Just one thing (well ok… maybe three!)

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all well as we reach the midway point in January (already… can you believe it?). The only visible evidence I have left to remind of the recent festivities is my poinsettia, which is not looking as good as it was, I hasten to add.

Anyway, so what are the three things?

Firstly if you watch regularly and for some reason have escaped the fact that until the 24th of the month we have what’s known as The Great QVC Giveaway, then I want to remind you of this fabulous opportunity we’re bringing to kick-start the year. When you make a purchase (and up to three times a day incidentally), you have a chance to win from a thousand fabulous prizes and (whether you win or not) you will automatically be entered into our Grand Prize Draw, with a chance to win a whopping great £10,000! That will be announced on the 27th January!!

All you have to do is “spin to win”. Now I coined that phrase and a few others when this was launched last Monday, such as “keep spinning to be in with a chance of winning” and “did you spin and did you win?”, or my favourite “have you spun and have you won?”. Do you think I missed my vocation as a gameshow host? Methinks not!! But it is lots of fun!

Moving on to thing number two…. well hardly a thing and more a fabulous offer from Vionic in the form of our Today’s Special Value (TSV) on Monday!! They are bringing us the Agile Jojo Trainer at a seriously brilliant price and you can even spread the cost.

Now, if you haven’t tried Vionic footwear before… it is amazing. Helping to sort out alignment, which has the potential to minimise aches and pains, is what they’re good at, and Keith Maynard is excellent at explaining and showing precisely how they achieve it. What amazes me is that normally this type of technology would cost a fortune but they do it for such great value and so stylishly too. These trainers are great and where else can you get to literally “road test” them for a couple months?

Ok, so my final thing and I want to call this the “just one thing”:

I know we would all love things out there to change and life to return a bit more to what it was, but if there is just one thing that you really hope to get in 2021 that you missed out on last year, what would it be? Oh and by the way, you are allowed to be totally and utterly selfish here. It can be anything you like.

Me? I so want to return to my precious Italy this year (not just mine… obviously). The photo at the top is the little village where I have a little hideaway that I like to hide away in more than once a year (September 2019 was the last time). I have lots of lovely friends there and miss them and being there terribly. I know though that I have so much to be truly thankful for in my life and seriously, if that’s as bad as it gets, then I’m doing more than ok.

But anyway, that’s my “one thing” for 2021… what’s yours? I would absolutely love to know, so do get in touch. 😊

Take care and speak soon.


Anne xx

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  1. I want to be able to see family again – to visit my dad in the nursing home and to have my son, daughter-in-law and four grandchildren over for Sunday lunch. We’re all keeping in touch, but it’s not the same. Also want to be able to travel again … how I miss the occasional fix of Mediterranean sunshine! But, now that the vaccine in here, there is light at the end of the tunnel for all of us. Love your blogs, Anne. Stay safe and well x

  2. Hi Anne I met you once at thorpe park I think I mentioned it before we were waiting for our family getting of the log ride.Anyway our pleasure is Italy my husband and love it last time we went was September 2019 to lake maggoire but like your we are grateful but it’s nice to try and look forward no harm in that is there. Take care and best wishes Loraine xx

  3. Hi Anne, I must say how much I love seeing you on air, you’ve given me some real giggles and drawn me in to the shows in the best way, really cheered me up – thank you!

    Your part of Italy looks idyllic. Definitely my favourite holiday (and food!) destination too over the years. Hope you get back and have a well deserved break there soon.

    As for my wish, I want to get back to Cambridge where two of my favourite coffee and cake shops happen to be! And the architecture’s pretty amazing too!

    Very best wishes,


  4. Hi Anne, your little hide away looks so relaxing and peaceful where you can re-charge your batteries, sit back in the sun shine, meet friends and forget what’s going on in the outside world, just for a little time at least.
    I had a lovely surprise on Sunday when I ‘flicking’ between programmes and saw your Red Cross appeal, it’s such an amazing society who are always the first into any disaster zone to offer help and support, it really makes you think how lucky we are.

  5. Hi Anne, that gorgeous photo really drew me in! I hope you can get back there as soon as safe to do so. I love Italy but haven’t been to many places there up to now. One of my Christmas presents was a travel journal where you can do all your planning,enter ideas,photos etc. I have made a start by entering a few places on my “to visit” list . Four out of six listed are in Italy . Hope it won’t be too long 🤞.
    Take care

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