2020 vision! Eat the frog first!

Okay folks, so let’s begin with a question… what’s your vision for 2020?

Not just a new year but a new decade indeed, so I guess I’m asking myself where I want to be not only a year from now but also in ten years too.

Not an easy question to answer, but I have it on good authority (although I can’t remember whose exactly) that if we aim for nothing we will indeed hit with 100% accuracy every time!!

Now I’m not necessarily talking about the big stuff like work or where we’ll be living… or even how much we will have in the bank (although that’s always worth considering).  No, I’m talking about the really big stuff… like how much time we spend with those we love, how we can be less anxious and more at peace with not only ourselves but those around us, how to take more time to appreciate what we have and of course, how to better look after ourselves too.

It’s a tall order but the long journey always begins with the small steps. So what can we do now in order that this time next year we can be that bit closer to where we want to be? Sometimes I think that if we started with changing just one thing (even a small thing), we would make huge strides in the end.

So what would be your one thing that you would like to change in 2020? What’s your 2020 vision?

Me? I want to “eat the frog first”! And if you’re not familiar with this concept I shall forgive you for thinking that I’ve completely lost the plot!! “Eating the frog” means avoiding procrastination. Do you ever make lists and lists of things you need to do but there always seems to be one thing that keeps getting transferred onto the next list and the next… ad infinitum?

That’s obviously because it’s the one thing we’d least like to do and so we keep putting it off. I currently hold a gold medal in this arena!! It’s crazy, I put off all sorts off; phone calls, emails etc. and when I finally get round to them, they’re never half as bad as I think they’re going to be!

So from experience I know that if I would just jolly well “eat that frog” first, then the rest of my day would be far more pleasant. (By the way I do feel it necessary at this stage to be perfectly clear that I am in no way promoting the active consumption of actual frogs… merely an expression). So name that frog folks!! What will be that small change that potentially could bring big results for you in 2020?

Finally, I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I have included some photos of a particular activity that our backstage team got involved with this year. Ash, their lovely manager, set them all a task to keep themselves out of mischief over the festive season. There are essentially four shifts, but they’re all mixed up over the holiday season so as part of a team building exercise, each group had to make a little gingerbread house. I tell you, this is one lot of talented individuals we have working here!! Just take a look at these wonderful creations.

I have included a photo of the winning team with their beautiful (and very clever) Narnia Scene Gingerbread House.

Can you spot the lion, the witch and the wardrobe? (In loving jest they had their manager Ash as the Snow Queen!!) I just love the candy cane Narnia lamppost!! There’s even a version of Mr Tomlin too!! So big Congrats to Hannah (pictured bottom left) and her Christmas elves for coming up with the winning entry!!

Just thought you might like to see what we get up to at times behind the cameras here at QVC!!

Right, well all that remains for me now is to wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2020.

Now I need to go and eat that frog… it’s called having a barney with my energy supplier!! (Not mentioning any names!! Lol).

Take care,

Anne xx

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  1. Happy new year Anne! I hope yo never leave qvc! You are just the best! You have funny bones as they say, and you just brighten up our days! How was your Christmas? I’m sure you were busy cooking and entertaining lots as usual.
    It’s so nice of you to include the backstage crew in your photos. So often overlooked and yet soo talented clearly! Amazing baking!!! Happy new year to you x

  2. Hapy new year to you and yours bab…i agree with the last reply by susan in everything…but anne i am sooo alergic to frogs in any way shape or form(i even have fainted at the sight of them on occassion)so i wilk have to eat summat else lol…bestest wishes… x

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