Super duper weekend offers!!

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re all well and enjoying some of the lovely sunny weather we’ve been having of late. I’m very excited about some of the gardening shows we’ve been having and yes… I have indulged in a few purchases I must add. The Santorini Lounger from Innovators is just one of them!!

I haven’t had time to actually take it out of the box and enjoy it as I’ve been a bit manic between one thing and another… but tomorrow is D-Day!! I promise to include some pics of this and other recent QVC purchases in my next blog (just praying the weather doesn’t change now 🤪).

We’ve got some fantastic offers coming up this weekend though. Saturday sees a fabulous opportunity to get on board with some tech with a brilliant Samsung Galaxy Tablet Today’s Special Value (TSV).

I’m personally not great on tech but I have bought quite a bit over the years from QVC. The problem is if someone can explain what the appliance will do for me and show me how easy it is, then that’s it… scan, tap, shop indeed!! (Lee Holbein you know you are guilty as charged on this front). The amazing 10.5”, 32GB Samsung tablet will be launching this Friday at 9pm!!

Sunday sees a brilliant TSV from one of the most popular skincare brands out there (not just on QVC either). The Cleanse & Glow Skincare Collection is your ultimate Liz Earle daily routine. It’s a five-piece collection too!! All your faves… and then some. Honestly if you’ve never tried the range before, this truly is the perfect opportunity and it’s available on pre-sell already.

I will be on your screens on Friday with plenty of fashion options for you on both the QVC Main and the Style channels, so if you’re looking for some wardrobe inspiration then please join me as we shall get the ball rolling at 4pm with the ever popular Kim & Co.

Off now to do some pottering in the garden.

Hopefully the sun is shining wherever you are! ☀️

Take care,

Anne xx

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