🎼 Oh the Shark has…

…absolutely everything!!

Hi everyone, now that little musical treble clef in the title is for the benefit of those of us old enough to remember the opening line to ‘Mac the Knife’!! (Love that song!!). But obviously this has nothing to do with music and everything to do with a fabulous Today’s Special Value (TSV) from Shark coming up this weekend, Saturday to be precise.

Now it really does have everything, so much so it’s hard to know where exactly to begin!! Well, how about the fact that it’s for absolutely every floor type but will also tackle more of your cleaning as it morphs into a great little handheld device too. Brilliant for stairs, soft furnishings and all those high-up, hard-to-reach places (well for me at any rate!!).

Or, it could be that you’ll never be attacking the brush head ever again with a pair of scissors trying to untangle hair etc.  – that’s because of the clever Anti-Hair Wrap Technology.

Or, perhaps it’s that you’ll never get caught out again with a cordless vacuum suddenly giving up the ghost on you, as this one has an LED display letting you know precisely how much run time you have left, and incidentally how much ground (or floor/carpet) do you think you could cover in roughly an hour?

Well, you can get up to 60 minutes on this model according to which Power Mode you’re on… and there are three of those to choose from too! Or, maybe like me you love the Flexology element making cleaning under the furniture an absolute doddle!!

Now I could go on… but perhaps it may just be an idea to simply get you to tune in at 5pm on Saturday with my good self to see if this is going to match or exceed your expectations.

Personally, I think when you see it in action (and especially the price), you’ll be tempted to try it out. Remember our 60 day money back guarantee!! Although I’m not sure you’ll want to part with it afterwards. Well certainly not at this time of year anyway!

Join me at the weekend folks.

In the meantime, take good care.

Anne xx

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