Getting your “fix”

Now that could be anything from ice cream or caffeine through to sunshine and beauty!!

Hi everyone, and I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the sunny weather we’ve been having as I believe most of the country got to bask in glorious rays for a good few days ☀️☀️☀️.

Doesn’t it just brighten your day and your mood when the sun comes out? I love it!!

Even the start of the day with my all important morning caffeine “fix” is made all the more enjoyable when I can have it out on the patio (albeit closing my eyes to the current building site we have going on 🙄 – see earlier blog if you’re confused on that point!!).

Well I know that so many of you have also been getting many a beauty “fix” this month with June being Beauty Month here at QVC. We’re right in the swing of it now and your make-up needs will be being addressed this Friday with our Today’s Special Value (TSV) from BareMinerals.

I fell in love with this range about 15 years ago. The original foundation (which is in the kit incidentally) has been a true winner for me. I never thought you could have such amazing coverage without the feeling of any make-up on the skin whatsoever!! It is incredibly easy to apply (you’re also getting the brush) and the ingredients themselves are deemed good enough to sleep in. I don’t even need a mirror now (I do however use one for everything else make-up wise 🤣 …as that would indeed be very interesting and not just a bit scary).

Their concealer is top notch too and you have in this instance also got the most beautiful lip gloss which is simply gorgeous!! Everything is so natural looking. If you’ve never tried the range before this could be a good time. I vary between medium and medium beige in my chosen shade, depending on how many of those glorious rays I’ve absorbed 😊.

So do join me for a full hour at 6pm on Friday and find out more about the range. Don’t forget you can also order straightaway if you don’t want to wait until then. It is amazing value after all.

Oh by the way, that’s not me making that fancy coffee in the photo… that is my youngest Jon who is in the industry. I’ve been wanting to learn how to do that whole Latte Art thing for years now but never seem to have enough hours in the day, maybe I’ll just stick to drinking them 😆.

Well it’s nearly time for another of my favourite “fixes”… that being an ice cream! 🍦

Haven’t been out to Italy in an age for obvious reasons, so does that mean I can indulge in a double gelato? Just how much self control do I really have? Zip probably 😃.

Good to catch up as always… see you at the weekend.

Take care,

Anne xx

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