Winter wonderland and stunning Diamonique watch to be won!

I’ve just realised that this will be the last time in a long while that I sit at my desk to write my blog. I love this desk, Colin bought it for me when I started writing my first book and I have it set up by a window so I can see the garden and enjoy the sunshine when it’s there! However, it’s about to be moved into the giant container we have on our drive because Colin begins the rewiring and refurbishing of the house on Monday. We’ve literally got to have ceilings down and floors up and it’s going to be very messy! Once downstairs is finished, he will be going upstairs where once again there is rewiring and re-plumbing to be carried out. Mercifully that bit doesn’t start ’til the New Year, so we can still have some of the children with us at Christmas time. I haven’t quite yet worked out where we are going to put the Christmas tree, as the kitchen is the only room we won’t be working on. Having read that back, it sounds as though I am moaning but I’m really excited to finally put the house in order. We were very lucky to find it nearly 9 years ago and really enjoyed living here so will be great to have everything working properly.

How are you getting on with your pre-Christmas plans? Have you managed to get most of your presents? If you’re still a few short when it comes to gifts for the girls, then you’re in luck! I have a fabulous Diamonique Bracelet Dress Watch to give to the lucky winner of a little giveaway I’ve included in the blog – but more on that in a mo! I have to admit to not doing too badly this year, but I think my biggest struggle may well be trying to find a space to store all the presents! I remember one year when the children were small, I had to hide them all in the car so they wouldn’t be discovered! I’ve been buying a fair bit from QVC as always, and I am almost on first name terms with my Hermes delivery man! He deserves a few mince pies, especially when he has to manhandle my Richard Jackson’s bird food onto the porch for me!

The weather’s been a bit mixed but it’s not stopped me from getting out into the fields that surround my home on the brighter days and enjoying getting my steps up. Some fabulous autumn colours this year and a huge number of sloe berries, although I left it too late to pick them to make gin.

While walking I’ve been enjoying listening to Richard Osman’s second book – The Man Who Died Twice. It continues with the same characters we were introduced to in The Thursday Murder Club, but they are far more honed now and like old friends! The plot is very clever and the story totally engaging and with Lesley Manville bringing the characters to life. I would highly recommend it on Audible. I have to admit to being a little down about my own book. Nothing to report, although my literary agent has been on the case this last week, so maybe next time I’ll have something positive to report.

We had a lovely get together with Colin’s family’s relatives last weekend – an annual gathering that we all missed last Christmas and it was great to see everyone again. We lost lovely Renee though back in October – she was 84 and had complications following kidney cancer. She is very much missed by us all, but her funeral was a wonderful tribute to the good times we’ve all shared. She didn’t want anyone to buy flowers so I put this small arrangement together myself… she loved Stocks…

Our younger granddaughter Calla has been with us this weekend and Granddad booked tickets for them to visit the Model Village in Beaconsfield. Personally, I think they were both very brave as it was absolutely freezing and raining too! Calla borrowed my woolly hat and was wrapped up warmly but I reckon we need to get her a pair of outdoor boots too!

It’s a shame that the Emu Okab Waterproof boot we launched on Monday night is just for grown ups! A fab looking boot with a waterproof leather upper in five different colours and lined with Merino Wool – just perfect for the current climate. Very smart but practical too – item 189990 if you fancy a look?

We’ve got a fab pair of Carole Hochman silky velour pyjamas coming up a bit later in the week too – just £25.98 – item number 187239. And then for a touch of glamour, Nails Inc bring us their Christmas seven-piece collection entitled Ginger All the Way, a cracking gift idea and some truly original colours. In fact, we will be celebrating Beauty Day on Sunday 5th December and there will be deals from some of your favourites: Percy & Reed, Shay & Blue, Laura Geller, Gale Hayman and OPI to name but a few! Check out to find our TV Guide so you can check out the specific show times.

Actually, Calla will be back with us this weekend coming as Lucy and Honey have tickets to a London Bus Tour and have asked us to join them. Both girls are very excited – and I am too! It’s been years since I saw the Christmas lights in London and having the little ones with us will make it all the more special.

And talking of special… I think I’ve kept you waiting long enough. THIS is the fabulous Diamonique Design of the Month for December that you can win if you enter your details below. It’s a stunning bracelet dress watch worth £70, the stylish mother-of-pearl face surrounded by 12 beautifully set and positioned Diamonique stones, all twinkling like sunshine on snow. The strap is a tennis bracelet design with 37 round-cut stones making it very much a ‘time-keeping’ piece of jewellery. It’s been in finished in three gorgeous metal tones: Silver, Gold and Rose Gold and I have one beautifully boxed to send to whoever is our lucky winner! All you need to do is to add your name below and let me know whether you’d keep the watch for your own collection or who you would gift it to, plus your choice of plating, and I’ll be making the draw at the end of this week on 3rd December. T&Cs apply, please see for details. And good luck!

I hope you stay warm and healthy, and thank you for keeping in touch with me here, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I always look forward to your comments and as you know, I’ll get back to you just as soon as I can. Only a few more weeks to go, so don’t forget to check all our special prices and pre-Christmas gift ideas to help you tick those names off the list!

With my love,

Ali xxx

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  1. Whilst he’s doing the work I hope Colin is taking the opportunity to install insulation in your floors and ceilings. Will increase the cosiness factor of your house and reduce your heating bills!

    1. If I were to be the lucky winner of the Dominique watch I would choose the silver tone one and I would most certainly keep it for myself. Here’s hoping xx

  2. Love the new design of the month especially the silver tondi. Would keep it for myself as I love a smaller face watch.

  3. Morning, A major refurb does sound messy but also exciting & even if the disruption is a pain the end result will be fabulous. We’ve having bi fold doors fitted in January, the conservatory will be taken down & I can then plan a new part of the garden, it will mean keeping the cat indoors but as he detests the cold that should be a fairly easy task. It has been a calm & colourful autumn & we’ve done a fair amount of walking. I’ve read both of Richard Osman’s books & loved them, however, I’ll have to listen to them on Audible because I rate Lesley Manville highly; she’s such a versatile actress & will be forever known to me & Ellie as Rosalind in ‘Goggle-Eyes’, our all time favourite from Anne Fine, that was on the tv back in the 90s! A London bus tour with two little girls who are the perfect ages for Christmas excitement sounds such fun, there’s something magical about lights that brings out the child in us & those who don’t get that fizz of joy aren’t worth bothering with in my opinion! I spent Saturday putting up the decorations, the first time I’ve done it in November, we had our boosters appointment on Sunday so I didn’t know if I’d feel too grotty to bother afterwards & I’m going to York with my sister on 1st December which is when I usually do that lovely task. As for where to place your tree could you have a small faux one & invert it from a ceiling? I know a girl who does this & it looks amazing. Blue skies & sunshine my lovely, the winter ones can be stunning. Love from Jo x

    1. Morning Jo, you’re right the refurb is messy… and we only just begun, but already Colin has come up with some great ideas that are really going to improve on what we already have. So glad you too enjoyed Richard Osmon’s books and I know full well they will be even more enjoyable when is Leslie Manville is reading them. Do listen to the interview at the end with the pair of them – it’s quite entertaining. I do hope you weren’t feeling too mouldy after your booster appointment on Sunday and that you enjoyed your time in York with your sister. I have managed to cram a Christmas tree into the corner of the kitchen and I will have a photo of it on the next blog. I hope you’re looking forward to Christmas and are feeling well organised and stress free! Thanks for writing to me, love Ali xxx

  4. If I were to win this fabulous watch, I would keep it for myself ,I would love to have the silver version . As the last two years have been horrendous, my husband having being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s , It has not been possible to go out as normal since restrictions have been lifted. So I think I would wear it even if I was just going to Tesco’s.

  5. Dear Ali, what lovely pictures you have taken once again. Ooh you do sound like you are going to be in a mess for quite a while, but I’m sure it will be worth it when everything is finished. I’m not doing too bad with Christmas presents, two of my daughters and their families live some distance away so I have to be prepared well in advance. So far all is going to plan 🤞. How lovely you and yours all managed to get together this year, and your floral tribute was absolutely beautiful! How clever you are. Don’t be too disheartened about your book, you know what they say about all good things come to those who wait. I’m sure you’ll get there in the end.

    Please enter me into the draw for the lovely watch, I’d be really naughty and keep it for a special treat for myself 😉. I think the yellow gold one is lovely.

    Take care Ali, lovely reading you blog as always. Love Anne xx

    1. Dear Anne, well done for cracking on with buying your Christmas presents – it’s always good to be well prepared especially when the family are living some distance away. I’ve just crammed two huge bags full of presents as I’m meeting my sister to exchange them and then my best friend. Thank you so much for your kind words about the book – I guess it will be what it will be and at least I can be proud that I finished it. So sorry you didn’t win the watch thank you for taking part. Watch this space as I may well have a competition for you in the New Year. Good to hear from you, Love Ali xx

  6. Hi Alison – I would definitely keep this little stunner, if I was the very lucky winner and I would love to own the silver tone, which would go lovely with a previous purchase of an also lovely silver tone necklace from Love Rocks at QVC. Best of luck everyone xx

  7. Hi Alison don’t envy you all the mess but the end result will be worth it. Les and I have had had chest coughs I lost my voice first but seemed to take ages to Get over, however we still managed to have a lovely weekend away to Les’s youngest sister who lives near Basingstoke had lots of snow.I wonder how this new covid varient will affect things fingers crossed. I have finished xmas shopping now we are going to Winchester on Saturday to the Xmas market with Gary and his wife its a tradition we do every year. When you mentioned the model village in beaconsfield it brought back memories I went there alot as a child, if you remember I met my cousin there back in the summer hadn’t seen her for fifty plus years. I’m still looking after Ottilie my youngest granddaughter while Clare works a few more hours leading up to Xmas she had to go and be checked over at the hospital the other day because she was sick she got hold of a diffuser stick, anyway they did tests etc and after 7 hours was discharged , luckily we were available so I stayed with Willa and Les went with Clare to support her as Geoff was at work when it happened he works in Fareham so can’t get back in five minutes anyway all is,well now. Good luck with the start of your home improvements keep safe and well love Loraine xxxxx😀

    1. Hi Loraine, so sorry that you and Les have had this awful chesty cough but glad that you managed to get away to see Les’s youngest sister. Can’t believe that there was snow in Basingstoke and nothing here! We missed the Christmas market in Bristol as our friends were not able to meet up with us, but I hope you enjoyed Winchester. Poor little Ottilie – thank heavens she wasn’t poorly and there was nothing on the diffuser that could make her ill. I hope you’re getting ready and excited about Christmas but thank you for taking time out to write to me. Love Ali XX

  8. QVC seems to get better and better, what a wonderful watch. What a year you have had Alison, life has been hard. Fingers crossed this new variant won’t impact on our lives too much

  9. Loving the rose gold version of this watch and would love to keep it for myself. Thanks for your blog and hope the home improvements really will be an improvement. How lucky you are to have Colin and his DIY skills.

    1. I would choose the Silver watch if I was lucky to win it. The sparkle would be lovely in the dark times we are living at the moment. Take care every one.

  10. Hi Alison, I would gift this beautiful watch to my daughter. She works so hard and has, sadly, just been made redundant. This would bring a smile to her face. I know silver tone would be her choice. x

  11. I do hope the refurb goes well for you and you have a wonderful Christmas with your family. I too feel as if I am getting more familiar with my Hermes driver with the number of parcels being delivered to my good self in preparation for Christmas. I have read the first Richard Osman book and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I must now get on and read the second book in the series.

    This Christmas is going to be emotionally difficult for me and my brother as we sadly lost our wonderful Mum a few weeks ago and she has left a gaping hole in our lives, but I take great comfort in knowing that she is now reunited with Dad and the two of the them will always be with us whatever we are doing…

    May I take this opportunity to inquire after Catherine Huntley. She has been absent from our screens for such a long time and I do hope that all is well. It was lovely to see Julia Roberts back on our screens last week and gradually you are all returning to us.

    Do take care and thank you for another informative blog.

    1. Dear Chris, I’m so sorry to know that you lost your mum just a few weeks ago and I completely empathise with the feeling of loss. I’m sure you and your brother will be able to comfort each other and in time things will become easier.

      Hopefully you will have seen Catherine Huntley on your screen again – she took some time away for personal reasons but it’s great to have her back. Look after yourself and please do stay in touch, love Ali XX

  12. Would love to win this watch for myself it’s absolutely beautiful any one of them would be lovely x How you and your family are all well sending love x

    1. Good luck with the renovation! I would gift the watch to my 30 year old daughter who has helped me so much over the last three weeks since my husband passed away very suddenly at the age of 57.She has kept me sane and done lots of running around for me despite having rheumatoid arthritis and having a little boy who will be 2 on 15th December,she loves the classic 9ct gold tone gold diamonique.

  13. Hello Alison, so lovely to read your updates and I am a big fan of your Tuesday evening diamonique shows. The watch is so lovely, it so reminds me of a watch my gran always wore. Hers was smaller with a tiny face and a blue stone for the winder, so pretty. I was mesmerised by it as a child. Thank you for the chance to win one and good luck to everyone. Take care and sending lots of love. Betty xxx

  14. Hi Alison. Sounds like you are going to have a busy time. Hope you enjoy your London trip with your girls.

    I love the beautiful watch and if I was lucky enough to win it I would give it to my mum.

    Hope you and your family have a healthy and happy Christmas x

  15. hi there!
    I would keep the watch for myself to wear on my first cruise next year, the silver tome would go perfect with my other diamonique pieces.

    Merry Christmas to all!!

  16. I love anything sparkly I have so much diamonique jewellery but still excited when I receive another piece,this watch will be a present for my granddaughter who will be fifteen around Christmas,I know she will love it .

  17. Hi Ali, you do manage to always take such lovely photos! I hope your home improvements go well – it will be great I’m sure when everything is finished and well worth all the mess! I’m sure you’ll receive good news about your book very soon🤞
    I have also been busy buying things from QVC – particularly with the offer code ALL3EZ!!
    I’m hoping to spend Christmas with my sister this year as it obviously didn’t happen last year!
    Did you manage to watch the series Close to Me yet??
    How lovely that you are all going on a London Bus Tour to see all of the beautiful lights – very exciting!
    By the way I loved the multicoloured dress that you were wearing the other day – you looked lovely.
    Take care Ali and stay safe.
    Love Tina xx

    1. Hi there Tina, yes very messy this end with just the beginnings of the home improvements but already I have an idea of how it is going to look. I think it will be unlikely to have any news about the book before the end of the year, maybe a new year will bring you home for that. I’m glad you’re going to be spending Christmas with your sister and I hope you enjoy it. I still have yet to watch the series Close to Me, but have every intention of taking some time out over Christmas to do so! Thank you so much for the compliment about the multicoloured dress – it is an Ingenue design and one of my favourites. Love Ali xx

  18. Hi Alison I would love to win this lovely watch and would be greedy and keep it for myself. I would choose the gold tone to match the beautiful ring Santa has in his sack for me, I promise to be good.
    Enjoy your bus trip, you are so lucky having grandchildren to have adventures with.

  19. Hello Alison

    I would love the yellow gold tone for myself. I think we all need a little treat at this time of year.

  20. Hi Alison what a lovely Diamonique Giveaway! If I was the lucky winner I would choose the Silver option and keep it myself.😂💕 Good luck with all those refurbishments!!!🌝.

  21. This has been a horrible year, so I would keep the watch for myself, I would love the silver tone version.
    Enjoy your trip to London, and keep safe xx

  22. I really love this watch and I would definitely keep it , love your blog and good luck with your refurb ,always love silver tone for me.

  23. Hi Alison, what a beautiful watch, if I won I would be really tempted to keep it for myself. They are all stunning but I am a silver girl.

  24. Good luck with all the work in your house, I have finished my Christmas shopping even sent some via a friend who said it would save me postage, I know like your making mince pies for your Hermes delivery person they want mince. The person who brings my QVC parcels loves chocolate so I will be putting some Hotel Chocolat in a gift bag for him, bought from.QVC as are most of my gifts, no hustle and bustle in shopping centres for me. Enjoy your trip to London. If I was luck enough to win the watch I would choose silver and give it to my sister whose always there for me, more so this past year. Sorry for long reply take care, keep safe x

    1. I’m sure Theresa that your delivery man will be thrilled with his chocolates! iTunes brought an enormous number of things from QVC and it is so much easier than trying to find somewhere to park and then mooching around in the cold. We had a wonderful time in London and were very lucky with the weather although the windchill factor on the top of the bus was quite extreme! Take care and keep in touch, love Ali xx.

  25. Hi Alison. I love the yellow gold option of the watch and would keep it for myself as I do not own a working watch. Fingers crossed I am lucky enough to win it.

  26. Love the watch Ali, I’d keep it – there’s no way I’d be able to give away such a beautiful piece of jewellery! The gold version is my favourite although it’s a difficult decision to make 😊

  27. Hi Alison, good to hear from you. Hope all the work goes smoothly. I’m sure it will be wonderful when finished. If I win I would choose the Rose and I would love to keep it for myself, if my lovely Mum was here I would gift it to her, I would love to gift it to my daughter but not sure if it’s the style she would wear. It’s a beautiful watch and so pretty. Lots of love Karen xx

  28. I would gift this beautiful watch to my daughter Charlotte on her Wedding Day on December 15th this year, her wedding has been delayed so many times already and I am sure the beautiful watch face will light up hers on her special day.

  29. Hi Alison
    Your photos are beautiful.

    I have the most wonderful sister-in-law who is currently offering me support through cancer. I would gift the watch to her as a thank you.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

    1. Dear Morag, so sorry you didn’t win the watch but I am glad that you are being cared for during this difficult time. I wish you a speedy recovery and a better New Year. Love Ali xx

  30. I’d give it to my Aunty. We sadly lost my mum( her sister) last December & she was a BIG qvc fan. She regularly bought Dimonique as gifts for my Aunty & know it would be a touching & much appreciated gift that will be a lovely reminder of happy times.

    1. Dear Helen so sorry to know you lost your mum and that you and your Aunty I understand the grieving. I’m sorry also that you didn’t win the watch but I’m hoping possibly it’s something you could think of gifting to your auntie anyway. Love Ali XX

  31. Hi Ali, the watch looks soooo sparkly and beautiful. I like the silver one which I would gift to myself 😀
    Wishing you and your family a happy and safe Christmas xx

  32. Hi Alison
    What a beautiful watch it is a real stunner . I would keep for myself and each time I wore it it would make you feel really special. If I was lucky enough to win I would like the gold tone . Good luck with your refurbishment and I hope you have a lovely Christmas and healthy new year .

  33. I would gift this to my mum in rose gold. She deserves something extra special for spending 18 months in lockdown by herself, it was extremely hard for her but she carried on with hardly a grumble. This would definitely put a smile on her face. Merry Christmas enjoy the christmas lights.

    1. Dear Elaine, we very much enjoyed the Christmas lights and it was lovely to spend time with the children. I very much hope you will be able to see your mum this Christmas – it was so difficult last year wasn’t it? Maybe you could treat has to watch anyway. Love ALi xx

  34. Yes, I would love the silver version. It looks fab. It would be a Christmas present for my step daughter to be. Do not see you enough on QVC, x

  35. Hi Ali I have a lot of diamonque but not got a watch so if I was lucky enough to win it I would love the yellow gold and i would treasure it forever xx

  36. Wow what a beautiful classie watch I love the yellow gold one. As I’ve just finished my Christmas gift shopping (quite a bit from QVC) this watch would be a gift to little old me! Good luck on your refurbishment. X

  37. Happy holidays Alison.
    If I won the fabulous watch I would keep it as I don’t have a watch. Silver tone would also be my first choice.
    Stay safe xx

  38. I would love the rose gold option for myself. I don’t own much rose gold jewellery so it would be nice to match it with the few items I have.

    Good luck with the renovation.

  39. Hello! Thank you for giving us a chance to win this delightful watch!

    If I was lucky enough to win it I’d gift it to my beautiful friend Karen. She has the heart of an angel, is thoughtful and compassionate beyond words. She’s a wonderful nana too 🥰

    She is absolutely delightful. I think she’d like the traditional gold tone X

  40. I think this little watch is SO
    pretty, really love it. Would feel little bit guilty saying I would keep it myself, but being 75years old, it would give me much pleasure to wear it, and look at it….while
    I can. Then pass to my daughter, and then on to my great granddaughter. It’s lovely.

  41. Dear Ali, this is the first time reading your blog, it will be worth the mess when you have the house right for you and Colin. I didn’t realise you succeeded in recovering from breast cancer, I lost both my mum and sister to the horrible disease and get very much involved in my local cancer charity. Don’t get down about your book you will succeed I am sure.
    I think I would give the watch to my niece and she would love the silver one.
    Thank you xx

    1. Dear Alison thank you for getting in touch and I hope this won’t be the last blog that you read. I’m so sorry you lost your mum and your sister to breast cancer and I very much hope you look after yourself well and I regularly checked? Thank you for your kind words about the book – if it ever gets published it may well be one you like to read. I’m sorry you didn’t win the watch but I hope you may find something you like to treat yourself too. Love Ali XX

  42. Love your stories, hope the replumbing and rewiring goes well.
    I would love the gold tone watch. I would keep it and wear it to match my 5 stone diamonique ring, set in 18 ct gold which my husband bought me nearly 20 years ago. It still looks amazing.
    Hope you and Colin have a wonderful Christmas with the family, health and happiness for the New Year.

    1. Carole delighted to know you still wear your five stone diamond ring set in gold! How fabulous that your husband bought it for you nearly 20 years ago. I wish you and he a very happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year, love Ali XX

  43. Hi Ali ,what a super watch, I would keep it and wear as a reminder that even in the pandemic we can have some sparkle everyday. My choice would be the silver tone. Hope all goes well with the renovations ,but most of all enjoy time with family and friends

  44. Hi Ali ,what a super watch, I would keep it and wear as a reminder that even in the pandemic we can have some sparkle everyday. My choice would be the silver tone. Hope all goes well with the renovations ,but most of all enjoy time with family and friends

  45. This is a fabulous Diamonique bracelet watch , such a feminine design too. Anyone would be over the moon to receive this in their Christmas stocking, especially me.
    My personal choice would be the rich gold finish to match other Diamonique pieces I have collected over the years.
    Best wishes of the season to each and everyone of you at QVC.

  46. Hi Alison If I was to win the watch I would keep it for myself as I am in need of a dress watch and would like to have the silver tone option. I hope that the refurb goes well.

  47. Beautiful watch , I think silver would be my choice and I’d keep it for me. Good luck with all the building work. We lived though doing the same thing and having an extension build . The Christmas was hard with no kitchen . Just a make shift kitchen in what was dinning room. It was worth it but 6 month felt like forever . It was freezing in the winter with not heating . I said never again . Good luck and have a lovely Christmas xxx

  48. Hi Alison
    I would love the rose gold tone to go with the necklace my daughter sent for my 70th birthday back in October.
    Will Colin finish all that upheaval in time for Christmas? Fingers crossed hey! x

  49. Hi Alison,
    I would probably keep the watch in silver tone for myself, and wear it on ‘dressy’ nights out and take it with me for our cruises that we have booked for the coming year. It would look fab.

  50. Hello Alison,
    What a fantastic prize!
    Gold tone would be my choice if I was lucky enough to win.
    I would keep the watch for myself.
    How nice would it be to wear it on special occasions instead of my everyday watch⌚
    Good luck with the house renovations.

  51. I would keep for myself as I love it! I would love the rose gold plated if Im lucky enough to win. Merry Christmas!

  52. Hi Alison. What a lovely Diamwatch give away. I think my mum would absolutely love it. So I would probably give it to her. I think she would love the gold version….

  53. Hi Allison nice to speak to you I am obsessed with QVC it is a wonderful company I cannot stop buying so many lovely things would be lovely to win the watch the rose gold I would give to my daughter she is on her road journey from Spain has had a very hard time for herself and her little dog who is not very well just want them back safe the watch would be a lovely gift for her hope you and family and everyone at QVC have a lovely Christmas 🤗

  54. Hi Alison. What a lovely Diamonique watch give away. I think my mum would absolutely love it. So if I would be lucky enough to win it I would probably treat my mum give it to her. My beautiful and amazing mother had a fall just before the first Covid lockdown and gone through a hip surgery, and unfortunately have yet to really recover from it. So I think this sparly watch would shine her days a bit. I think she would love the yellow gold version….

  55. Good Luck with the renovations. This is a beautiful bracelet watch and I would choose the silver tone option as an early Christmas gift for me! X

  56. I’d give the watch to my Aunt. She is a cancer survivor who has pretty much been isolating for the last 2 yrs as she has other auto-immune issues. I’ve missed meeting her for coffee and walks. She is very much a white metal babe-so the silver tone would give her lots is pleasure.
    Fingers and toes are crossed.

  57. It’s SO pretty, I would love the Silver one, although all are lovely. I am a regular viewer/spender on QVC, especially Diamonique.
    It would be a little treat to me, which I would treasure.

  58. The watch is just soooo beautiful, it would be just tooooo difficult to part with it so I’d have to keep it for just for me!! In rose gold plate x

  59. Wow! This watch is stunning! After the last 20 months of various challenges I would most definitely keep the silver for myself to bring some much needed sparkle and light into the future. Merry Chistmas 🎄🎅🏼🎄

  60. The watch is just soooo beautiful it would be just toooo hard to part with so I’d just have to keep it just for me!!
    In rose gold x

  61. I would love this watch in the silver version please as a gift to me. I am retiring this month after a long career in the NHS, and this would be the icing on the cake to top of my working career. Good luck to everyone who’s entered.

  62. Hello if I won the watch I would give it to my granddaughter to cheer her up as she has been very ill lately xx

  63. Hi Alison
    I always read your blog which I enjoy very very much
    The silver option is the one I would keep for myself
    Enjoy your trip to London
    Take care

  64. This would be a lovely birthday gift for me. As my birthday is 2 days before Xmas I always get 1 present for both Christmas and birthday combined so have to decide which day to open it. I should be like the queen and have 2 birthdays, however, to receive this watch would make by birthday really special. Thank you in advance and keep safe. X

  65. I love this watch but would gift it to our beautiful daughter whose birthday is 5th January She’s had a tough year as a wedding planner and would put a smile on her face I would have the gold option Good luck with the renervations looking forward to seeing the end result

  66. I would love to have that lovely watch, it’s so pretty.
    I would opt for the silver tone, and I would love to keep it,and look at it for hours, to see it sparkle.
    I am a Diamonique fan, and watch whenever possible.

  67. If I was lucky enough to win this gorgeous watch, it wouldn’t be for myself ( although it would be nice ) I would raffle it at the hospital where I work and the money would go to a ward , A/ E or Department.

    1. Dear Sarah such a lovely thought and suggestion but I’m just so sorry you didn’t win! I wish I’d had a watch for everyone. Love Ali xxx

  68. Absolutely fabulous watch, it would be one I will keep and add it to my collection. The plating I would choose is silver and I would wear it as a special dress watch. Wishing you and the QVC Team a great Christmas and New Year.

  69. Hi Ali If I was lucky enough to win this watch I would gift it to my daughter to add some extra sparkle after a difficult year.
    Have a lovely Christmas
    Julie x

  70. Hi Alison, WOW, the house sounds like a massive job and how fabulous that you have a man that can!! Just the thought of all that dust and upheaval makes me wheeze..well to be fair, I’m wheezy now and have got a nasty dose of non covid germs..I test every day at the moment as we have positive cases in school so whilst I’m relieved it’s not the dreaded Covid I am a bit fed up as I am going to London for the weekend with daughter Chloe to see Tina, the musical, postpone from last year, and I fear if I’m coughing and sneezing all the way through I may be thrown out!
    Another lovely blog, I really enjoy reading about your family and beautiful grandchildren..Arthur is 5 weeks old and a pure joy..his stocking is hanging up with his mum and dads on one end of the bay window and Chloe shares the other end with the dogs stocking! The tree is all lights and sparkle in the centre.
    Last weekend I was in Milton Keynes with my twin for our annual Christmas shopping was our 23rd year this year…I have bought all my pressies, and the stockings are done so just more wrapping to do which i love. The christmas trees went up 2 weeks ago, the house is fully festive and if I’m well enough I will do the outside lights after work tomorrow..are you still having a tree even though you are renovating?
    I hope you’re feeling better after the dentist.
    Good luck moving the house around and keep safe. Mary

    1. Hi there Mary, so glad that you were able to get into Milton Keynes with your twin for the annual Christmas shopping weekend. You are so organised – I bought all my presents and wrapped maybe 2/3 of them but stockings I think I will have to pass on this year. So sorry you’re struggling with a bad cough – did you manage to get to see Tina the musical? I hope you weren’t coughing too badly through it all. I don’t think you would enjoy the atmosphere – dust wise – here at all! The outside surface of the walls is being ground off with an angle grinder and there is dust everywhere! It will be so lovely for you to have Arthur with you this Christmas and I’m sure your room looks beautiful. So much to look forward to and a fabulous year ahead for all of you I am certain. Thank you for keeping in touch this year and I’ll be writing my final blog in the next few days, love Ali xx

  71. Hi Ali lovely to read your blog as always great photos too. I don’t envy you having the upset of all the work but when you put your feet up in your ,lovely new surroundings it will be well worth it.
    I have booked to stay with Charlotte Adam Ivy & Edith for Christmas and the new year. It will be lovely to enjoy Christmas through their eyes.
    Last year Christmas was cancelled and Keith had only recently died so althoughI miss him morning noon and night he would want us to be together. I am attending a ‘Light up a life’s service at the hospice with my elder daughter Sarah.
    Emma is still struggling with long covid a year on. The long covid have been very good and she breathing exercises to do from pulmonary rehab.
    The watch eminates luxury and reminds me of an art deco style. I would want to wear it myself to put the finishing touches to any outfit. My choice would definitely be the rose gold version and although it is a watch it is really a bracelet and watch combined.
    Hope you and all your family have a lovely time and wherever you find to put your tree up I’m sure it will be the essence of Christmas and bring a warm glow to you, Colin and all the family.
    Take care with lots of love from Julia xxx

    1. Dear Julia I’m so glad that you will be seeing Charlotte Adam Ivy and Edith for Christmas and the New Year too.

      I know last year was incredibly tough for you and I’m certain the special service at the hospice will bring you ever closer to Keith who I know you still miss very much. Sorry that Emma is still struggling with long Covid – it does seem to be very difficult to shake and I know Kathy Tayler is still not 100%. We managed to squeeze our Christmas tree into the corner of the kitchen and it looks lovely. It’s definitely going to be tight getting seven of us in for Christmas lunch but I’m sure it will be fun. Take care and surround yourself with those of you and I’m sure the 2022 will be a better year for you all. Love Ali XX

  72. Lovely watch which I would keep for myself and wear on special occasions – love the silver tone will go with any outfit.

  73. What a gorgeous watch, I love the gold and would definitely keep it for myself, I love diamonique but haven’t got a watch. All the best with your refurbishments! x

  74. What lovely photos Alison & it certainly sounds as though your husband has got his work cut out. What a ⭐ he is & you are extremely patient but worth it in the end 😁. If I were to be lucky enough to win this beautiful watch I would choose the silver tone & keep it as I have only 1 close friend but she prefers subtle jewellery. Wishing you well x😘

  75. I would keep it myself as it reminds me of my mother as she had a similar watch which she wore all the time as she absolutely loved it, brings back happy memories as she is no longer with us, but still missed. The silver tone one is the one I would choose.

  76. Hi Alison,
    I hope the house rewiring will go to plan. It’s such a big undertaking especially at Christmas time! Good luck! Hope you all stay well over the next weeks. There’s so much about and we’re all under par and succumbing. Not a surprise really but bad timing. Hopefully all those affected by the awful storm will get some help and relief soon. And hope there will be more positive news next year!
    Take care x

  77. I would love to win a beautiful gold coloured watch as I’m having lots of health issues and my husband is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. To win this would mean so much. Thank you.

  78. I would love to win the silver tone watch which would definitely be for me. The floral design would remind me of spring and summer and keep me going through the winter.

  79. These are so beautiful. I’d gift the watch to a special friend who has been so helpful to me If chosen I’d like the Rose Gold please

  80. I would love to win this beautiful watch to replace one I have recently lost If I am lucky to win this I would love the rose gold opition

  81. If I was a lucky winner I would choose the Rose gold Tone. Such a beautiful watch and I would keep it for myself.

  82. I would love to win this beautiful watch for my Daughter Sarah. Rose Gold. but would be happy with any. Thanks Alison. A big fan of Diamonique and have lots of mainly earrings.

  83. Hi Ali!
    If I won the watch I would give it to my lovely Mum. She never has a minute to herself & is always there through thick & thin to put us all back together again when life takes a nose dive! She loves gold so would like the gold tone please. As a fellow Piscean, I always look forward to your photos as they you “see what I see” when I go out & about. I am pretty sure, like me, you have probably ran out into the garden lately to take photos of the magnificent sunsets that we have been lucky to see. Glad Colin is leaving the rewiring until after Christmas so you can relax with your friends & family.

    Stay Warm & well

    Mandy xx

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