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Well hello everyone!

Can you believe we’re now already in December? The Christmas countdown truly has begun!! And whilst the focus may be very much on Christmas shopping and presents, it’s good to know that here at QVC we also want to keep you safe and sound in your homes… but at an affordable price too!!

That’s why this Saturday’s Today’s Special Value may well be of interest to many of you who currently don’t have any type of security system or perhaps are looking to get one for a friend or relative. It’s all about peace of mind at the end of the day and who better to bring us precisely that than Ring?

You may remember (or already have) their fantastic Ring Doorbell System. If so, you’ll know how truly amazing they are in the arena of safety and security in the home. Well, we are absolutely delighted to be launching their Seven-Piece Alarm Security System. Now we are looking at a “smarter” way to protect your home from the inside out!! Meaning of course that you are completely in control at all times and from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

In case you’re thinking, with all this high-tech wizardry, do I need to be some IT genius or expert in DIY? Absolutely not! As you will find out on Saturday, the installation couldn’t be easier and it’s completely customisable to fit your home as well as being pet-friendly, which of course is brilliant for those of us with furry friends that like to roam around at all hours of the day or night (that’s of course the pets that I’m referring to… not family members 🤣)!!

They say you cannot put a price on peace of mind… well just have and as you would expect, it’s outstanding!!!

Also, this weekend on Sunday at 9pm I will be launching an amazing TSV from Homeworx by Harry Slatkin by way of a Set of Three Season’s Greetings Three-Wick Candles! What is it about multiple wicks in a candle that make them look so incredibly designer and expensive? (Or is that just yours truly?).

Now these, as you can see, do truly look expensive but you will find out what an absolute winner we have pricewise at 9pm when I meet Harry for the first time (well we are actually catching up earlier in the afternoon for a quick hello and a chinwag). Although this is going to be my first taste of the range (not literally… disclaimer!!), I do know that so many of you rave about it. This set is called “Christmas Cheer” and we all could do with more than a dollop of that at the moment!! I am so excited to be launching this and simply cannot wait to experience the collection first-hand.

We have:

  • Frosted Holly (holly berries, cool peppermint and winter woods)
  • White Birch (notes of white birch and fir balsam)
  • Season’s Greetings (juniper spring, winter mint and red currant balsam)


Not a choice either… but all three and in beautiful glass jars too!! The price really does not reflect this truly high-end style. Indulge yourself or split as gifts… the choice is yours. Please do join me 9pm this Sunday for a very much anticipated TSV from Homeworx.

So how are all the preparations going? For the first time in my entire existence on this planet, I am actually fairly organised. Nothing wrapped but all bought (I cannot believe I’m saying this!!!). Is this the new me? Probably not… lol. 🤣🤣

I won’t be wrapping until the tree goes up on the 13th (12 days and all that… love a bit of tradition 🎄🎄) but I fully intend to have everything under “wraps” (see what I did there? 😃) by close of play on the 15th, with only the food shop to do!! Which, let’s face it, should be a tad less of an ordeal this year. We shall see!! I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, stay safe and warm you lovely lot!!

Take care and see you at the weekend 😊😊

Anne xx


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  1. So you have twelve days of Christmas before AND after Christmas Day? Brilliant! I’ve never thought of that; I’ve only ever done the twelve up to Twelfth Night! Excellent, a 24 day Christmas this year! Enjoy!

    1. Ah thank you Deirdre. I had them done this way for one of my son’s weddings 2 years ago and can’t stop!!! 🤣🤣
      Stay in touch.
      Anne xx

  2. hello anne
    loving the new candles that are the t.s.v ,what brand/item number is that jacket you were wearing while launching t.s.v,?
    looks lovely on you.

  3. Hi Anne,
    Hope you and all the family are well. I wonder who you will be able to have this year? I hope you’ll have some of your lovely lot. Have a nice day x

  4. Hi Ann
    I was watching your Winter Fashion programme on Sunday evening when you were talking about White Christmas, the lady with the tiny waist who’s name you couldn’t think of was Vera Ellen. From the film she looked about a size 4 and about 6 stone and very slim legs, but could she dance. We don’t get the glamorous films like we used to and white Christmas is a must every year.
    Enjoy your Christmas

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