Today’s Pink Snake shoe offer and going viral in TikTok!

Yes, we made it through January! Now that we can see the wood through the trees, I feel like now we can really focus on our goals for 2022. But at the same time we can’t forget the good things that happened this January. One of my highlights has got to be my viral moment! There was a trend on TikTok that involved, stopping whatever you were doing and dropping to the floor in slow motion to popular Beyonce song. As soon as I saw this I knew I had to get involved and put my own fashion spin on it.

Take a look at my first video, that basically explains why it takes me so long to get dressed! It was shared by some major accounts on Instagram and has reached nearly 1.5 million views!! You might spot some QVC fashion in the form of the WynneLayers soft yarn half zip jumper.


And then of course I had to recreate this while at QVC Headquarters! I definitely had some fun with this!

So, this past weekend was the Revitalise Your Beauty event and I had to get involved and take advantage of the amazing discounts and of course the free P&P! I ended up ordering the Nails Inc three-piece Overnight Treatment collection because I really need to start looking after my nails in between nail art manicures. I also ordered the Alpha H Blemish Control Gel and I can’t wait to give this a go. Maybe it’s the stress of a new year but I’ve had blemishes popping up left right and centre! I’m going to give this a go and put my review in my next blog.

Back to this week, today we have an amazing Today’s Special Value from Moda In Pelle, one of my favourite footwear brands at QVC. It’s the Enleena tassel loafer, available in Standard fit and Wide fit. Now there is literally a colour for everyone’s taste. Of course I myself had to go for a pretty stand out option, the Pink Pastel Snake, but for those of you who prefer to keep it more classic, I think the Navy is a lovely choice.

Here’s how I styled mine:


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