Massive QVC Weekend!!

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well. Now with Halloween and Bonfire night firmly behind us, we are well and truly on the countdown to the Big Day itself!!

I’ll jump straight in and share the excitement of what will undoubtedly be one of the biggest weekends of the year here at QVC. Transformations all around.

Firstly, the ever popular Shark brand is coming up on Saturday with a fabulous Today’s Special Value (TSV). It’s the Duoclean Anti Allergen Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. I hear time and again from you lovely people (and friends and family) how your favourite tool for cleaning is from Shark… cordless or not!! They truly are tried and tested, and certainly built to last.

In this case it is the cordless option that will allow you to whizz around the home and effortlessly swallow up both the dirt you can and can’t see (the machine is of course doing the swallowing… not you!!). It simply has the most incredible ability for edge to edge cleaning too.

Not only that but Phil Parker, our lovely guest, will be showing us amongst his array of fantastic demonstrations, it’s anti allergen element efficiency with a smoke machine. It illustrates amazingly how this vacuum cleaner can even consume smoke with no leakage!! If you’re not familiar with the brand or you are in the market for cordless vacuuming, please tune in Saturday. We have an astonishing saving too (as of course you would expect!!).

Now… drum roll please! No let’s make that 712 drum rolls please (random figure but it illustrates my point) …THE BIG ONE is here from Elemis!! Now although this will be dominating our screens on Sunday, it is available immediately for you to purchase. It is of course our biggest collection offer of the year…

The Elemis Christmas Today’s Special Value!!

I don’t know how the team do it every year but it just seems to be getting better and better! This year for the first time ever, not only do you get a seven piece (yes seven!!) collection, but the choice of aromatics include skincare and bodycare products. Both choices include the multi award-winning moisturiser (last seven years here at QVC) Pro Collegen Marine Cream and also Soothing Apricot Toner.

Then it’s entirely up to you whether you go for ‘Rose’ or ‘Skin Nourishing’. Both are stunning and come in a beautiful corresponding velvet case ready for gifting, self-indulgence… or a bit of both.

Can you believe that after everything described above I am now going to say that you can get it home for just £12.49 if you take advantage of easy pay, plus P&P (which remember is only £1.95)? Amazing!! I know many of you will be stocking up! I certainly will.

Just thought I’d add that the number seven is the number of perfection (remember that it’s seven pieces and a seven year award winner for the marine cream). Is that intentional? Who knows… but what we do know for sure is that for many of us Elemis is definitely the “perfect” choice for top-to-toe skincare!! (Love it!!).

Enjoy the weekend everyone. Remember for ordering tap the app or go online… it’ll be a busy one!!

Anne xx

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