Hair today!

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the lovely selection of shows we’ve been bringing you of late here at the Q. Just popping up briefly to give you a “heads” up as to what’s appearing shortly on the horizon for you.

We’ve had some fab beauty recently including that incredible offer from Elemis last Sunday!! Of course, it’s not always a matter of the lotions and potions, but the tools of the trade too! Enter our amazing Friday’s TSV from Babyliss. 😊

A great little tool if you’re not great (or patient) with styling your own hair. I had this to play around with the last couple of weeks and it produces gentle waves and curls effortlessly. So straightforward and simple to use and let’s face it, all that is required is a quick online search to see just how much of a major part Babyliss are as a brand in the hairstyling arena. Major league!

Now I’m including a little tongue-in-cheek video here too, still on the subject of hair from a recent Easilocks show. The reason being, I’ve had so many comments (and compliments) regarding my “new haircut” that for those of you that missed the show and thought I’d had a recent visit to the hairdresser… well no!

QVC presenter Anne Dawson tries out an Easilocks wig

No Description

Indeed this is a definite “Hair today, gone tomorrow” scenario. It’s a wig!! And I do love it. This range has been a huge success for us, with this particular piece now selling out in moments on the last two occasions we’ve seen it!

So whether it’s your own style you want to work on or you fancy an instant style fix, you truly can have your cake and eat it here at QVC! (Cake? Who said cake 😋? Quick….someone stick the kettle on!!)

Catch you all at the weekend.
Anne xx

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  1. Hi Anne,
    How are you? I hope the family are well. I still love your hair long, but great video! Do you know how Catherine is?x

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