Are we all set?

Hey everyone, hope things aren’t too manically chaotic in the final run up to the Big Day!!

I’m sort of organised. By that I mean that because I bought a load of presents and ordered the turkey a while back, I can end up lulling myself into a false sense of security that all is well and I’m truly on track for the festive season. Its only when I actually start wrapping what I’ve bought (not the turkey of course!!) that I realise how much I still have to do! Hey ho (or ho ho ho), it’ll all get done in the end.

And the great thing is at QVC we all have until Friday to do any last minute Christmas shopping, knowing that it’ll all be here on time. Joy of joys! As I was at my local coffee shop earlier today, we were all discussing how on earth we managed it before the internet and Shopping Telly? (And QVC!!). When I think back to years ago traipsing around the town, kids in tow, not even knowing half the time whether the shops had what you were after in stock (and that’s if you knew what you were looking for!).

Life should be a lot less stressful these days when you think about it… but I’m not totally sure whether one stress ends up being replaced by another! Never mind!!

I love Christmas and I love the build up too!! That includes all the Christmas jumpers that were being proudly displayed by our behind-the-scenes QVC staff on National Christmas Jumper Day last Friday.

I thought I’d include a few piccies of just some of the valued individuals who keep the great QVC ship steered in the right direction!! Check out our lovely camera shy Tina who would only show the stars on her sleeves… and Dave, with his striped red shirt and Christmas antlers!

Enjoy… and don’t forget our last minute four day Christmas Shopping Event that started today! Last orders please!!!!

Anne xx

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  1. Happy Christmas Anne! You’re still my fav qvc lady! You just fill me with joy when I read your blogs and hear your voice! Hope you and the big family have a lovely Christmas with your amazing hospitality and fun! Hope all the boys are well. Happy new year and speak to you in 2020!x

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