In the bleak mid-winter ⛄️

Hey everyone!!

Hope you’re all well and keeping warm.

We have had a dip in temperatures of late (as well as storm Arwen taking its toll). Check out the image of the scene I woke up to first thing Monday morning! I do love the snow but only really to look at and only for about a day or so. Of course, as we approach the festive season it’s always nice to have a little dusting to get us into the Christmas spirit… don’t you think?

So I’ll give you a progress update regarding me being all organised for Christmas. 🎄 I think I said I would be all done, decorated and wrapped up by Sunday the 5th December?

Ok… so as I write this on the 1st, I have a tree up but not decorated as yet. I have not completed the Christmas shopping list and absolutely nothing is wrapped. But there’s still time (well a few days anyway)!!

In case you’re wondering why the tree is up but no decorations… I can’t remember if I mentioned that this will be my first year without a real tree so I went all out and bought the seven foot K by Kelly Hoppen tree and I’m totally blown away!! Clearly I’ve seen it many times in the studio but to see it lit up in my own living room! I’m almost reluctant to put anything on it… but I will!

Of course, part of the fun of being in the bleak mid-winter is that you can shut the cold out and snuggle up at home all warm and cosy… (and very stylishly too) with our fabulous Today’s Special Value (TSV) from Carole Hochman on Friday. A Silky Fleece Printed Pyjama Set. I’ve opted for the animal print and I just love the luxurious look and comfort you get.

I’d be more than happy to “lounge” around all day wearing these without a care in the world as to who came calling (expected or unexpected guests alike) at my front door.  I’ll be sporting mine at 11am on Friday so look forward to your company then. You’ll also see them in the Morning Show at 9am which I’m also super excited about as my co-host is the one and only utterly fabulous Craig Rowe. Our paths simply do not cross often enough here at the Q so I’ll be making the most of it.

Oh and I almost forgot… my final update… I have succumbed to temptation.

My collection of Hotel Chocolat is now waning and stocks are rapidly depleting (so delicious!!) 😋. I do hope there’ll be some left for Christmas!! Actually I’ve put the brakes on for the time being, so we shall see indeed how much true willpower this lady has 💪💪 (first time I saw that emoji I thought it was a chicken leg… then I put my specs on 🤣).

Well lovely to catch up briefly folks. I will give you my next update soon and we shall see if I cross the “totally organised for Christmas” finish line triumphantly or if it’s another “must do better next time” verdict… with my head hanging in shame.

Watch this space!!

Stay warm and see you soon,

Anne xxx

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  1. Hi Anne,
    Hope you have a nice early Christmas with your family and are all set. Hopefully everyone will stay well though there’s so much going about and everyone is below par! Hope all your family are ok in Scotland? Dreadful scenes from the storm. Totally do agree about the snow! Only good if you’ve not got to get to work!x

  2. Glad your Christmas preparations are moving on, Anne – mine are too. We will be away for Christmas so just have a small real tree this year, which looks lovely. I’m pretty much ‘wrapped up’ at last and cards are written and posted today. Fingers crossed that nothing happens to prevent family get-togethers this year. Stay warm and snug – your snowy pics are lovely. Lots of love. xx

  3. Oh Anne you have made me smile…well laugh actually.
    I do enjoy seeing you on screen and you always have a twinkle in your eye. Christmas peraparations are going on all over the place, I have small tree with lights, berries and Pine cones already on -so easy – that I bought from QVC a good 10 years ago, still looks perfect and in our flat.
    I think it’s not all about the finish but the joy of getting there, celebrating the season,
    Anyway must go, enjoy your Christmas in every way possible especially those chicken legs LOLOL
    Wishing you and your family all the very best.

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