October and all the celebrations it brings!

Wow it’s been a whole three months on air at QVC, so clearly I’m celebrating, but October is actually full of milestones for me. Firstly it was my 35th birthday! Let’s just say there was lots of sparkle and sequins. I went axe throwing, (yes axe throwing), with my fiancé Seye, followed by a swanky dinner and finished off the weekend with a birthday gathering at our new home. Third photo is me with my mummy (to my left) and my mother-in-law to be.

I also wanted to introduce you guys to my YouTube channel, which I had to step back from for a while as life has slowly started to get back to normal. But I’m officially back and I’m looking to share lots of QVC content, maybe in the form of reviews and behind the scenes footage. But I thought I’d start off with a “Day In The Life of a QVC Presenter” video. Follow me around the QVC building as I get ready for a day of shows.

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This was also the same day that I had my first Dannii Minogue Petite Fashion show with Danni Minogue herself. Yes she was on Zoom but that didn’t take away from my excitement or make me any less of a fangirl! She is so passionate about her collection and that really shines through. It was a total pleasure working with her and I’m so looking forward to our next show together in November. Also, did I mention that the collection is full of vibrant prints that are right up my alley; so much so that I had to do a little Instagram Reel.

There’s definitely going to be lots more video content from me as I really enjoy how expressive and creative I can be with it. If you have any suggestions for what type of videos you’d like to see from me you can leave them in the comments below this blog or reach out to me on my various social media platforms.

See ya soon! Xx




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  1. We love your style great personality. Im not on facebook or twitter im 70yrs old. Could you let me know what drop heart earings you were wearing on danni mongue show and another show, hoping you can reply and let me know thankyou

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