A Korres offer I think you’ll love

If you love all things pampering and giftable, then you’re in for a treat: the upcoming Korres Today’s Special Value is jam-packed with beautifully fragranced Body Butters, plus two super-sized formulas you might not want to part with!

The Korres offer you don’t want to miss | Alison Young

Uploaded by QVCUK on 2019-09-24.

The 10 50ml Body Butters come in their own gift box, while the Violet Shower Gel and Violet Body Butter come as they are, so you could easily mix and match to create bespoke gifts.

From subtle and refreshing Yoghurt to tropical and fruity Guava, there’s something for everyone – the only question is, can you bear to part with them?!

Let me know if you plan on placing an order in the comments below – I’d also love to know which Korres products you currently use in your beauty routine!

Ali x

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  1. Defo will be ordering this! Love Korres shower gels, I’ve never had the body butters, so can’t wait to try!

  2. My skin loves Korres. Some years ago, my poorly skin was really suffering the heat of the Greek Islands and I visited a small village pharmacy for help. The pharmacist very proudly advised the Korres range, the history of which I was given and he told me the ingredients were used from Greece. My skin soaked up the creams and I returned to that pharmacy every time I visited on holiday to buy more, until some years later Korres was sold here in the UK. This set looks lovely.

  3. Hello Alison, I am a huge fan of Korres. I bought their products at the chemist when I went to Greece as they were cheaper there. I bought the shower gels and the shampoos that I think they are very moisturising and beautifully fragranced. I would like to see more TSV and products like packages from the at QVC in the future,

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