What a difference a day makes!

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday, I was enjoying the bright sunshine and warm breezes, and today the sky is decidedly grey and it’s lashing with rain. It’s so dark that I’ve got my desk light on even though it’s only mid-morning! But to be fair, this last week or so has been the Indian summer we are always promised, but that rarely materialises. I do hope you had good weather too, and were able to make the best of it! I know from your comments that many of you who’ve been away are now home, and those who’ve had the summer off are back to work. Colin started a building job at the beginning of August, but we had a long-standing engagement in the diary for our friend Chris’ 60th birthday so he didn’t work that Saturday. Roz had started organizing the party months ago, and even when I stayed in July she was making and freezing scones. She spent weeks batch baking and getting the garden and house ready for their friends and family who had all been invited to celebrate with him in their lovely home in Dorset. They couldn’t have been luckier with the weather, and everyone fully appreciated their beautiful garden and all the food they’d prepared and barbecued.

Those of you who know me well will remember that Roz and Chris are old school friends, and they are still in touch with a number of other folk who also attended Wayneflete Secondary School in the 70s. This photo of us was taken in the early afternoon, and pre-empted a not-too shabby rendition of our old school song!

As Chris is the first of us to turn 60, I think we’ve got a fair few parties yet to come, but we may drop the singing next time 🙂 We stayed outside until the sunset and were treated to this fabulous full moon. My first attempts to capture it on my phone failed dismally until someone kindly pointed out that I had some kind of sauce smeared on the lens!! So much better after I’d wiped that off 🙂

Talking of parties, Colin and I were delighted to be asked to Simon Wilson’s 50th anniversary party at the very swanky Sea Containers 12th Knot roof-top venue. It’s been 50 years since Simon set up the company Butler & Wilson, and this was a fitting tribute to his tremendous skill, imagination and all the hard work he’s put in over those years in building such an empire. He has dressed royalty and umpteen celebrities, as well as designing couture jewellery for the likes of Adele, Madonna, the Duchess of Cambridge and David Bowie. Of course we are very lucky at QVC to have his fabulous jewellery and accessory collection, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who owns a fair few pieces and has gifted many more. The party invitation arrived last month, and the code of dress read: We do not do subtle! I was delighted to have an occasion to wear this stunning teal sequined dress that I’d bought years ago to host our Breast Cancer Charity night. Luckily it hid all of my scars, and I have to admit to feeling a million dollars in it. I of course wasn’t the only one wearing sequins, as the many QVC friends and colleagues who were there also glittered and sparkled and looked incredibly glamorous.

The champagne flowed, the music played, and we danced all night! I took quite a few photos so here are just some memories to share with you. Colin and I stayed overnight in a riverside hotel, and even had breakfast in our room – a fitting end to a fabulous night out.

We took our time driving home, and were sitting in traffic when my sister called me. She’d had a long conversation with Mum’s doctor and the news wasn’t good. Although Mum’s chest infection has cleared, she still isn’t eating or drinking very much at all, and her mind is almost permanently muddled. She is becoming very frail, and in terms of time, Jenny was told it may only be weeks now before she’s too weak to go on. This obviously was devastating news, and so Colin and I continued down the motorway to Portsmouth where mum is in hospital. She still recognises us all, and is happy to hold our hands and talk, but her conversation makes little sense… Sam and Jack have been to see her, Lucy is there today, and both my brother’s children visited along with Jenny’s daughters too. My cousin Colin, who lives in Somerset also came, and mum remembered a great deal of her past while talking to him. In between my days at work, I’ve been driving to and fro, and some visits are better than others. I’ve taken Joe to see Mum, and he is coping well – his family are now helping him to make plans moving forwards… There is a possibility they may move Mum to a nursing home, but at the moment the general feeling is that she’s so very well looked after and is used to her surroundings that a change may not be good for her. It’s heartbreaking to think that just three months ago I visited with Lucy and Honey, and although Mum was having trouble walking, she was bright and relatively mobile. Just so difficult to take it all in really, but I wanted to let you know as you’ve been so kind and concerned, and your words and thoughts have been, and continue to be, a huge comfort to me.

It’s lucky that Jenny lives far closer to Mum than me, so she is able to visit most days and I’m heading there whenever I can. I find working helps keep me from over-thinking everything, and I’ve had some busy shows and great guests too.

This week of course we will have our Christmas Preview on the 25th September, with an illuminating TSV! It’s item number 518619 and is a set of three Pull Cord Lightbulbs with a colour change option. They’re under £20 so I’d grab them while they’re still in stock. I’ll be bringing Christmas Gift ideas and a whole hour of home decorations for the festive period. Later in the week Kelly Hoppen’s ‘K’ home brand features with a Crinkled Faux-Fur throw as a TSV (item number 808850) and Babyliss have a fabulous Diamond Radiance Dual Big Hair rotating air styling brush up for grabs too (item number 401516). It’s only £36.98 so may be just what you’ve been looking for as a gift for a friend or for yourself!

One final thing I wanted to give you a heads up on is the Emu All Weather Latrobe leather and Suede zip mid-length boot that’s coming at the very beginning of October. It is a brand new design that’s waterproof, and will come in six different colours – Black, Dark Grey, Oak, Claret, Brown and Olive Green. Lined with Emu’s sumptuous sheepskin, the boot has a zip to make it easier to put on and take off. The price is excellent, so if you keep in touch with me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram I will be able to let you know the price nearer the time, and then you can decide on your preferred colour!

I’ll leave you with these rather fabulous photographs I took when I was last out for a walk with Honey and Lucy. We couldn’t quite work out what had happened to the acorns though? Any thoughts?


Thanks so much for the lovely comments last time, and I hope I managed to answer them all. Ali’s Army is dear to my heart and particularly comforting during these difficult days. Take care and I’ll be in touch.

With my love,

Ali xx

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  1. Oh Alison so sorry to hear about your mum! Glad that QVC is keeping you busy and you have your rock Colin n wee pebble Honey with you

  2. Dear Alison. Thank you for your lovely blog. As always wishing you and all your family. All the best give mum as much cuddles as you can. They are so precious I still miss my mum so much 19 years on
    Take care and God bless you. Much love. Antoinette c

    1. Dear Antoinette, thank you for your kind words and wishes. I will pass them on to mum and the family. I’m sorry to know that you lost your mum all those years back, but fully understand how you will forever miss her. Love to you, Ali xx

  3. Hi alison, just read your very sad news about your mum. All you can do is spend as much time with her as you can. You are a very close family so it must be comforting for her to have you all visiting her.sending love, carol. Xx

    1. Hello Alison, so sorry to hear about your mum. My mother is 94 and I struggle to get her to eat her meals but she has no trouble with custard tarts, cakes and chocolate digestives. At least by eating these I feel happier that she is increasing her calorie intake. I am sure you have already tried this but I have been thinking about your blog all afternoon and felt I had to mention it to you. Good luck. Jill

      1. Dear Jill, gosh 94 that’s wonderful for you, although I completely understand your worry about your mum eating less. The sugar and calories in the things she loves though will definitely help, but my mum isn’t able to eat anything unless it is pureed or just liquids. She used to love cake and biscuits 🙂 It’s very kind of you to have taken the time to suggest this though, and thank you. Love Ali xx

    2. Dear Carol, I think it is a comfort to mum, and I know from the other ladies on her ward, not everyone has family or even friends to call in, so I’m very glad that we are all able to get there. I really appreciate you writing to me, thank you. Love Ali xx

  4. Hi Ali what devastating news about your lovely mum. My thoughts are with you. Glad you are keeping busy with your work and friends are keeping you occupied. I’ve no news still being very well and lve been lucky with my health since my diagnosis think lm now relaxing and not stressing about everything. I know lm very lucky that they found it so early and l have no more issues. We are looking forward to our holiday in the Caribbean in November looking forward to meeting our friends on board ship and relaxing for a couple of weeks. I will finish now and hope you get better news about your mum. Thinking of you and your family. Love Viv xxx

    1. Dear Viv, it’s always good to hear from you, but I am so encouraged to hear that you feel you’ve turned a corner and after your surgery, feel that life is good again and you can relax. That is wonderful. Fab that you have your cruise to look forward to as well, and I’m certain you and your friends will have a terrific time together. Thank you for your kind words about mum and the family – much appreciated. Love Ali xx

  5. Hi alison as we say in aberdeen fit like which means how are you iam not bad.Hope your family arewell sorry to hear about your mum.

    1. Hi Martin fit like? I’m ok thank you although times are a little difficult because of mum and her ongoing situation. We are hoping to move her to a nursing home soon where she may be a little more comfortable. Take care, love Ali xx

  6. Hi Alison well we are back from lake maggoire had some lovely days out including the long trip into Switzerland . Anyway was hoping your news would be better about your mum so sorry it must be hard to concentrate at work with it all buzzing in your head I don’t know how you manage especially not being particularly close to where she is. On a lighter note glad you butler and Wilson night was nice it looked fun and your dress was so apt for the occasion .The nights are certainly drawing in now and weather so wet let’s hope we have a bright dry winter for a change I will be thinking of you with all that’s going on love and best wishes Loraine xx

    1. Loraine you’re very astute… it is a little difficult sometimes to focus and the smallest of things can bring back a memory that makes me sad, but I have some lovely friends at work, and I love the job, so it’s just a case of managing my time off and getting to see mum as often as possible. Yes, the B&W party was amazing and the perfect tonic. So glad you enjoyed Lake Maggoire – did you get to the Boromeo Islands? I remember them as being some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Fingers crossed you’re right and the winter won’t be too wet. Thank you for your kindness and for writing to me. Love Ali xx

  7. Hi Ali, such sad news about your mum,it’s a shock I was told my mum had a few hours left but she lasted a week it was horrible to go through just not knowing thinking the hospital had it wrong, so my heart goes out to you God Bless you and your family at this worrying horrendous time xx

    1. Dear Hilary, I am so sorry to know that you lost your mum. I think we all hang on, and every good visit tends to give you hope… but the bad ones are very difficult. We are already on God given time with mum I feel, so every day is precious. Love to you and your family, Ali xx

  8. Hi Ali so sorry to hear this very sad news, my dear old Mums been gone 9 years and my lovely Dad exactly a year after. My Mum went 10 months before my breast cancer so least she was spared the worry. Lots of love to you and your family and a big hug xxx

    1. Jenny, I’m so sorry to hear that not only did you lose your mum, was then diagnosed and then lost your dad…. such an incredibly difficult and sad time for you. You must be an incredibly strong and positive person, and I admire your courage and strength. I believe both your parents were giving you their love and help along the way, and I hope that you continue to stay well and healthy. My love to you too, Ali xx

  9. Oh Alison you all must be so sad don’t know how you manage to keep so cheerful you are an inspiration to so many and with your own health not so good a few weeks ago take care you lovely lady thinking of you xx
    Hefina xx

    1. Dear Hefina, you are kind, and yes it is a very sad time for the whole family. I can’t believe it’s only been 7 weeks since my operation and here we are with mum so poorly… I’m trying to keep all the balls in the air and getting to see her as often as possible, but I have some lovely friends and they are very supportive which helps enormously. I hope all is well with you and thank you for writing to me, love Ali xx

  10. Dearest Ali, I love reading your blogs but was saddened to read this one about your lovely Mum. It is so difficult, I know, all you can do is to continue doing as you are, visiting and making the most of her. Life is so precious, but especially when our loved ones are suffering. I lost my own Mum nine years ago and not a day goes by when I don’t think of her. Stay strong, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you and your family xx

    1. My dear Gillian, thank you so much for taking the time out to write to me, although I was so sorry to read about your dear mum. I know that they years pass and you wonder how you survive without them, but you do… And in truth I believe it’s because they are always with you, and are there to give you strength when you feel down. It’s 32 years since I lost my dad, but I feel his spirit and his love every day. Mum is still with us, and I’m getting to her as often as I can… thank you for your kind words and prayers, love Ali xx

  11. So sorry to hear about your mum. My dad has also had a fall and a downturn in both physical and mental health – he’s so confused all the time. I think he won’t recognise us before long, which will be very hard. I’m glad that, like me, you have a close family to support you at this most difficult of times. Sending a hug xx

    1. Hi Cherry, and I’m so sorry to know that your dad is poorly. The physical and mental deterioration is very hard to watch, but I hope that with my mum, he won’t lose his recognition of you and your family. I’m so glad you have them to lean on when times are hard, and together, you will get through it. Sending you love and a hug, Ali xxx

  12. Hi Ali i was so sad to here about your mum in your blog today just spend as much time with her as possible I so so miss my mum who I lost 18 years ago and still have sad days when I want her around I.Always look forward to your blogs you have a very loving family to help you hope your mum goes on okay.Love Pauline xx

  13. Oh Ali. It’s so sad to watch our beloved parents fade away but their time has come. Your mother has been loved so much by her family, your father and Joe. We have to let them go, it’s a jolt to our own mortality. My love to you and your family xxx

    1. Dear Kathryn, I know you are right, and I think this extended time we’re all having together is something not everyone is lucky enough to have. When we lost my dad there was no warning, and he was just 54 years old. It is a jolt most definitely to our own mortality, and in truth, there was a time when I believed mum would outlive me. Love to you and your family too. Thank you for writing to me xxx Ali

  14. Hi Ali I am really sorry about your mum our thoughts are with you and your family.
    I will give you update about my brother, he had an triple by past. He got out last Thursday and doing well slowly. It will take time.
    Take Care x

    1. Christine I am sending you and your brother my very best wishes, and I hope that he will continue to improve. So many folk, our very own Miceal included, have had this operation and have recovered incredibly well. But you’re right, it does take time. Thank you for your kind words for our family when I know you are no doubt concerned for your own. Love Ali xx

  15. Hi Ali just watched your diamonique show and really enjoyed it,you looked lovely in your jolie moi dress, I have 2 of her dresses, love them. After the show I thought I would read your blog and was so sorry to hear your mums health had deteriorated, it’s really hard isn’t it ? I’m sure work helps but it’s still very hard, as you know mum must keep hydrated I’m forever encouraging my dad to drink more unless he will get really confused, I remember when I worked on the ward I was forever pushing fluids! I’m thinking of you and your mum and I do hope it gets easier it’s nice your mum can still reminisce and knows who you all are, keep strong, much love to you and your family. Caroline xx

    1. Dear Caroline, I’m sure having worked in a hospital that my mum’s condition certainly resonates with you, but I also know that the not eating or drinking is also something that a great many elderly folk do and have no control over it. The nursing staff have been wonderful with her, but there is a limit to what they can do, so we are just hoping against hope that things may change. I am heading back to Portsmouth to see her again tomorrow and thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts. Love Ali xx

  16. Hi Ali so sorry to her about your mum it is difficult watching them slip and go towards end of life. We seem to think our parents are invincible ad its really hard to comprehend that sadly they are not, but your doing the best you can when you can abet the confusion she will love seeing you all. have no regrets or what ifs ali she knows you love her im sure…..stay strong and know we understand
    hugs always

    1. Dear Lynn, you’re so right, although having lost my dad when I was 27, I think I realised that nothing is a given… That said, it’s all happened so quickly, and has made us all feel so helpless, although blessed because she does still know us, and is happy to see us. I realise having read through all these lovely comments that I am not alone, and that so many have been where I am.. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. Thank you Lynn, love Ali xx

  17. Morning (very early) Ali, For various reasons I woke up at three, gave up trying to sleep after an hour so decided to send a second reply to you, the first one having failed yesterday evening. All the words in the dictionary won’t ease your feelings about what your mum is going through; like many others who write to you I can understand every emotion & can also identify with over thinking. I am glad that you have so many people in your life who love & support you. Your photos are lovely & the funghi ones should find their way into a photographic competition. The growths on the acorns are made by gall wasps when they lay their eggs & these protect the larvae, there seem to be quite a lot this year – isn’t nature wonderful? The dress you wore to the B&W party was also wonderful & when Colin saw a snippet of you with Joey Schooley, you were wearing a patterned tunic, he said “That girl makes everything she wears look better than anyone else could”. By the way, Joey is his ideal of a perfect woman, he thinks she’s gorgeous! Blue skies & sunshine my lovely. Jo x

    1. Dear Jo, you never cease to amaze me with your knowledge about all things unusual! I saw Lucy today and told her that you’d explained what had caused the acorns to grow in such a weird way and she too was impressed! Yes, I was rather impressed with the funghi too – funny what you see by chance. Thank you also for your compliments about my dress for the B&W party… it was a one off, and I doubt I’ll ever feel that good again at a do! I am sure that YOU are your Colin’s idea of a perfect woman, and Joey Schooley and I are just trotting behind 🙂 Finally, your kindness about mum and her situation are truly appreciated… and you’re right, there are no words. We just take each day as it comes. Sending you my love, Ali xx

  18. Good morning lovely Lady , I watched your Diamonique show yesterday evening you made me smile as always. Ali you are a true inspiration, professional and talented, who would have known you were enduring the heartbreak of your Mum being so poorly! It’s wonderful to know that you feel comfort that the people looking after Mum are doing such a wonderful job . I myself work at our local community hospital where a great part of our job is elderly care and very often those final days . Something I personally pride myself in . If that doesn’t sound too strange . I like to make sure all our patients are well looked after but feel it’s a great honour to be there to make life more comfortable in those final days and hours .
    You looked absolutely amazing as always at the Butler and Wilson Party it sounded amazing!
    Ta ta for now and lots of love and light xxxx

    1. My dear Andrea, thank you so much for taking the time to write to me. It’s lovely dedicated folk like you that make these desperately difficult times just that little bit easier… And I know it’s a very specific kind of caring. I had not idea how incredibly muddled and distressed a mind can become, and it is very hard to contend with. You should be proud of all you do, and thank you for taking the time out to write to me. I hope that as and when, mum will be lucky enough to have someone like you to look after her.
      Thank you also for your kind words… lovely to know you’re just the other side of the camera. Love Ali xx

  19. Hi Ali,
    I’m so sorry to hear you had that difficult news especially after such a lovely evening. You’re all very lucky to work with such a great company and have access to such clients. However we all go through the same difficulties at the end of the day and I’m so so sorry for the family. Let’s hope things change but if not then Alison you have done all you could. You’ve had such difficult health times yourself and I’m just very glad you have Colin and your children. Take care xx

    1. Dear Susan, thank you for your understanding and kindness. We are all hoping against hope that things will change, but thank you for your kind words… Life throws all kinds of things at us, but I’ve always believed that it will never be more than we can deal with… this time is particularly testing if I’m honest. I am always so incredibly grateful for those around me who love and support us all. Take care and thank you for getting in touch, love Ali xx

  20. Hi Ali so sorry to hear about your mum ,my thoughts are with you,just wanted to say hope well and lovely you are looking take care love Jean x

  21. Hi Ali, I am so very sorry to hear about your mum, must be devastating for you. I don’t write much anymore but am always thinking about you and try my best to keep up with any news you may have. I am still battling on, bit of a worrying time at the moment as I haven’t been feeling too good and am waiting for an Mri scan on my head…. bit scared to be honest. Keep smiling Ali, keep strong and keep in touch, all the very best as always, Karen. Xx

    1. Dear Karen, I really appreciate you taking the time out to write to me. I hope you know that I, and many others in Ali’s Army think of you often and I will keep everything crossed that your MRI will be clear. Chin up, you’ve always been strong, so try and stay positive.
      It’s nothing until they tell you it is. Please do keep in touch. Thank you for your kind words for mum… it’s not an easy time, but we just make the best of every day. With my love to you, Ali xx

  22. Loved your blog so interesting and Lovly photos can you tell me if Butler and Wilson did a big spider broach Judy wondered as the judge on tv reading out about overturning PMS decision to shut down Parliament had a black top on and a huge spider broach love and hugs praying for your mum x

    1. Dear Irene, I think it’s quite likely that the brooch was a Butler and Wilson one! Simon has come up with some truly original designs and many people in the public eye wear them. Thank you for your kind wishes for mum, love Ali xx

  23. So sorry to hear about your mum my thoughts are with you and your family sending love to you all. Xx By the way I loved your dress beautiful dress for a beautiful lady. Take care xx

    1. Dear Kay, I was so lucky to have such a fab dress to wear, and quite fitting that it had been bought originally for the BCC charity night! Thank you for your kind wishes and thoughts, they are much appreciated. Love Ali xx

  24. Hi Ali really loved your dimondique show you looked lovely in your jolie moi dress I have 2 dresses by her, love them. Really sorry to hear about mum, it must be really hard at the moment but you always make me smile , keep strong and I do hope you have better news next time. Much love to you all xx

    1. Dear Caroline, I think that Joli Moi are proving to be a really popular fashion brand, and their dresses are very well made. Things are hard at the moment, but we are taking each day as it comes… some visits are better than others, but we never give up hope. Thank you for your kind words and good wishes, love Ali xx

  25. So sorry to hear your mum is still hospital and not doing well, thoughts are with you all. Looks like you all had a good time at the B & W party and your dress was stunning, take care x

    1. Dear Theresa, Thank you for your kind words and compliments about the photos from the B&W party. We were very honoured to have been asked, and had a wonderful time. Things are not so good with mum though, but thank you so much for your kind words. I hope all is well with you, love Ali xx

  26. Dear Ali, l wish l could physically give you a hug! The news about your Mum must be devastating, in fact as I’m writing this message, l can’t decide whether having a warning about a beloved parent is better than suddenly being here one minute and gone the next! Which is what happened with both my parents! I’m consoled by the fact you’ve a strong support network, I’m thinking of you 😘
    On a brighter note what a party Butler and Wilson must have been! I should have loved to have been there.
    As you know always enjoy reading your blogs – take good care
    Love Susan xxx

    1. Dear Susan, for some reason my reply to you appears further down this page, but thank you for taking the time to comment. Love Ali xx

  27. Sorry to hear about your mum it’s heartbreaking to watch someone you love disappear before your eyes I think it’s often harder hit the carer as your mum is unaware of what is happening I list my mum to vascular dementia 4 yrs ago do I feel your pain and all I can say is take one day at a time and look after yourself I was exhausted mentally and physically when mum died

    1. Dear Pauline, your description of this illness is exactly how it feels… in the last four months or less even, we have lost pretty much everything that made mum ours… I’m just forever grateful that she’s not in pain, but spending time with her while she is so frail is very difficult, as is leaving her… I’m so sorry you lost your mum in a similar way, and am sending my love to you. Ali xx

  28. Dear Ali, I’m so sorry to hear about your lovely mum, my thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time. The photos are very good as always. Love Merche x

    1. Merche, you are very kind, and I really do appreciate your best wishes. I’m glad too that you enjoyed the blog and the photos, love Ali xx

  29. Good evening Ali, I was so very sad to hear of your mum’s deterioration and the following devastating news; i hope that she continues to be comfortable and well looked after and her family being with her will be a comfort to her as you and all your family are to each other. I have been thinking of you and send you lots of love .
    I think I told you mum had a fall at her care home.. she has a compression fracture in her lower spine and has been in constant pain but hopefully on the mend.
    Just a short one tonight as I have had a bad day with my asthma and am so tired but I just wanted to write to say I am thinking of you all. Mary xx

    1. Oh gosh Mary, I think I do remember you telling me about your mum’s fall, but hadn’t realised she was quite so badly injured. Very painful condition, so thank heavens she is now on the mend. It sounds as though you are struggling too, so please take it easy. No housework or decorating! Please! Thank you for your love and kind words. Love Ali xx

  30. Sorry to hear such sad news about your mum. I live in the Portsmouth area (Hayling Island) and if it’s the hospital I think it is they took such fabulous care of my dad in his last few weeks.

    1. Hello Karen, I do believe that is the same hospital. The QA in Cosham. It’s a very large hospital, but the care has been excellent. It’s not easy caring for the elderly and those with dementia, but all the staff are incredibly kind. I’m so glad your dear dad was under their care too. Love Ali xx

  31. Dear Ali, I am so sorry to hear the sad news regarding your dear Mum. Your time together is very precious and i want you to know that i am thinking of you all. You’re a very strong lady and have been through a lot and i am sure your mum must be so proud of you. I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in March and my world was thrown upside down. I am doing well now ..touch wood..like you i have the love and support of my lovely family and friends. Always keep smiling Ali and chin up. love Joy xxx

    1. Dear Joy, I am so sorry to hear that you had to face such a diagnosis in March, but am very relieved that you are now doing well. I’m also glad to know that you, like I, have the love and support of family and friends. Where would we be without them? Thank you for your support too. It’s not an easy time, and very draining, but staying positive and never giving up hope is so important. Love to you too, Ali xx

  32. Dear Alison, Glad you had such a lovely time at Simon’s bash. It looks like fantastic fun. So very sorry to hear about your Mum. I am so sorry that she is in such a fragile state but at least as a family you are supporting her and showing your love which is all you can do at this difficult and sad time. Thinking of you. xxxx

    1. Thank you Jenny for your sweet and supportive words – I really appreciate you taking the time out to write to me. The party was such fun, and a total contrast to the news I received the following day, but like all of life, there are the good and the bad days. I hope that all is well with you, love Ali xx

  33. Hi Alison I’ve just read your blog and I’m so sorry to hear about your mum my thoughts are with you at this sad time xxx

  34. Hello Ali
    So pleased you have had some good times with your friends which will help to keep you going at this difficult time. I have no words of comfort for you but hope that sending my love and prayers and a huge hug will help. So many people are behind You. Keep strong and take care lovely lady. Love judith xx

    1. Dear Judith, I know that over the years you too have had your share of sadness and difficult times, so I really appreciate you writing to me with your words of comfort. I’m just taking each day as it comes, and praying each time I leave mum that it won’t be the last time I see her. I hope that all is well with you now, love Ali xx

  35. Dear Susan, your question is one I’ve often asked myself, and sadly I now have the comparison… my father died at just 54 years old, playing squash… we had no warning. I was 27 and felt as though my heart would break… I’m so sorry that you had to contend with this with both your parents… Now, watching mum deteriorate, again I feel totally helpless. The only blessing is that she is not in pain, and we are lucky that she still knows us all. 84 is a good age people say, but coping with the loss is very hard. I’m grateful to you for getting in touch, and I’m glad that you enjoy the blogs. Please do keep in touch, love Ali xx

  36. Hi just a quick reply to your question we went to one of the islands isola Bella very beautiful take care love Loraine xx

    1. Dear Loraine, I didn’t visit that one, but strangely was taken to a restaurant in Manchester called Isola Bella by the Editor of This Morning when they first took me on! I hope all is well with you, Love Ali xx

  37. Hi Ali how sad about your poor dear mum. Sending you a big hug. You are a lovely strong lady and you have an adorable family around you to get you through. On a happier note – how fab the B & W event looked and you all looked very glam! So lovely for you and Colin to have an overnight stay over looking the river. B & W has been my favourite for many years and i did treat myself to a few of the anniversary brooches, including the golden dancing couple. Is stunning and i finally got around to having your lovely pendant engraved. Am so pleased with it. Much love to you xx

    1. Dear Karen, so glad that you were able to treat yourself to some of the Butler and Wilson anniversary jewellery. The dancing couple is one of my favourites although clearly I liked the dragonfly too! I am also very happy to know that you’ve had my pendant engraved… and so glad that you liked the design. I hope you’re doing okay? Take care, love Ali xx

  38. Hi Ali so sorry the news on your mum isn’t any better but like you say she is not in pain so that is a blessing I remember when my mum died at just 64 and although she had suffered many years with Parkinsons it was unexpected and a shock to us my dad died at aged 34 when I was 2 and it doesn’t get easier but you know what Ali we just have one shot at life and we must make the most of it and you are a shining example of that so it is lovely to see all the upbeat pictures of you and Colin and your family and friends keep smiling Ali we all love you Take Care love Pam xx

    1. Pam I’m so sorry to know that you lost both your parents while you were so young, but I love your brave ethos and slant on life. And you are of course right. This isn’t a rehearsal, and we only get one shot at it, and that’s why I’m determined to live each day to the full, and get to see mum as often as I can while she is still with you. Thank you for your strong words of support, they mean so much, love Ali xx

  39. Dear Alison. So saddened to hear your dear Mum is so poorly. It’s an emotional time. Just spending time with her will be so precious. It’s so difficult to see our parents becoming frail. Keep in mind all the happy times you have spent over the years. You have you lovely, supportive family around you. Look after your own health too. Take care, sending you fondest thoughts and understanding.. Lynn xx💝

    1. Dear Lynn, I will keep all my memories safe and ever present, and hold onto the short time we have left. Mum is to be moved to a nursing home on Monday, and so we hope she will be more peaceful there. I do hope all is well with your family, and thank you for taking the time to write to me. Love Ali xx

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