And to cap it all…

And to cap it all indeed… on top of this glorious sunshine (hopefully that’s the case where you are), we have some corker new shows and Today’s Special Values (TSV’s) on the horizon this weekend.

Hi everyone and I do hope you’re all well. What a difference a change of weather makes. Honestly, it’s almost palpable the change in general mood we have when the sun comes out to play!! I would say I’ve been enjoying my garden but with a huge skip plus the cement mixer dominating the view, we’re not quite there yet. Finishing the patio and a brick wall currently, as well as having to sort out the lawn area… it will be great when it’s finished.

Then comes the fun part when we start with the plants and shrubs etc. (although that’s very much dependant on exactly how many pennies will be remaining in the purse at that point). I am however delighted to be bringing you Michael Perry’s two-hour garden show on Saturday morning, so that should help with both the budget and the inspiration!!

So what else do we have lined up for you this weekend? Well we have a ‘brand’ new show coming up on Sunday. See what I did there with my wee intended pun? (Okay we’ll maybe leave it at that!). It’s new footwear show, BOnova! A very exciting and fabulously timely selection of summer sandals and styles including… clogs!! I’ve ordered some to wear so no doubt you’ll see me sporting them in the coming weeks. Very exciting as I absolutely loved them the first-time round in the 70’s.

But I’m getting ahead of myself… we also have a beautiful Lola Rose necklace TSV on Friday that you may have noticed I’ve been wearing. This range of semi-precious stones is so fresh and perfect for finishing a summer look. Which, incidentally, our gorgeous Ruth Langsford no doubt will be helping us out with all over Saturday as she brings us another great TSV that’s on pre-sell already here. Of course there will be so much more as she showcases some of her favourite looks throughout the day and I have the pleasure of the lovely lady for two whole hours at 2pm.

Talking of looks and the title to this blog, I’ve recently fallen in love with hats and caps etc. (as evidenced by the photos). The only time I used to wear a hat was for a wedding. I always loved wearing them but almost felt I needed an excuse. Not so any more folks. The cream cap I now have in navy and I have also ordered this little straw number, a Packable Fedora Hat, from our Attitudes by Renee range… and I’m definitely on the lookout for more!!

But I digress.

Finally as we move into Sunday, we have an incredible offer from Amazon and the wonderful Lee Holbein. I just love his knowledge and easy-style presentation. He explains everything so well (but does tend to end up costing me money!!). In any event he has a fab Fire Tablet duo lined up for us including a case as our TSV for that day.

Happy sunny days indeed!! Must dash… Bob the builder has just arrived (not his real name of course) so will be plying him with tea and coffee in an attempt to get this garden looking more like a garden and less like a building site!!

Catch you all at the weekend 😊

Take care,

Anne xx

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  1. Hi Anne,
    Hope the building work is going ok and you get some downtime at some point! Exhausting alright! You really suit hats by the way. Love the summer hat.
    Take care x

  2. Loving the cream cap, it really suits you…..can you please let me know where I can get one from? Many thanks, Trudy

  3. Anne! How AMAZING you’re looking 😍, so inspiring re the hats – definitely getting one now!! Just enjoyed your show with Ruth, delighted to see you looking so great.

    Lots of Love
    Christina x

  4. Hi it is just a question Anne had a lovely pink striped top on the 9.00 pm show 6.6.21 what range is this please ?

  5. Hi Anne, you look the part in the cap but a couple of weeks ago you did a hair piece/wig show and you looked stunning in the wig you were wearing and now you’re the ‘granny with the ‘mostest’ you should buy it,

  6. Anne, I had no idea your boy was having a baby til I read these posts?! Congratulations and I hope all is well?x

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