Happy Easter – here’s to “good vibrations” and new beginnings!

Hi one and all…

Hoping this blog finds you all safe and well in this current climate that we find ourselves in (pun very much intended due to also the lovely weather we’ve had of late).

Working at QVC has been quite an experience the last couple of weeks as we attempt to change the habits of a lifetime. I have to say I have been so impressed at how the whole team has come together and worked so hard to make sure we can continue to do what we do. And you lovely people have been such a source of encouragement… it’s been amazing. So thank you on behalf of us all. A huge thanks also and a big warm welcome to the many new viewers who’ve joined us for the first time recently too. It’s been great to have your company.

May I also take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Easter! 🐣

It’s going to be a tad different chez moi this time round. Normally there’s about fifteen of us around the table… well that won’t be happening!! I still intend to do the best I can with the few that are here… and that will include a garden Easter egg hunt (albeit for adults) and those bunny ears coming out for the Secret Bunny. This is very similar to the concept of Secret Santa, only everyone has to donate an egg under £6 and place it in a huge bag. Then someone is elected to don the bunny ears and hop round (yes literally) distributing the eggs to the rest of us. You do however feel a tad less silly with little children about. I have a feeling it won’t be quite so secret this year somehow… but we’re doing it anyway!!

Looking at my Easter photo, apart from the chocolate bunnies and eggs, I’d like to draw your attention to a couple of things… firstly my little Peony display and secondly the metal orchid flower in the background. Both from QVC. I’m trying to get the garden in shape for this bank holiday weekend and this “jewellery for the garden” helps tremendously! No attention required whatsoever and of course they last forever (as does the Peony range of course). Currently I have my eye on a rather lovely display from Peony, it’s the Orchid in a Ceramic Vase if you want to have a wee peek.

It’s all about cheering ourselves up and feeling those “good vibrations” at the minute! (Anyone else as old as me out there remembering that song from The Beach Boys??). Our Today’s Special Value (TSV) on Easter Sunday is very much along this theme, in the world of fitness. It’s a Vibration Fitness Plate from Powerfit, to which I am a complete novice but always on the lookout for something that’s not too complicated, is easy to store and of course gets great results.

Worth tuning in for when you consider it might be just the thing at the moment if getting out and about for exercise is proving to be a bit of a challenge. It’s launching with Jill at 9pm on the Saturday and I’ll be with you at midnight to welcome in Easter Sunday morning. I do hope you can join me.

And so to all new and seasoned viewers alike, we thank you for your company and we hope we are providing from time to time, a welcome distraction to all that is happening out there. Please remember as it’s been said by the many… although we don’t know when exactly, but “this too shall pass”.

Lots of love and Happy Easter!! Bring on the chocolate 😋😋😋 and the bunnies 🐰

Take care, stay safe and remember #QVCAlwaysWithYou

Speak soon,

Anne xx

P.S. Goodness! What about the new beginnings part of the blog? Nearly forgot… Easter being a time usually associated with all things new, I thought I’d choose this time to succumb to the challenges of the 21st century and so finally here I am launching on Instagram!!! Can you believe it?

Please join and encourage me in this new world of social media technology @annedawsontv (this is guaranteed to send shockwaves with colleagues, friends, family and in fact anyone who knows me!!).

Find me on Twitter – @annedawsonqvc
Find me on Instagram – @annedawsontv

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