Eastertime trivia

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well. I just love this time of year… springtime, with Easter just around the corner. 🐰 🐣

I’m also looking forward to this weekend and a great Ruth Langsford Today’s Special Value (TSV) on Saturday. And on this occasion… it’s jeans!! I love her jeans and live in them too (as more than a few of you will have already noticed 😊). For me this is the absolute litmus test of great design, and her range never disappoints.

Ruth has said on many occasions that when she first started with us at QVC she told the buyers that she wanted to bring us jeans… to which the reaction was total surprise for someone so new. Trousers are difficult enough but jeans take it to a whole other level. Well I for one am very excited to be adding to my collection (this is actually one pair in total, if the truth be know which as I said earlier, I absolutely live in!!).

This time it’s a cropped design to get us in the mood for spring/summer. They’re already available on pre-sell in Petite and Regular options and Ruth will be launching them at 9pm Friday evening. Of course, this is just part of loads of fashion that we have lined up for you this weekend.

It’s a Skechers TSV tomorrow but I also have a Frank Usher show at 10am with Denim & Co. at midday, with Monsoon, MarlaWynne (Wynnelayers) and Kipling following on during Saturday. Then… if you truly want to get into that holiday sun-kissed look but can’t wait for the weather to oblige, we have an amazing TSV offer from Tan-Luxe for you on Sunday!!

But as in the title of this blog, I have promised you a little Eastertime trivia… off we go!

Below are three Easter trivia questions – no prize I’m afraid apart from the satisfaction of knowing you personally triumphed in getting them all (or nearly all of them) correct. 😉

  1. Ostriches lay the biggest eggs in the world. Which bird lays the second largest?
  2. True or false, lambs are often born as twins?
  3. Which rabbit left his shoes and blue jacket in Mr McGregor’s garden?


Do feel free to get in touch with your answers below as part of my little Easter Bunny Community, 🐰🐰🐰 and I will play teacher and mark all of your responses personally (oh the power in playing teacher 👩‍🎓😄).

Happy Easter in advance everyone! 🌸 🌼

Anne xx

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  1. Is answer to 1 Emu, 2 is true and 3 is Peter Rabbit ?
    Excellent cheery blog as usual Anne, thank you.

  2. Hi Anne, I also love Springtime … warmer days are just around the corner. And definitely thinking about treating myself to Ruth’s jeans. Hmm … do emus lay the second largest eggs? As a grown-up-in-the-country girl, I know that lambs are often born as twins and I’m guessing that Peter Rabbit left his clothes in Mr McGregor’s garden?
    Looking forward to fashion day (always my favourite), see you on QVC. Love xxx

  3. Happy Saturday Anne,

    I’ve not contacted you for ages- you may remember I commented on your photo shoot pics saying how you looked like the wonderful Diane Keaton & you still remind me of are always busyher! i knew this was your blog when I saw the cute Easter bunny as your Easter table always looks fabulous!
    The answers to your little quiz are;
    B-True- I know that from watching Our Yorkshire Farm
    C-Peter Rabbit
    I saw you this morning with Jenny presenting the Monsoon show which I enjoyed as it made me think of warmer days although I’m currently sitting in a cosy jumper under my Cozee Home throw!
    I thought of you recently whilst watching a film starring another favourite actress of mine- Julianne Moore. It’s called Gloria Bell. I don’t know if you have seen it- mixed reviews but as a woman just entering her 50s, I really enjoyed it. I particularly enjoyed the scenes of Gloria (Julianne) singing her heart out along to the 80s tunes on the radio like no one was listening & visiting a disco/nightclub alone & dancing like no one was watching. These are the scenes that reminded me of you & you triggered this memory when you mentioned on Saturday morning that you had been dancing in the opening of the show, This film must have influenced me because for the past few Saturdays, I have been playing songs of my youth (80s & some 70s ) & dancing around the lounge & loving it! I always find that certain songs make me feel like a teen again.
    I do hope you have a lovely Easter weekend Anne & enjoy some sweet treats & a cheeky wine or two. Let’s hope the sun shines a little warmer for us too,
    Big Hugs & Best Wishes
    From Mandy 🙂 xx

  4. oops… sorry Anne- should say “you still remind me of her” Gremlins at work with my post above!
    Mandy xx

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