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I made a leap and got a 100% electric vehicle! I’m still not 100% sure that London is ready for this move but, but when my banger started to fail me, I felt like electric was the only way to go. It’s a Smart car and so much smarter than me! Although the actual charging has been relatively easy (connect wires, tap card, charge) I’d be lying if I said it was slightly inconvenient. I drove to my local charge point only to find it full and had to come back a couple hours later, pricing wise, kWh (kilowatt per hour) and all the jargon is currently going right over my head, but I have faith that once I get used to my new wheels the concept will become a lot clearer. I mean, I remember being confused when filling my first car with petrol!

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One piece of technology I’m not confused about is the new Tili Facial Cleansing Brush! I’m loving this nifty device that slips easily into my skincare routine, effortlessly removing my make-up and daily grime at the touch of a button. Not to mention the glorious facial massage and refreshed looking skin! Check out my tutorial above.

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Talking refreshed skin, this is also a winner. It’s our Elemis Christmas Today’s Special Value offer, which is live NOW! It’s the Pro-Collagen Face & Body 8 Piece Gift of Skin Radiance. Elemis is one of our biggest brands here at QVC and as one of the newer presenters I’ve been getting acquainted with everything they have to offer, but this eight-piece collection has got to be my fav. Mainly because it includes four-pieces from their award-winning Pro-Collagen range. As political stances go, I’m definitely Pro-Collagen! It honestly leaves your skin feeling refreshed, lifted and moisturised. But this collection has so much more, it’s basically your whole skincare routine wrapped up in a glorious vanity bag, which is perfect for gifting (although I’m gifting to myself!) There are three options available, and I went for the Frangipani, which a is lovely floral fragrance and I’ve been slathering myself in the Velvet Body Butter even since I received it! The value on this is actually crazy, you get £193 worth of products for an astonishing £54.96 plus P&P. If you’re the gifting and giving type, this could be the one for you.

Remember we’ve extended our money-back guarantee for the gifting season, so there is no need to hesitate when it comes to getting ahead of the game and purchasing those Christmas gifts well ahead of time. As my first Christmas at QVC, I’m learning quickly that it’s best to get in there early!!

Happy Shopping!

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