bit of clearing up in the garden going on here, and I managed to re-pot three of my roses and split my calla lily bulbs so they could be divided into two pots. I’m keeping everything crossed they’ll be okay in their new homes and I won’t have killed them off. I’ve also had to re-creosote all the garden furniture I renovated in the summer. I was a bit surprised that the two coats I’d spent hours applying earlier in the year had faded quite so quickly, but hopefully this latest application will protect them over the winter. We’ve also had a huge pair of wooden gates delivered that Colin has hung and so I creosoted those as well! I love the smell of creosote – it reminds me of my Grandad Timms and Great Aunt Ivy.  They were both avid gardeners and as a child I spent a lot of time exploring and playing outside in their gardens. I have also harvested our first crop of olives!

You may remember the photos I posted of the two olive trees in our back garden – the oldest bought for us as a wedding present five years ago by Roz and Chris. While we were in Kos, we spoke to a chap who made fabulous things out of olive wood and he told me how to ‘brine’ olives. The newer tree has a huge number of olives but they’re all far too small to pick, but these look perfect. I have to change the salt water each week, but hopefully they’ll be ready in time for Christmas.

Talking of which, if you love chocolate, you’ll definitely want our Today’s Special Value from Hotel Chocolat that’s already available on pre-sell. Item number 809948 will get you a 130 Piece Luxury Chocolate Selection in a Gift Box and bags.  You won’t know yourself when you see the incredible collection that includes Salted Caramel, Rocky Road and Peanut Butter flavours along with many more premium and original options. There are 22 individually packaged selections, plus a huge gift box too so you can separate them out as presents if you like. The three Easy Pay interest-free instalments mean just £14.99 per month, plus P&P – a big saving on the recommended price of £69.

And from food to fragrance, I wanted to give you a heads up on a fabulous collection of Shay & Blue perfumes that will be available on Wednesday the 18th November. Dom de Vetta has put together an incredible mix of magical fragrances for under £50 – some of your favourites in there too, so I hope you’ll be able to join me for the launch on Wednesday at 9 p.m.

Dom de Vetta, who founded Shay & Blue in 2012, creates the most stunning fine and contemporary fragrances. This luxurious four piece collection features a 100ml Eau de Parfum in either bright English Cherry Blossom, feminine and elegant Black Tulip or Autumnal and rich Blackberry Woods. In addition, there is a complimentary shower oil, a moisturising body & hand lotion and a 10ml size of the fabulous new and exclusive Tallulah’s Camelia Eau de Parfum too! Directly from the company they would cost £122, but with our price of £48.96 plus P&P, you’re saving £69.09! I’m certain this is going to be an immensely popular gift idea for many of us and I’m delighted to tell you it will also be available on Auto Delivery, so that you can receive the same collection once again in 90 days time!

Well, that’s pretty much all my news for now, except to recommend a couple of brilliant TV dramas that Colin and I have enjoyed over the last few weeks and one we’re currently watching. ‘Road Kill’ starring Hugh Laurie is a very clever yet disturbing political thriller on BBC 1, and ‘Life’, again on BBC 1. Written by the genius Mike Bartlett, ‘Life’ is a look into the life of four groups of people who live in flats in the same building. Alison Steadman is superb as Gail Reynolds, Henry’s 70-year-old wife who has been bullied and put down for most of her marriage, and she’s just one of the cleverly crafted characters. I highly recommend it – the acting is incredible. The series we’re currently stuck into is on Sky Atlantic and stars Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman and is called ‘The Undoing’ – sheer brilliance!  Great thing is it’s not being streamed, so we have to wait to see it each week, so it gives me plenty of time to try and guess whodunit!  I hope there’s something in these that you will enjoy.

Thanks as always for keeping in touch with me here, and for your comments and also for continuing to support Ali’s Story Time on Instagram and Facebook at the weekends. Stay safe, stay well, try to stay sane, and I’ll see you soon.

With my love,

Ali xx

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  1. Hi Ali. Your granddaughter is so cute. In lockdown again just as i was getting back to normal lol. I have been taking baby steps into shops as i hadn’t been out since March due to having cancer treatment. I have an appt with my oncologist on 16th so fingers crossed it is good news. Hopefully by then i will know when i will be having my other operations so i maybe in lockdown for quite a while😂😂. Take care Ali xx

    1. Hi Ali, nice to hear from you and very much hoping that your appointment will go well on Monday. I’ll be thinking of you. It’s such a trying time with operations being delayed and people who are worried having to wait. I do hope it will get back to normal as soon as possible. Look after yourself and you keep in touch, Love Ali XX

  2. Since the Combi Boiler was installed by the very nice man from British Gas, we miss our airing cupboard and draping socks over the water-tank. Use to put seeds in there to germinate. Ho hum! Progress?

    1. It’s a bit like the old larder and pantry. Great place to keep things cool, but no-one has those these days either! I hope you’ve found somewhere else to drape your socks and are staying safe and well. Ali x

  3. Hi Alison firstly what lovely photos you have taken such a lovely one of honey, at least you managed to see a few people before this lockdown must admit I’ve had odd days when I’ve felt a,tad fed up but remind myself we are lucky and soon snap out of it regarding Donald trump he’s not going quietly is he I quite like politics must take after my mum and always,took an interest in it each to there own I suppose. Hope your washing machine is mended so annoying you can put everything away tidily now your sister has sorted everything must admit that’s what I’m like I know where everything is and have a habit of sorting through things and throwing them out , Les always says he better not stay in one place for too long incase I throw him away I wouldn’t of course. I have still been seeing Clare and children glad you liked the photos on Twitter btw it’s classed as child care although at the moment the shop is closed where Clare is working I think I told you she’s working at osprey 8 hours a week lovely handbags etc . ?we has been sorting the garden out but the leaves are an on going thing . Still no news on the house but it’s quite everywhere apparently and probably will be for a while I would imagine. We have been doing FaceTime with Gary and Lamis hoping covid doesn’t get any worse where they are near bristol. Well take care enjoying seeing you on qvc have you lost weight you look so slim and lovely in the clothes best wishes Loraine xxx

    1. Dear Loraine, lovely to hear from you and to know that you and Les are well, and you are still seeing Clare and the children. Yes, I was lucky to see Sam and Lucy and am hoping to get a walk with Jack this weekend. I’m in Total agreement with you about the leaves in the garden. We have the most enormous willow tree just by the house and the leaves from that cover almost half the lawn. The massive Oak in the front garden does the same thing and we had the most unbelievable number of acorns this year so the squirrels have been busy! I’m sorry there’s been no news on the house, but things will improve, we have to hang onto that. Colin mended the washing machine – four coins lodged in it – so I will have to be more vigilant when going through his pockets! 🙂 I don’t think I’ve lost any weight – must be a flattering camera angle 🙂 Love to you, Ali xx

  4. Ah lovely Ali what a beautiful pic of you and Lucy and adorable Honey. So lovely and how grown up Honey is getting – bless her heart. Yes how much things can change in a week and as you say hopefully lockdown will end on 2nd. Fingers crossed. You are so right in your programme recommendations. I liked Roadkill, loved Life and am currently enjoying The Undoing – am a big Hugh Grant fan and its an interesting pairing with him and Nicole Kidman. Just what we need at the moment to keep us entertained. Thanks for the tip off about Shay and Blue. I recently bought the Black Tulip limited edition bottle and i love it so maybe i will go for the Cherry Blossom in the TSV and i like this too. Cant wait! Stay safe and well Ali xx

    1. Ooh Karen, A woman after my own heart! I too like Hugh Grant, but I think it’s been interesting to see how good an actor he is in his later years. He was brilliant in the Jeremy Thorpe TV drama and I think he’s fabulous in The Undoing. Of course he worked with Nicole Kidman once before… On Paddington! 🙂 Glad you like the Shay and Blue fragrances, one of my favourites is Blood Orange but I’m very taken with Blackberry Woods at the moment. That said Black Tulip is my choice. I hope you enjoy the Cherry Blossom. I must omit that was a really lovely photo with Lucy and honey, we don’t often get one with all three of us in it but it stops me from missing them so much when I can’t be with them. Take care and fingers crossed for the 2nd December. Love Ali xx

  5. Hi Ali Lovely photos and I always enjoy reading your news I must mention that you cheered me up no end this afternoon when you presented the Molton brown show. It was hilarious and your laughter was infectious. Keep safe and stay well xx

    1. Hi there Judith, so glad you enjoy the blog and also the Molton Brown show. I have to say I love working with Jemma Forte – she is great fun on and off the screen and we have exactly the same sense of humour. I lost the plot totally in the following hour with Glen Campbell too. A good laugh is definitely the best medicine, and cheered me up no end. So glad you enjoyed it too. Love Ali xx

    1. Hi there Penny, so glad to know you had a laugh along with Jemma, Glen and myself. I feel very lucky to have the chance to work with these lovely people and products. Take care and stay safe, love Ali xx

  6. Hello Alison,

    Lovely blog as always.

    Honey is getting so big.

    I watched your presentation for the Diamonique Robin (which I purchased last year).

    I am convinced that Robins are the spirit of loved ones.

    I lost my Dad some 11 years ago but shortly after I did a Robin appeared and used to come into the house amongst many other things. He landed beside an ornament that my Dad swapped many years ago for an ass in Ireland when he was a boy and then just flew out.

    I named him Rob and managed to tame him enough to take sultanas from my lips. It made the National papers as the Daily Mail sent a photographer to capture him.

    He was around for about two years and it was simply wonderful.

    It was amazing to feel his little feet on my chin!

    If you look up my name on Google you will see for yourself Teresa Karasavvas

    Take care

    1. Wow Teresa, I’ve just googled your photographs from the Daily Mail photographer and they are astonishing! I shall make sure I mention you next time we feature the pendant. I am sorry you too have lost your dad, but I believe in the symbolism not just for my mum but also Colin’s dad as well. A robin sat on the scaffold tower with Colin for an entire day when he was cutting back the hedges… remarkable. So glad you enjoyed the blog and the photos. It seems like only yesterday Honey was a tiny wee baby in my arms… the years move so much faster the older I get. Take care, love Ali xx

  7. Hello Ali
    I’ve just got back from my half hour walk, which is a lot for me at present. I do try each day to get out but am still pretty confined to home with my health problems. Last time I wrote to you I had started on yet another medication. Well surprise surprise that had to be discontinued because of the side effects. I am back,to square one with medication relying on codeine which as we know brings its own problems. I am now awaiting physio from the pain management team so please keep your fingers crossed for me. Anyway enough about me. What a lovely photo of Honey and of the three of you. We have to keep these moments close when times are getting harder. I was hoping to plant some bulbs in my garden pots yesterday but didn’t quite make it! They will be growing in their storage box at this rate. Our little ones seem to be coping well at present for which I for one am so grateful. My youngest grandchild was disgusted with Boris Johnson for cancelling her birthday party!!!😂😂😂😂 out of the mouths of babes. . I am very envious of your airing cupboard. When we had our new boiler fitted a few weeks ago putting in more shelves into ours was on the list. Last time I looked it hadn’t changed! Lol John has been so,good with looking after me and doing his best to keep up with household jobs I shouldn’t complain. I must be getting better as I would dearly love to tackle some of my ‘to do jobs’. I do hope you catch up with your son. Just imagine when life returns to some sort of normality what a wonderful time that will be for us all. Try as I do to keep that in mind. Will close for today and have some lunch. John is doing his best to fatten me up! Take care and as always sending love and hugs. Judith xx

    1. Dear Judith, I’m so sorry to know that you are still struggling with your health particularly with the side-effects of the medication. I am sure the pain management team will continue until they find something that works for you. I am glad though that John is such a great support to you and is cracking on with things because you can’t. Don’t worry too much about the bulbs, I left mine until January and they had definitely started to grow but they were fine. I’m sure the new shelves in your airing cupboard will make all the difference… just take it easy, these things can wait. Like you the thought of life returning to some sort of normality will be wonderful. That’s what we all have to hang onto. You take good care of yourself and John and thanks for keeping in touch, love Ali xx

  8. Hello Ali as I write I’m flat on my back with sciatica. I ruptured my sciatica nerve right before September 11th and spent 6 months getting better not dreaming it would come back but guess what it did so I’m on the pilates being carefully monitored by the medics .I cant believe how big Honey is but she sure is just like you .I wish I could get into the garden but not for a while .Keep safe .

    1. Oh Suzi that sounds awful! I am sorry – how depressing that’s it come back, but I’m sure with gentle exercise and guidance it will improve. At least at this time of year the garden can wait, you need to get better. Do take care, and thanks for keeping in touch love Ali XX

  9. Hi Alison, glad you and yours are all ok. Would love to see photos of your lovely garden please. My husband has managed to put up our pergola and it looks very nice. I’m very proud of him. As you said the measuring was the worst part. Still lots to do but as you probably know we arent getting any younger and it’s very tiring and you ache all over. Much love x Karen

    1. Hi there Karen, I promise I will take some new photographs of the garden when the sunshine is next out. The vines that I planted last month are looking a bit shabby because the leaves are dropping but fingers crossed they will be strong over the winter and grow well in the spring. Well done to your husband forgetting your pergola up! I’m glad he went for it and I’m sure it looks great. You’re right about not getting any younger…but it’s still worth making an effort I feel 🙂 Take care and stay safe, love Ali xx

  10. Hi Ali, a lovely post full of your usual business and great to hear that you timed catching up with family before lockdown. I am loving the pumpkin adventures, our neighbourhood did a similar thing.
    So John is shut again and only open for takeaway at the weekend to minimize beer wastage…school continues as normal although Thanet, the area including Westgate where I live has had a massive increase in COVID cases and many local schools have whole year groups self isolating, it’s a bit of a worry.
    Mum is still fighting on but remains poorly..hopefully if she’s well enough I can have a distance visit through a plastic sealed door separating us on Friday.

    I have however made my Christmas cake and jt smells boozy..its had its second feed of brandy and the fruit was soaked in brandy before cooking, it looks yummy.
    Sadly my annual Christmas shopping trip to Milton Keynes with my twin is cancelled as it’s the end of November, it would have been our 23rd year! So instead Ive6 kept the Amazon delivery man busy and QVC parcels are coming thick and fast..I ordered the yankee tsv in Christmas mix for my twins for xmas, plus ordered extra pressies for them as it’s been a difficult year of Hotel Chocolat hampers. I also bought the 2 big boxes of chocolates for us for Christnas…and lots of other fabulous items.
    Here’s hoping we all get out of this sad time soon. Take care love Mary x

    1. Dear Mary, so sorry to know that John has had to shut up again but glad that at least he can provide takeaways at the weekend – I hope that’s helping. I do hope you feel safe at school still – Lucy has got three year groups self isolating but she is continuing to go in. Please do look after yourself especially because of your previous health history. Were you able to see your mum on Friday? So hard when we are separated like this. What a shame you and your twin had to cancel your yearly visit to Milton Keynes. You’ll have to make it a weekend away next year! It is a relief to be able to buy things online isn’t it and my postman and the parcel delivery folk are here most days. Have you been watching the bake off? I always think of you whenever I watch it and these beautiful cakes that you have made over the years. I really think you should give it a go! Well done for sorting out your Christmas cake – not sure if Colin and I will make one this year. Thanks as always for writing to me and keeping in touch, keep on looking forwards and I’m sure the New Year will be brighter and happier. Take care, love Ali xx

    1. Hi there Elaine, glad you enjoyed the blog and yes the pumpkin Trail was great fun. I think quite a number of people have done this across the country so hopefully it might be the start of something new. Luckily for me Colin sorted the washing machine and it’s working perfectly now. I hope you’re well? With love, Ali xx

  11. Hi alison hope you an dfamily are well iam well you will get your xmas card next month as usual done my xmas shopping as always saturday 17th october always do ti ealy usual presents sweets and gift vouchers.

    1. Hi there Martin, yes we are all well and I’m glad you are too. Well done for being ahead of the game with your Christmas present shopping! I still got a fair bit to do but I will look forward to my card. Thank you, love Ali xx

  12. Hi Ali.
    I have a whole afternoon to myself, yay!!!! It’s very quiet!!!! Hmmmmm, too quiet I think lol.
    Graeme has taken the 2 horrors to the park to try to tire them out, plus, crazy dog is away too. He’s Absolutely ridiculous, but he’s very loving and adores the kids making a fuss of him. He took it upon himself to sleep in Adams bed, Adam loved it of course, but I was having none of it. Children in the beds, no dogs. I got his bed and moved it to the corner of Adams room, put his lovely new blanket in it and thought that would do the trick. It looked so cosy and comfy. Crazy dog had other ideas. He slept on the floor, using the lovely cosy comfy bed as a pillow. Until, he thought it was safe, and we had all gone to bed, then he climbed in beside Adam again. We argued quietly so we wouldn’t wake Adam, crazy dog won. He’s sleeping on Adams bed.
    I have to tell you this one, so funny. Meli has a lovely little en suite in her bedroom, it’s not huge or luxurious but she loves it, she then decided it wasn’t fair that Adam didn’t have one in his bedroom, so she nagged and nagged how unfair it all was. In the end Graeme thought he could in fact change where the radiator was, and make the doorway there, so they had a Jack and Jill bathroom. He drew it all out, and Meli was beside herself. I was on the phone to a friend later that night, and Meli was dancing about in front of me, practically grabbing the phone. I handed it over and she said “you’ll never guess, Auntie Jan, never ever, Daddy Graeme is making a Charlie and Lola bathroom for us, so Adam has a bathroom too” I was howling 😂. My friend was totally confused, until I explained it was actually a Jack and Jill bathroom but she had confused it with a programme she used to watch when she was little, called Charlie and Lola. Too funny.
    Honey is growing way too fast. She’s just a little beauty. Lovely photo of the 3 of you. Lockdown has been such a horrible thing to deal with, who would have ever thought we’d be living in a time when it wasn’t safe to hug your friends and family.
    Pumpkin trail sounds like fun. I have to remember that and get the neighbours sorted for next year.
    I saw your Molton Brown show the other night. You were looking stunning. What an absolute hoot. Gemma is hilarious. I was thinking, what the heck is an Event Bath!!! Glad she explained it lol.
    I think I may have time for a quick coffee, before the crazy gang get home. I’m sure Humphrey will have been in every puddle, Adam too probably. I just cleaned the floor. I really didn’t think this through did I?!!
    You were right Ali. I can’t believe how different my life is these days. My friends who are the same age as me, are all taking about retiring in the next 10 years and putting their feet up. I can’t believe I’ve started over again with 2 young children. I would not change it or swap with them for anything. Meli and I had a really really terrible time, dreadful situation, the worst in fact, but I was adamant I would never give up on her, I made a promise to her mummy and I will never break that promise as long as I am able. Graeme changed our lives beyond recognition and we did the same for him. We’re very very lucky. He is just the kindest most thoughtful person I have ever known. He actually bought the house next door to us. His plan was to renovate and rent it out. But, fate as usual changed all the plans. Our dear friends had to move out of their home after they lost their little one. The council were good, and told them they could stay for 2 months, it’s usually 1 month. The house had been specifically changed to make their lives a bit easier, and for wheelchair access etc. They knew the other family who were going to get the house once they moved out. Then they found out that their daughter was having to stay in hospital because where they lived was just not suitable. So, being the lovely people they are, they said they would move asap. The house they were given was ok , but not really in a great area. Their neighbours were just not good people and they really did not need to be living in these conditions. So last new year, we brought them to live with us. They were using the office at the bottom of the garden. Which is really lovely actually. It’s got 2 rooms, plus a shower room. So they really only used our kitchen, and most of the time we had our meals together anyway. The office has still never been used as an actual office lol. Graeme then said they could have the house next door if they helped with the work. Graeme did all the electrical side and our friend, who is a registered gas engineer, did all the rest, including the central heating and plumbing. We all helped with the decorating and we had it ready the start of March. They are so happy in there and it’s lovely having them so close.
    Ok. I’m going to get a coffee while it’s still quiet lol.
    Take care and stay Safe lovely lady.
    All our love as always.
    Una. X

    1. My dear Una, so good to catch up with all you and your beautiful Sam I have been up to, and to bring ourselves up to speed with where you are now. It sounds as though life has changed totally get all the happiness always turned on its axis and you are now happy content with two children and a man who loves you and cares only to make sure your life is perfect. On top of that you found time to help your friends and to give in the house next door to yours so that the family who are struggling now have a home in their own. You to me are the most perfect example of somebody making the very best out of the very worst of situations. Better yet, having turned your life around you then bring joy to others. It is definitely a win-win situation. I hope the others who read this will see that even in the darkest of times there is always light, and always a reason to keep on forging ahead. You are an inspiration. Thank you for keeping in touch with us all here on the blog. Let me know how you are closer to Christmas? Love always, Ali xx

    2. My dear Una, so good to catch up with all you and your beautiful Sam I have been up to, and to bring ourselves up to speed with where you are now. It sounds as though life has changed totally get all the happiness always turned on its axis and you are now happy content with two children and a man who loves you and cares only to make sure your life is perfect. On top of that you found time to help your friends and to give in the house next door to yours so that the family who are struggling now have a home in their own. You to me are the most perfect example of somebody making the very best out of the very worst of situations. Better yet, having turned your life around you then bring joy to others. It is definitely a win-win situation. I hope the others who read this will see that even in the darkest of times there is always light, and always a reason to keep on forging ahead. You are an inspiration. Thank you for keeping in touch with us all here on the blog. Let me know how you are closer to Christmas? Love always, Ali xxx

  13. Hi Ali thankyou again for your condolences – and Susan too. I have had so many cards & flowers it is all very heartwarming. The neighbours all came out when the funeral car came onto our road which was lovely. It was a humanist service because Keith wasn’t religious. Everyone said what a beautiful service.
    The only downside was only 10 able to attend & afterwards we couldn’t hug or shake hands. Sarah and Charlotte were distraught as was I and we couldn’t give each other a hug and with Emma testing positive she had to stand outside her house with James and Eve. We went passed her house and paused.
    James looked very smart and he said he did it for Grandpa and wanted to be there. Ivy was looked after by Charlotte’s friend. What it all has shown me is that in this negative and cynical world there is so much human kindness and that definitely outways any negativity. We all care for each other in our hours of need.
    Keith wasn’t a particularly romantic being but a couple of years ago he sent me this poem (via email) and Sarah just about managed to read it. Many will have heard of it but if you haven’t it is called
    The Life That I have by Leo Mark’s

    The life that I have
    Is all that I have
    And the life that I have
    Is yours

    The love that I have
    Of the life that I have
    Is yours and yours and yours

    A sleep I shall have
    A rest I shall have
    Yet death will be but a pause
    For the peace of my years
    In the long green grass
    Will be yours and yours and yours.

    I hope this reply hasn’t been too sad but I feel it is a celebration of life. In this upside down world that we are living through at the moment there are such acts of kindness. Thankyou for the compassion you have shown at such a difficult time with much love Julia xxx
    P.S. On a much lighter note my son-in-law loves Angel Delight butterscotch flavour! Xx

    1. Dear Julia, thank you so much for letting me know how you are, and for bringing in to true focus just how much harder everything is because of Covid and the times we are living in. Keith’s poem says it all, and I was so glad to know that you, Charlotte Emma and Sarah were able to take some comfort from the kindness and caring that has been shown to you during this incredibly difficult time. So many folk whose lives have been turned upside down… poor Tina who has also written on this blog no doubt feeling as lost as you are. “In time, this too shall pass….” is what I am clinging on to, and I send my love as always to you and your family. Just remember to hold tight to the memories and the fact that we are to each other, all we need to be. You will get through this. Ali xx

  14. Hi Ali,
    I did leave a comment on your previous blog but you must have missed it as it was the very last one. I haven’t been on line for quite a while as I have tragically lost my husband after a very short illness. These past few months have been horrendous made even harder by the Covid situation and not being able to access people that would help such as counsellors. I am still shell shocked by it all. This year will be one for many many people that they will never forget.
    Take care, and cherish every day with your loved ones.
    Best wishes, Tina S (S.Wales )

    1. My dear Tina, I’m so terribly sorry to hear that you have lost your husband and can’t even begin to imagine what a shock it must’ve been to you as he was ill for just a short time, and no doubt what happened was totally unexpected… So much harder for you because of the Covid situation too. I very much hope that you have found some form of counselling either online or on the telephone and that there will be friends and family who can support you and spend time with you restrictions allowing? I know that we have been in touch here on the blog for years, and I remember so well you talking of your life together with your husband. I hope that in the days ahead those happy memories will be with you to comfort you, because they are yours alone, and they can never be taken. I am sending you my love and a hug, and pray that things will ease for you in time. Ali xx

      1. Tina, so devastated for you to know of your husband’s passing. Such a trauma at any time let alone this year and I can understand having had similar experiences this year, as so many of us have. It’s hard to find the light sometimes and even the clergy who are trying to help people cope are so devastated at situations they are coming across, so that’s normal; you might have seen the article on the news last night. Try to find a reason to get up and get on and think how your husband would want you to I’m sure. Keep safe x

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