Just in time…

Hoping you’re all keeping safe and well in these strange times that we continue to find ourselves in.

So, what are we “just in time” for?

Well for starters, how about an amazing Big Deal from KitchenAid?! It’s the Seven Speed Hand Mixer and I’m proud to say that mine just arrived (I went for the almond option) and I can’t wait to get going with it. I know our very own Julia Roberts absolutely loves hers and when I saw it… well let’s just say I didn’t waste any time ordering. Which I may add that if you want it, all colour options are now on advanced orders, but the offer ends Sunday night at midnight (if there’s any stock left!!). So as we all suspected, it’s been a real winner.

Also as you read this you’re “just in time” for an incredible Today’s Special Value (TSV) from Kim & Co. It’s a fabulous Jersey Jumpsuit in Regular and Petite lengths, which you will see me wearing in my two Kim and Co shows at 11am and 3pm today. Now this lady certainly designs to please and I’m sure many orders will have been placed already… so again skates on for the length and colour of your choice please.

You are however in plenty of time for a genius little product that I’ve included a photo of, which is coming up on the 17th of August. I really hope it’s in one of my shows as I’ve been given a sample to try and I absolutely love it!! What is it? Check out the Pill-O-Pad!! This is such a dream product for anyone with a tablet out there. So, so comfy and helps take the strain off the shoulder and neck area – type emails, surf the net, or watch a movie in comfort. There are even little pockets on either side for storage, ideal for a mobile phone or remote control. This is a fabulous idea and I’m sure it will be popular, so again eyes peeled on the 17th please. 😊

Well today we’re going to see temperatures soar as it’s going to be the hottest day of the year so far (well in the South East at any rate)! Thirty-three degrees they reckon. Happy days!! And happy flowers too! My friend Fiona bought me the large stunning bunch of sunflowers that you can see at the top just in time for my birthday (and yes… it was a big one!! Ouch!). Don’t you just love sunflowers? 🌻 They are such happy-looking, joyful flowers and totally make me smile every time I look at them, which let’s face it, does us all some good when we can smile a bit more (even with a big birthday… lol 😀 😀 😀 ).

Happy days indeed.

Catch you later.

Enjoy the sunshine and stay safe everyone,

Anne xx

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  1. Hi Anne. Hope you get to read this message. Wishing you a Happy belated birthday. The sun flowers are beautiful.

  2. Happy birthday Anne!!! You kept that quiet! I hope you had a lovely day with the family, or as many as you were able to see. It’s not been the big day you expected no doubt! You’re looking fab. I’m sure you’re missing Italy and I hope your friends are ok there. I can’t believe the photos that young people are posting of themselves at social gatherings, hugging and kissing. So disrespectful to us all especially the nhs staff.
    Love your sunflowers!!! Lovely friend!
    Happy birthday again!!x

  3. Happy Birthday Anne, hope you had a lovely day! not as you would expect to celebrate the big one, but I do hope you enjoyed it the best way you could.
    Take care and stay safe.x

  4. Hello Anne

    I hope you don’t think me rude, but I’m absolutely loving your current specs frames and have been trying to source some for myself without success. I was hoping you might divulge their whereabouts.

    They are a really lovely, shape and colour and so flattering. Hoping they could do the same for me 😀

  5. Happy Birthday Anne and congratulations . What a lovely lady you are ,so delightful to watch on QVC.
    Definitely one of the best!

    Best wishes
    Janet X

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