Little life savers amidst soaring temperatures

Hi everyone,

I realise by the time you read this that temperatures may well have indeed dropped, but currently many of us are basking in glorious sunshine. It doesn’t come without its challenges though!!

Now I’m not complaining, but… anyone else struggling getting to sleep or staying asleep in all this heat? On two occasions this week it’s been difficult for me to get a good night’s sleep (loft conversions anyone?). It’s been so warm… and my youngest has struggled too. However, he is somewhat distracted by the fact that he picks up the keys to a new abode on Wednesday and we have been busy getting everything ready.

Today his Silentnight Miracoil Memory Ultra 1750 Pillowtop Mattress arrived as well as his Airmax Pillows from a recent Today’s Special Value (TSV).

He’s also ordered a beautiful selection of bedding including Northern Nights’ Cotton Cool & Crisp Duvet Set, so I reckon he won’t have too much trouble getting in some ‘heavy zzz’s’ in the weeks and months to come!

He has just dropped some heavy hints though for a Cook’s Essentials Cookware Set!! I don’t mind… they’re a great price and he has indeed been educated well over the years with so much QVC exposure in terms of homemaking!

I’m currently writing this blog from my garden (don’t think I’ve ever done that before) and once I finish, I have as you can see in the top picture, everything at the ready to help with my nails. I so can’t wait to have a proper pedicure and manicure, but I’d be lost without my little nail heroes. They’ve been an absolute essential in recent months.

However, the biggest news in my diary that I am super excited about is that I have a hair appointment!! Woohoo! Next Sunday after work. Finally!! My wonderful, lovely hairdresser, Luke is opening the salon just for me! And he hasn’t even seen my unruly locks yet, which haven’t been cut nor coloured since February the 5th!!!!! A whole five months (I was booked in for March 25th…).

I’m not in until Friday now, but I’ve already got my eye on the Skechers TSV on Wednesday… but then you all know about that addicted aspect of my life.

Okay, tummy is now rumbling so a late lunch will be the order of the day, followed by my little nail treatments in the sunshine (well probably the shade if I want to see what I’m doing!!) In the meantime, take care everyone.

Lots of love,

Anne xxx

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  1. Hi Anne, thank you for sharing your lovely blog. Always enjoy reading them. I am also looking forward to having my hair done. It’s been 4 months. I am a big fan of cook essentials. I am loving every minute of shopping with qvc I have bought loads. I am enjoying of the things now that I could never afford before. Have a great week. Antoinette

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