It’s beginning to look a lot like… Christmas!

Well it will on Friday anyway… it’s Christmas in July folks!!

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all safe and well.

I’m really looking forward to the above event, we have lots of great ideas throughout the day and just wait until you see what’s at the helm!! The Today’s Special Value (TSV) is brilliant! A great offer from Auroglow – a set of three little touch lamps. I have found these so incredibly portable and handy all around the home. From bedtime reading to dark spots in an office area, but my absolute favourite is when following recipes in the kitchen. Just perfect!! Completely rechargeable and three different settings all at the “light” tap of the unit. (Sorry just couldn’t resist that very odd pun!!).

Now I don’t know if this is even a word but I don’t care, as for me it’s the ultimate description – brilliant “bendiness”. Really, these are like little yoga lamps, they twist and turn into all sorts of positions and angles! (Which is more than can be said for me these days… note to self, start exercising to improve flexibility!!).

They make fab gifts too, so you could keep one (or two) for yourself and give the other as a pressie. There’s very little you can gift these days that will be appreciated by youngsters and teenagers, right the way through to those of us in our eighties and nineties, but these will so not disappoint!! And what a price!! Join me for the first two hours of Christmas in July for what promises to be a very busy show indeed!!

One last thing… I’ve included a photo of what I was wearing on Beauty Day. I received so many questions and lovely comments that I thought if you missed it, you may well want to take a peak. You can click on the links below for a closer look.


See you all Friday… ho, ho, ho!🎄🎄🎄

Anne xx

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  1. Get you ‘Trendy Tina’ in your outfit, you look fabulous.. daahling!!! Love the look, you look stunning. I like the look of the Auraglow lights, these could be really handy around the house, I’ll probably gift one to my son when he goes off to uni, uh-oh here come the tears, he’s my baby, at 6′, still my baby, then I’ll be all alone in my nest. On the bright side less laundry!!!

  2. Look great Anne,the tsv lamps look fabulous ,I got one for myself along while ago, but will be getting the tsv make good gifts x

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