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So from the title of this blog, you may gather that I’m about to talk about all things beauty! Being a presenter at QVC has really opened my eyes to the fabulous skincare, nail care and beauty products that we stock and I’m obsessed! In my last blog, I talked about how I ordered the Nails Inc 3 Piece Overnight Treatment Collection and how I was going to review it for you. Wow, what a difference it has made to my nails!

Working on the telly means that my manicure always has to be on point and the constant wearing of nail polish really made my nails quite dry and brittle. I decided it was time to make a change and this collection has slipped into my nail care routine seamlessly. For the few days I have in between manicures, I apply the Overnight Detox Mask and massage into my nails, leave it on overnight and rinse off in the morning – for me I noticed an instant result. My nails felt smoother, hydrated and I even noticed they were splitting less. When I have my manicure, I then continue to keep them nourished using the Crystal Infused Cuticle Oil. It’s amazing what a bit of nail TLC can do! I also got a bit ahead of myself and had my nails painted in spring colours, slightly premature of the season ahead, but these nails put a smile on my face and remind me of chocolate mini eggs. Lol

I also tried out the Alpha-H Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel. I usually have quite clear skin, however, recently I noticed the odd very stubborn blemish popping up from nowhere! I’m blaming the cold weather drying out my skin, teamed with the constant wearing of masks. I needed a magic potion to fix it and yes indeed I found it. A small amount goes a long way and when applying at night I found that the redness and the blemish size had reduced, which is really all a girl could hope for! I would highly recommend this to those of us who battle with the odd spot here and there.

Now let me give you little heads up to something new from Liz Earle coming soon to QVC. It’s the Cleanse & Glow Transforming Gel Cleaner. I’m a big fan of Liz Earle, mainly their iconic Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, so when I got a chance to try this out I was defo excited. The highlight for me? After it’s applied to dry skin and then you add water, it turns into this luxurious milky texture that effortlessly melts away the dirt and grime.

Drumroll please for a huge announcement…

Ophelia and I are going on holiday to Ghana together! If you’ve been tuned in to any of mine or Ophelia’s shows, you would know this by now because we can’t stop talking about it! The excitement levels are high and the packing has started!

First step is sun protection and Ultrasun was an obvious first choice. I’m so picky with sun lotion and I hate those thick, hard to rub in creams that leave my skin a strange shade of blue. Ultrasun has me totally covered, particularly with their Face & Scalp Mist Spray SPF 50. First of all, I’m always here for a mist spray! This is just so easy to apply and top up throughout the day, keeping you protected and moisturised at the same time. I took this with me on my last holiday to Jamaica and it was always the first item I popped into my beach bag.

But it wouldn’t be a blog from me if I didn’t mention a little bit of fashion! And for me and Ophelia the focus is definitely on holiday fashion. I’ve selected some holiday picks that will be coming to Ghana with me, so I thought I share them with you. Maybe your holiday isn’t coming until later in the year, but it’s always good to be prepared!

AIRPORT OUTFIT: Frank Usher Printed Jersey T-Shirt & Pull on Trouser Set
LUGGAGE: Triforce Avignon Large, Cabin and Vanity Case Set (I actually own a lot of luggage but I was very close to purchasing this!)
FOR THE BEACH: Frank Usher Printed Cover Up With Tassels
DAY OUT SIGHTSEEING: Skechers Cloud Ultra Sporty Multi Strap Sandal
SUNSET DINNER: Butler & Wilson Oriental Print Tunic

So get ready for a suitcase load of annoying holiday content from me and Ophelia. See ya soon!


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  1. Does Ghana know what it’s in for?! Only kidding! Two beautiful girls off for a girlie adventure in an amazing country. What fun. You will leave a huge gap at QVC. Just enjoy life and have a glorious time.

  2. What a breath of fresh air you are!!!!!.. have a lovely holiday…… Can I ask you what green eyeshadow you use???.. I use green eyeshadow to, Tarte and urban decay…. But yours looks great to…. Take care…. Happy holidays 😎😎😎😎x

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