Meet Annaliese– our new presenter


How’s it going? I’m Annaliese Dayes and honestly words can’t explain how excited I am to be here at QVC, combining two of my loves, shopping and talking! In case you didn’t get this from our vlog, I’m definitely a fashionaholic and you can find me dishing out styling tips and fashion inspiration on Instagram and other social media platforms @AnnalieseDayes. Of course I’ll be sharing my QVC journey with you, so feel free to come along for the ride! My first show is on QVC Style on Wednesday 4th August at 3pm showcasing a whole hour of Kipling Accessories.

Meet QVC’s newest presenters, Ophelia and Annaliese

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Some of my QVC finds…

Finery Alida Abstract Print Jumpsuit
Benefit Badgal Bang! Volumising Mascara
Helene Berman Diana Blazer in Sunset
Helene Berman Faux Leather Biker Jacket in Pink
Helene Berman Annie Abstract Print Dress
Skechers Sport Court 92 Leather Trainers
Dannii Minogue Daytime Disco T-shirt in Light Pink
Bundleberry By Amanda Holden Homeware
White Stuff Blue Skies Cotton Shirt
Kim & Co Brazil Jersey Culottes

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  1. hi Annaliese, welcome to the team. watching the show you are doing great, hope you enjoy being a presenter and looking forward to watching many more with you

    1. I really like ANNALISE. So lovely and upbeat. She’s a joy to watch and listen to. A great addition to your presenters 🙂

  2. Hi Annaliese. I watched you on QVC Style for the first time today (Friday 6th August). Love your bubbly personality – you’re a natural and the camera love you too. Best wishes for a very happy time at QVC.

  3. Hi Annaliese,


    I’ve watched you a few times and I love your vibrancy and enthusiasm. ❤️❤️

    I’ve been with QVC since 1996 (so I’m getting on a bit 😉) so it’s great to learn from someone much younger than myself. You definitely can teach an old dog new tricks! 😁❤️

    May your QVC journey be filled with happiness, exuberance, laughter and joy! ❤️

    Pam x

  4. Hi Annaliese,

    wellcome to my favourite shopping channel . i,ve been shopping with QVC
    For over 15 years, and have attended many customer events in the old
    Building. i have been told on a regular basis that if QVC were to run out of
    any products,I could easily help them out. As for my Butler And Wilson collection ? GUILTY !!!!

    1. Hi Annaliese, watching a fabulous Lola Rose show ⭐️ 🌈 on QVC Style with you and Anna and you said you’d been presenting at Qvc 2 weeks. Best wishes, you have both brightened up my evening 😀

  5. Hi Annaliese

    Welcome to the crazy W house!
    Loving watching both you and Ophelia as you have both brought a fresh, slightly sassy, new look to the channel.
    Fabulous hair btw x

  6. I am so happy QVC have finally decided to embrace diversity host? After writing for years to do something about it.
    Good luck ladies.

  7. Welcome to QVC Anna. I have been shopping with QVC for over 20 years. What a breath of fresh air you are. Love your energy! You bring a certain flair and quirkiness to your shows that is a pleasure to watch.

    So glad QVC are embracing diversity to showcase your talents. You are a real asset. Enjoy your experience

  8. Wote a pleasure to see Anna so fresh and adorable we xan laugh and gives fresh approach to qvc just love her so fresh and exciting like many just love her you are doing a absolutely amazing and Fantastic job look forward to more of you on qvc
    Happy easter

  9. Can’t fault your presentation as the whizzo job you’re doing is marvellous AND it looks like the guests who appear alongside you enjoy your company too !!! I give this (product….yourself 5 stars).

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