Food, glorious food vouchers!!

Hey everyone,

Hoping as always that you’re all well and keeping safe.

I just wanted to let you know about a great promotion we are running for the whole of the month of May. It’s all about yummy, delicious and tasty food!! A favourite topic of mine and judging by recent activity in the QVC ordering process… it’s one of yours too! With the recent restrictions that we are currently undergoing, our food shows have been more popular than ever. Easy to understand when you see the superb assortment of fine tasting fare that we’ve been serving up lately. You’ve loved it, so hence the promotion!!

Here’s the deal… you can convert any food order into three interest-free easy payments should you so desire by including the code “Food3Z” at the checkout. This opportunity can be realised on our website and it really is well worth the visit for a good old browse of our Food Department. We have such a fabulous selection across a whole spectrum of items, from meat, fish and poultry, to sumptuous pies and pasties (which make life so much easier at the moment), right the way through to delicious chocolates and desserts. Oh and if it’s a wee tipple you’re after, you won’t be disappointed there either!

So, whether you’re consistently health conscious or in need of a periodic spot of indulgence… we have indeed got it all on our QVC menu online. And yes, I know, crazy, crazy, but our money back guarantee still applies – 60 days don’t forget. Here are a few of my favourite food things… (and no need to bring Julie Andrews into things!! Lol).

My most recent nouvelle cuisine experience at QVC is in the world of pasties, pies and sausage rolls… enter Chunk of Devon and take a bow on your recent Today’s Special Value (TSV) and so much more besides. I’ve included a photo of a not-quite-ready steak pasty in my oven awaiting imminent demolition!! I wasn’t disappointed. Neither was I disappointed with their sausage roll selection (the pork and chorizo one is just amazing). Again, you can see all they have to offer online.

Next up (and I know you love these too) – Hotel Chocolat and their 100-Piece Favourite Chocolate Selectors Collection!! I don’t know if you saw me with the lovely Marisa a week or so ago (check out the video that I put on Instagram to see just how enamoured I am with the range!!).

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I ate so many and here’s the thing… normally I like “cheap chocolate”. Close your ears all you chocolatiers and connoisseurs out there… don’t judge me!! (I’m the gal that loves your standard chocolate egg lol). But these? These chocolates are a true class act and stand head and shoulders above so many other so-called luxury chocolates.

My particular favourites include (although it is a slightly tough call); the Patisserie Collection (think carrot cake and Eton mess) and the Fruity Collection (bring on all the smoothies… raspberry, blueberry and strawberry) and all made with real pressed fruit. Could this possibly count towards my 5 a day? Perhaps not… but truly out of this world all the same!!

Next into the spotlight are some awesome biscuits… three beautiful tins of them to be precise and all from Cartwright & Butler. Even the name is posh!! And they all taste sublime. Each tin contains shortbread but in three different delicious flavours, from Lemon Zest to Flaked Almond and Chocolate Drop. I’m going to purchase two sets… one for me and the other I think will be for Louise, my lovely niece (a bit of a surprise here!!). The idea being that when we’ve both received them, we will arrange a time to stick the kettle on, make a brew, and have a good old munch and a catch up.

Confession time… I do like to dunk, but always feel a tad guilty when it’s such a good quality biscuit! Just me?.

And finally, drum roll please for our Today’s Special Value tomorrow… it’s from EasiYo!! What an offer, which is available immediately, a set of ten assorted sachets of their Greek Yoghurt for under £20? Seriously? This is amazing and I’m already signed up for the advanced order option thereby securing this great price going forward.  Meaning I can always enjoy a healthier alternative to the shop bought versions and at a fraction of the cost too. If you have never tried making your own yoghurt before, nothing could be easier (hence the name obviously) or healthier. Again, check out our website for the full kit and I promise you’ll never look back (well I haven’t anyway!!).

When it comes to food, it’s so good to be organised and of course our May voucher promotion allows you to do just that by spreading the cost. Oh, and by the way, the random spaghetti photo? Well this is just one of my own favourite dishes that I’ve been making a lot recently. It’s a broccoli and garlic recipe and I love it!

So there we have it folks, bring on the Vouchers (Food3Z) and bring on the deliciousness for the month of May!! And remember #QVCAlwaysWithYou… even in the kitchen!!

Till next time… stay safe.

Anne xx


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7 Responses

  1. Hi Anne, lovely blog as always. I’m sure the fruity Hotel Chocolat fruity treats can count towards your five-a-day! Your spaghetti looks delicious – as a long-term veggie, I’m always on the lookout for new recipes. Can you share it if you’ve got time, please? Thanks and stay well x

    1. Hi Cherry, thanks for the confirmation re the fruity Hotel Chocolat 😉
      Yes I love this spaghetti dish, so simple…..but one of my faves. I will post the recipe soon!!
      Look after yourself.
      Anne xx

  2. Oh Anne…. recipe please for the yummy pasta!
    Good news about offer code but being very good with my pennies 🤗x

    1. Hi Kathryn. Hope you’re well. I know what you mean about the pennies……I have to confess being a bit on a spending spree of late (and not just my food bill!!).
      Will get that recipe out to you soon.
      Take care.
      Anne xx

    1. Thanks Muriel.
      Hope you’re keeping well. Yes recipe will follow soon. Promise!
      Take care.
      Anne xx

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