A great big chunk of beauty and a Chunk of Devon too!

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all safe, well and surviving the times we find ourselves in.

We are hearing a lot (and I for one cannot wait) that “this too shall pass” but I do wonder at times what our “new normal” will look like. There have been so many changes already and it’s amazing how we all adapt so quickly. Again, it’s been said before, but I do find it quite incredible at how adaptable we actually are. I mean who would have believed the current situation just weeks let alone months ago!!

You may remember that in my last blog I mentioned that I was finally succumbing to an Instagram account (actually enjoying it more than I thought I would 😊). Well, looking at the selection of life-changing habits many have undertaken is really quite remarkable. Lots of people starting some new challenge for the first time, whether cooking or a new form of exercise and sharing their experiences. I think though what surprises and delights me even more, is the number of people who are appreciating the simple things that perhaps previously have gone unnoticed. People are becoming much more aware of their surroundings.

We have indeed been blessed with relatively good weather in recent weeks to take in the great outdoors (albeit if only for a brief time of exercise) …and good news! The weather forecast also suggests that we are heading for some more high temperatures in the next few days too. I am however fascinated by almost a new sense of wonder at what we may have been hurtling past at 100mph less than a couple of months ago and now have the time (actually quite a lot of it), to slow down and reflect upon. One such example is the village green close to where I live. I’m normally racing around the area and just a few days ago I stopped at the duck pond and realised how picturesque it actually is. I’ve only lived here for 23 years!! Please see the photo of pretty ducks enjoying themselves as evidence.

Hopefully in all of this we’ve been keeping you company here at QVC and I so hope you can join us in the next few days ahead, because we really are working hard to bring some fabulous shows to you. I am looking forward to launching our Great Beauty Event at 9pm this Saturday. It is going to be a three hour extravaganza and at the helm we will be looking at Sunday’s Today’s Special Value (TSV) from Judith Williams. It’s all about the Retinol with this incredible collection. Whether you’ve tried her range before or not, if you’re over forty and feel that you are potentially in a losing battle with the appearance of ageing skin, this definitely has to be worth considering.

You have a full complement for a skincare regime that will take you from dawn ‘til dusk. I particularly love the 30 day supply of Retinol Capsules, but you also get a beautiful Creamy Cleanser, a Day Cream and a Night Serum… all under that banner of Retinol. Don’t forget the 60 day money back guarantee folks!! Of course, there will be many more familiar faces giving us their expertise right throughout the event… and some of your absolute favourites too.

I for one am delighted to be bringing you the Shay & Blue show at 4pm on Sunday. I am quite particular about fragrance but this range is in a class of its own. Again this may be a first for so many new viewers… buying perfume from your TV screens? Well join Dom and myself and you just might be tempted (again no risk shopping remember)!

And then to jump start us into the following week with a tasty treat, we have a Chunk of Devon TSV for you on Monday with their delicious bespoke pasties. The part that makes me smile is that they have won so many awards for their “Cornish pasties”… but they’re not from Cornwall, they’re from Devon!! Haven’t tried them yet, but I fully intend to during the Lunchtime Show at 1pm and also the Spring Food Fair at 3pm. I’ve heard great things about just how delicious they are!!

Well that’s about it for now folks. I will see you tomorrow for what promises to be an exciting weekend.

However, I would just like to leave you with a thought relating to the start of this blog…

There will eventually be a “new kind of normal”, but wouldn’t it be lovely when this is all over if some of our newfound appreciation and gratitude could remain… whether it’s relationships, health or our surroundings. Life is indeed far too short not to!! Don’t you think?

Take care everyone and stay safe,

Anne xx

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6 Responses

  1. has always anne upbeat and positive great to have you back on our screens this weekend will be watching stay safe yourself maria

    We will know the pandemic is “over” when the glorious weather changes and the
    usual British summer resumes. Thanks to all at QVC for keeping us cheered and
    taking our minds off the virus!!!!!

    1. How true those words are Madeline!!
      Glad you’re enjoying what we’re trying to do here at qvc in the midst of it all!!
      Stay safe xx

  3. Hi Anne,
    You’re so right about hoping appreciation continues. I just can’t help thinking how as usual the world is split in two. Those at home experiencing extra time and boredom and appreciation and all sorts and those experiencing madness and fear trying to keep everything going.
    Take care Anne x

    1. You’re absolutely right Susan. You know I’m struggling with the whole kind of nodding from a safe distance instead of the usual hugging. Can’t wait for the “new normal” ….whatever form that will take!!
      Lovely to hear from you as always xx

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