Freshen up for spring

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re all well as we edge our way into springtime. I always see spring as a time of new beginnings and fresh hope (and we certainly could do with some of that!!). One major way that we’re looking at freshening things up this weekend is with…

The big Spring Garden Event!!

It’s the perfect time to sort the garden out and if the last couple of years has taught us anything, it’s that our outside space, no matter how large or small, is absolutely vitally important on so many levels. So with that in mind we’re going to make things as easy as possible for you to get your garden in order this year.

Speaking of “easy”, ALL our gardening products are going to be available for you to get in four interest-free, easy monthly payments! We have everything from stunning outdoor furniture and decor to beautiful plants and shrubs, plus all the tools you could ever need in order for your garden to have a mini or major makeover.

I think many of you know that I moved house last year and still have more or less of a blank canvas in need of some advice (then I just need the time to actually implement that advice… sadly didn’t happen last year). I will be getting answers to my questions live on air this Sunday, which is fabulous!! A couple of questions that I have are:

What plants/bushes should I put to cover a plain, relatively newly installed fence that will take minimum looking after, and will also grow and cover a large bland area as quickly as realistically possible?

My second question is…. are their particular plants that thrive well in a windy area? I’m fairly high up in a hilly and exposed area and could do with some advice here too.

In all honesty our Today’s Special Value (TSV) this Sunday could help with my first question in a major way. It’s a stunning faux leaf garden ‘Trellis in Bloom’ from Garden Reflection, coming up at an amazing price.

The reason I know this is because I bought a similar one last year. As you can see from the photo below, I have a brick wall area which has seen better days and so decided to give it a bit of a face lift with a faux trellis.

You may have already heard me waxing lyrical on this very subject with Michael Perry and the lovely Gill Gauntlet. I will definitely be investing in more of the same… even if I haven’t worked out exactly where I’m positioning them yet!!

We will also be spoilt for choice on this event, as we are bringing you the biggest assortment of new products that we will have seen so far this season. With all our expert guests on hand to answer questions and give advice, I for one am very much looking forward to the official launch of our Spring Gardening Event.

Just before I go I also want to say that if you’re needing a “spring” in your step regarding your skincare, then join the wonderful Abi Cleese as she brings us a great Skinsense TSV on Monday. This is the Hydranet range and is all about delivering immediate and long term results for brighter, radiant skin with a more youthful glow.

It is a full-size, five-piece collection worth £148 (wait until you see the price!!) that includes five-star reviewed formulas, brought back by popular demand. Just one of the products has sold over 50,000 units since it launched and there will be the introduction of a brand new product too. This is truly your “at home” fully comprehensive facial.

So with all of the above in mind, please join me and I shall see you at the weekend for a variety of exciting shows.

Bring on spring folks!!

Take care,

Anne xx

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