Get ready for Triple Day at QVC

Along with the rest of the nation, I’m mightily relieved to know that we’re almost through the second month of Lockdown and that some things are going to be changing for the better in March. I didn’t study Latin but have definitely heard about the rule of three – ‘Omne Trium Perfectum’ which roughly translated means everything that comes in threes is perfect!

As I have three children I’d definitely go along with that and as Wednesday next week will be the third day of the third month, QVC has decided to make it a day where EVERYTHING will be available in 3 Easy Payments. If you’re not familiar with Easy Payments, they are a simple way to spread the cost – interest-free – of whatever you’re purchasing rather than paying it all upfront.

Debbie Flint’s going to be previewing the event on Tuesday night at 9 pm with a selection of just some of the brands appearing on the day, and I will be with you at midnight on the 3rd March to launch the event with… you guessed it, a THREE piece Supersize Essentials collection from Philip Kingsley as our TSV. It includes a full litre each of the bestselling Body Building Shampoo and the Moisture Balancing Conditioner plus their award-winning Elasticizer (180ml). All three of these products are in my bathroom as I’ve used them for years!

Once I started looking through the other brands that will be featuring on the day I realised I have bought from most of them! Ruth Langsford will be on with Jackie from 7pm – 9pm, and I came into work the other day wearing my fabulous chunky Ruth Langsford jumper – lots more fashion in this two-hour edit.

We’re also spending an hour in the QVC kitchen with Kathryn Goldsmith at 3pm where the magnificent yoghurt brand Easiyo will feature. I’ve been making my own yoghurt at home for years now – the price is extraordinary, the flavours are amazing and it is so simple to do. Far more nutritious and better value than a great many yoghurts you could actually buy in-store.

Cozee Home has been a brand I’ve invested in not just for myself but also for my children and other members of the family – warm, comfortable and clearly cosy bedding, clothing and homeware. Just Brilliant. Deborah Leigh will be with Dale at 2pm for that.

Oh, and the three steps to perfect skin – cleanse, tone and moisturise – will be covered by Elemis when Charlie Brook presents a dedicated hour at 10pm. The Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix is a must for me. Remember 3 Easy Payments on everything until midnight.

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on the previous blog. I know it’s been tough for so many of you these last few months, so let’s keep looking forwards to lighter evenings, warmer days and the chance to see those we love. March sees my son Sam celebrate his 32nd birthday and I’ll be 61 years young on the 16th, although as it’ll be my second lockdown birthday and I’ve not been able to celebrate I’m still officially 59! 🙂

Take care, stay safe, and I’ll look forward as always to hearing from you.

With my love,

Ali xx


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  1. Alison I like your logic regarding your missed birthday celebrations, by way you don’t even look 59, you are like fine wine looking better with age😊

    1. Maddie bless you! What a lovely thing to say. Age is but a number, and I know I’m extremely blessed to be here and living the life. I hope you’re well. Love Ali xx

  2. Hi Alison
    It’s my birthday in March to next week the 3rd thought this one might of been better than the last but don’t think so. Hope you had a lovely week off last week . Lovely photos as usual. Take care xx

    1. Happy Birthday for the 3rd Kay! It may be quiet, but at least we’re that much closer to being able to get together for a proper celebration in the not too distant. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog – more photos of mine to come in the next one. Take care Love Ali xx

  3. Hi Ali,
    Hope everything is well with you. I am still looking for a rescue dog and have got all my friends and neighbours looking for me as well ! Good news though I have had my appointment for my vaccine which is this Saturday at 2.51pm. Very precise, not 2.50 but 2.51 . I was so excited to get my letter that I was texting everyone I know to tell them.
    I saw another rainbow today as I was driving home. I could see all of it one minute then when I looked again there was a double rainbow! I never knew they existed. I hope it is a good sign that I will get my little furry companion soon.
    Went for a walk today with one of my friends that I was nursing with as it was a beautiful day early on. I am so lucky to have friends that have kept in touch with over the years. One of my friends that I meet up with for a walk I have known since our first day at secondary school, over 53 years. She has been my rock over these past months. We often go for walks at our local country park. She has the most adorable Yorkshire Terrier called Poppy. I am always saying I am going to dog knap her. She is the most placid dog and loves it when people make a fuss of her. When I have been feeling down she has dropped everything and met up with knowing how Poppy always makes me smile especially wearing her reindeer outfit Christmas time.
    Well I had better try and get some sleep!
    Take care and stay safe.
    Best wishes, Tina S.( S. Wales ) xx

    1. Hi Ali , just a little foot note to say I am sitting here waiting for the long waited arrival of my rescue dog !! Can’t believe it after all this time . He’s a 3 year old Jack Russell called Louis. As they say ” all good things come to he who waits “. Wish me luck xx

      1. YAY! Beyond delighted for you and I very much hope he’ll fit in right away. And yes “All good things come to those who wait”. I’m sure he will make all the difference. Love A xx

    2. My dear Tina, lovely to hear from you and so excited to get your footnote! How wonderful You will have Louis in your life, and no doubt that will be plenty more walks with your friend and Poppy. I’m so glad that you have had the support And love you deserve over these last months – it’s good to know human nature and kindness overcomes so many obstacles. My friend Jo and I have been friends since 1971 – she knows me better than I know myself 🙂 I do hope you didn’t feel rough after your vaccine? I felt pretty ropey for a couple of days, but I’m booked in for my next one in June. Onwards and upwards! Take good care of yourself and I hope you see the sunshine over these last few days, love Ali xx

  4. Hi Ali, like you I my birthday in March, and will not be able to celebrate it with my family, but my daughter has ordered my husband and I afternoon tea, so as not to miss out completely. My great granddaughter is now 8 months old and I have missed being able to give her a cuddle. Thankfully the weather has improved and we made the most of it today, by having a walk by the Deben and then coming home and having our lunch in the garden, it certainly made up for the snowy weather. Have a lovely birthday. Love Merchex

    1. Happy birthday Merche! That was a very kind thing of your daughter to do – and I hope you enjoyed your afternoon tea! So sorry go to know you’ve not been able to cover your great granddaughter – that will change soon enough. We to have had some lovely weather and I’ve been for a very long walk today. My hips and knees are telling me! I had a bowl of soup in the garden today and have pruned all my roses. Take care and thanks for keeping in touch, love Ali xx

  5. Hi Ali always look forward to your blog. The 3 easy pay options are a great incentive to buy. I have ordered a larger Kipling bag I am trying to save myself from carrying so many bags. Sarah bought it first in navy for work and I have ordered the grey. What with phones glasses masks sanitizer etc that’s before we have got anything at the shop!!
    We have had some lovely sunshine these last few days. I have been in the garden & I ache all over but found it therapeutic. I feel closer to Keith as he loved it so much. I miss him more than words can say I seem to cry most of the day at some point. The hospice continues to support me weekly phone calls & now some complementary therapy reflexology and I relaxed for the first time in months & months I have 6 sessions all free …
    I don’t know if you remember but I said my hair had been falling out I thought it could be my thyroid or stress from grieving but it turns out I am anaemic. The dr said it will be causing it along with extreme tiredness. So when I take the iron tablets I should soon start to pick up.
    I have booked my train to go to London at the end of April can’t wait to see them especially Ivy. Charlotte is booked in for a caesarean at the beginning of May the baby is breech again. I will have had my second vaccine by then.
    Take care with much love from Julia xxx 🤗🤗🤗

    1. Dear Julia, how lovely to hear from you and to know that you have treated yourself to some nice things. I’m sure the sunshine made all the difference and how wonderful for you to be able to get out into the garden. I remember you writing and telling me that he was showing you what needed to be done and when and although I know it would’ve been very sad for you to do these things alone, I totally understand why it would make you feel closer to him. The hospice sounds incredible And I am hoping that the complimentary therapy reflexology has helped you. Make sure you keep up with all six sessions. I do remember you telling me about your hair falling out, and that your doctor has said it is anaemia. I did speak to lovely Lisa Caddy from Philip Kingsley and when I explained your situation she said to me it was probably grief and stress. I very much hope though that your tablets have fixed it for you. How exciting to have your train ticket booked – I’m certain that Ivy and Charlotte will be delighted to see you. And a new life on the way in May – that is wonderful news. Stay safe and well, and thank you so much for keeping in touch, with my love, Ali xx

  6. Hi Ali just read your blog first one ever so I will be joining you for easy pay day. See you then Liz Irvine

    1. Hi Liz, I very much hope this won’t be the last blog you read, and that you found something you wanted on our trip all day. It is a great incentive, and there are some fantastic brands. Look forward to hearing from you in the future, love Ali XX

  7. Hi Ali hope you don’t mind me sending a second reply to you. Its just that I have read your last reply and I wanted to say a special thankyou to you for seeking professional advice re my hair loss. It is so kind of you and any advice from an expert is really appreciated with love Julia xxx

    1. Dear Julia, you are so welcome. I hope that your anaemia tablets are working, but I think time will heal this better than anything. Take care, love Ali xx

  8. Hi Ali, your looking very well just watching you on the Q with comfy beds 😴😴,not long now until the end of the month when I can finally get to see Simon and crew , just in time for Simons birthday on the first of april😞😞didn’t plan to have him on the first but he couldn’t wait 😊,not much news to tell you this time, hopefully next time ,until then please take care,and stay safe ,lots of love Linda F xxx

    1. Hi Linda, yes the beds are very comfy – either Sealy or Silentnight. Hopefully you’ve only got a couple more weeks to go before you see Simon and the family – just in time for his birthday. I hope you’ve had some sunshine and been able to get out in the garden and he found something for his birthday that he will like. Take good care, Love Ali xx

  9. Hi Alison, unusually I am writing this at a decent hour, 1.30pm on Friday 5th March watching Michael Parry’s Garden on QVC..Olly has been walked and is curled up like a cat next to me.
    Thank you for your lovely words, my bad, sad days will I am sure fade slowly and the sunny weather certainly makes a difference as I can get out in the garden. Despite mum paying for her nursing care, there was a small inheritance left which is allowing me to have a new large decking and patio area outside the back door and along the kitchen end..mum loved her garden and I’m going to use the money on my garden which she would definitely approve of and we can all enjoy.
    I had my first covid hand last week, I M less anxious about all our school children returning on Monday plus I have two lateral flow tests to do weekly so we are being well looked after.
    It’s going to be an anxious week for lots of children but we are prepared as best we can..I hope your daughters school is looking after the staff too.
    Just a short one today, I’m meeting me best friend for a catch up in one of the shelters on the seafront.i bought the set of 2 insulated mugs from lock and lock and gave one to her so we can take our own drink and it stays hot! It’s cold and windy today so we will need a hot drink!
    Much love Mary

    1. Dear Mary, I’m off work at the moment using up my leave and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to this. I’ve been filling my days writing my book and sorting out cupboards and wardrobes etc! I’ve also managed to do some pretty decent walks as well and pruned my roses. I am delighted that the money your mum has left you will make your garden even more beautiful and I’m certain she would’ve approved. I hope you didn’t have a reaction to your Covid jab and also the school children weren’t too phased by returning on the 8th. I think Lucy’s school is doing the best they can, but it will be understandably stressful for the children and teachers initially. I didn’t realise they were insulated mug is for sale on our website – I shall have to have a look! It has been incredibly windy here too but not so much over the last few days and beautiful sunshine today. I made my own soup and drank it in the garden. Do take care, love Ali xxx

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