Mother’s Day Molton Brown and watermelon!

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all well. Now I know I’m really early with the whole Mother’s Day chat (please hold fire for the moment on the watermelon), but with this weekend’s fabulous Molton Brown Today’s Special Value (TSV), it’s so worth considering it as a perfect gift for her (whoever she is – as the banner ‘mum’ can fit widely in so many cases).

So what exactly have we got? Well there are two six-piece Home & Away collections to choose from (yes you did read that correctly!!). We are truly being spoilt by this beautiful British heritage brand. An amazing luxury fragrant range of bathing and body experiences that can be found worldwide now for over 40 years. And this is a true luxury set!

The choice? Fresh or Warm. Whichever you choose, you get two full-size Bath & Shower Gels, a full-size Hand Wash and a trio of travel-size treats. What’s not to love? This will be the ultimate bathing experience for so many. In the Fresh option the set truly springs to life with zesty exotic blends like Lemon and Mandarin, and Orange and Bergamot, whilst the Warm collection indulges your senses with Jasmine and Sun Rose, and Fiery Pink Peppercorn. Whether it’s to refresh and revitalise or to soothe, cocoon and nourish, this TSV really does have something for everyone… and lots of it for the price.

Get in early for Mother’s Day as this is all absolutely perfect for gifting. I’m looking forward to a full hour with lovely Gemma at 2pm on Sunday, where we will be treating you to not only a full presentation but a whole lot more besides!!

I have a few other highlights this weekend too. Lovely Lulu will be popping up at 10pm tonight in a Beauty Loves show and on Saturday at 7pm Ruth Langsford will be showing us some more clever ways to make the most of our fashion choices. If that’s all a bit over exciting then join me at 11pm on Saturday for an hour of Silentnight, where sleep solutions will be the order of the day (or night)!

Oh I nearly forgot… the watermelon! Well this is my current obsession! I have enjoyed many a watermelon over the years, but I have no idea what has happened… I just have to have it at least a couple of times a day. It’s just the best thing ever!!

If I didn’t know better and my birth certificate wasn’t telling me something different, I’d be getting concerned (now that would be one for the Guinness Book of records!!).

I have been lazy and buying the prepped stuff but at my current rate of consumption I reckon I’ll be rugby tackling a whole one soon. Anyone else a fan out there? Of watermelon not rugby… although there’s been a whole lot of that too of late. And is anyone also a fan of the Watermelons fragrance from Shay & Blue? Love that too! Gosh it’s all getting a bit overwhelming!!

Anyway, I digress… do join me for a weekend of fun on all fronts starting today.

Take care in all this blustery wet weather!!

Lots of love,

Anne xx

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  1. Hi Love molton brown got my husband sued after shave shower gel for his birthday it is gorgeous smell. Sick of this weather storm after storm at least we are not flooded.
    Hope your well
    Take Care x

  2. Anne, you might think I’m bonkers but my black Labrador Retriever, Sirius, is obsessed with watermelon and he has some every evening. People always comment on how shiny his coat is. It is definitely good for you. 🐾

  3. Anne I am a fan. Just have to have it. I have it with everything, and I mean everything. Was getting worried about myself until I read your blog. I am addicted, but thanks to you…..I am not alone!

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