Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Hello one and all!

Isn’t all this glorious sunshine an absolute joy and delight! (Apologies… isn’t it strange that we always assume the weather is the same everywhere? I do hope it’s sunny wherever you are too!!).

Well of course as we approach this weekend the focus for many will be on Mother’s Day. A time where we can celebrate and remember our mum’s whether they are still with us or sadly no more. My mum would have been 97 years old, and still hardly a day goes by where she’s not in my thoughts. I have so many wonderful memories of her right the way back from my early childhood.

I can remember being only about three or four years old and every day I would watch her putting on her lipstick before taking me to nursery. She would always finish by turning the lipstick the other way around and then pretending to apply it on me. I thought I was simply the bee’s knees with this little daily ritual!! They do say that our sense of smell is very closely related to the memory, and I also remember the fragrance of “In Love” by Norman Hartnell as we engaged in this wonderful morning routine (only those as old as me will even remotely know what I’m talking about). It was a favourite of hers when I was very small, only to be overtaken in slightly more prosperous times by Chanel No 5!! (I can be transported into her company in a nano second if I get a whiff of that!!).

Well, it’s this Sunday that we get to remember our mum’s. I have a slight complaint though as to the choice of date this year! The day after we lose an hour by the clocks “springing” forwards?!! How outrageous that we should lose out on that extra hour’s lie in this year! I’m working this Sunday with my usual 4am start, which will now feel like a 3am start to the day… really will need to have an extra early night on the Saturday!!

Of course it will be made much easier by bringing you my favourite line from the Gatineau range, in the form of an incredible Defi Lift Today’s Special Value (TSV)! Going back to my mum for a second… she had wonderful skin in terms of lines and wrinkles, but her issue was lack of firmness with the great enemy of gravity taking its toll on her jawline. I’m afraid her daughter has the same issues, but I do find this range really does help with this enormously. Having said that, they have had a number of years to perfect their craft in terms of anti-ageing, as we are now going to be celebrating their, wait for it… 90th anniversary!!! Nearly as old as my mum would’ve been, were she still with us. 😃

I’m very excited to be bringing you a whole hour of Gatineau on Saturday at 11am. This weekend however, really starts with a bang on Friday with a superb fashion event. At the helm is an absolute stonker of a TSV from Kim & Co which I am so looking forward to showing you. Yes, she’s done it again ladies. This time with a fabulous spring jacket!!

Now I know this is going to be popular so I would encourage you to get in early (I’m just wondering what the stock levels will be by the time I show it to you in the 9am show!!). Incidentally, Monday sees another great fashion TSV, this time from Monsoon.

It may mean that if you’re buying any of the above as treats for mum this year, that they will get there a bit late… but honestly, would you complain? I know I wouldn’t (not meaning to issue any heavy hints out there whatsoever 😉)!!

In the meantime, if you need any immediate inspiration out there you cannot go wrong with what’s in my top pic – flowers are always a winner, plus perhaps the odd homemade scone or cake to accompany a delicious afternoon tea? (Thanks to the KitchenAid sitting behind the said flowers 😊).

In any event, have a wonderful day all you fabulous mothers out there… and don’t forget to recoup that hour we’re all losing at some future point in time. You deserve it!!! 🥰

Take care,

Anne xx

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  1. Anne I read your blog about your mum with a smile as my favourite perfume was hartnell in love and still use Chanel no. 5. Bought for me this year by my daughter and son as they too remembered my favourite perfume. And like myself I miss my mother every day and she’s not far from my thoughts. Thankfully we have our children to carry on the love to.
    Take care

    1. Hi Ann,
      Thank you for getting in touch. Such lovely comments. Yes there’s nobody quite like your mum is there……
      Take care
      Anne xx

  2. My late mother wore L’aimant by Coty perfume. The smell always reminds me of her and Chanel No 5 is similar. Wonder if people associate my perfume with me?

    1. Hi Anne,
      O yes!! Absolutely ……people do make that association between the person and the fragrance!
      When my mum passed away, my niece (who I am incredibly close to) bought my perfume because she missed her Nan so much and wanted to be close to me at that time. She only bought it once but said it helped. I was almost in tears when she told me.
      Lovely to hear from you.
      Stay in touch
      Anne xx

  3. Hello Anne, Oh what lovely memories you brought to mind, mentioning Norman Hartnell’s “In Love” perfume in your blog. I worked in a well known high street chemist’s in the 60’s, I don’t know if that’s when it first came out! but that’s when I purchased my very first bottle, me and every other one of my fellow shop assistants, I still remember the shape of the bottle, tall square thin shaped bottle about 3 inches tall. I wish I could still purchase it. My next bottle of perfume strangely enough was a bottle of Chanel no 5 bought by my boyfriend whom I went on to marry,
    Best Wishes xx

    1. Hi Beryl,
      So wonderful to hear from you and your past association with Norman Hartnell.
      There seems to be such a strong link between that fragrance and Chanel No 5!!
      What an occasion for you though………memories of your wedding day!!
      Take care and stay in touch.
      Anne xx

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