The best of intentions

Well hello everyone! Am I still on time to say Happy New Year? Well, I wish you all peace, health and the very best of things to come your way in 2022. So… title of the blog, “The best of intentions”. It’s the perfect time of year to be talking about this right? Okay we may prefer to call them New Year’s resolutions, but resolutions or intentions, the bottom line is the same:

What am I going to do differently this year?

I’m almost hesitant to begin as I can think of at least one area that I promise myself will be different each and every year and each and every year I fail… miserably. I am of course referring to my annual announcement of how I’m going to be organised for Christmas by mid-December. It’s never happened yet 🙄. Having said that, if I hadn’t been a tad poorly (along with most of the country – the longest cold/flu bug of my life), I’d have just about made it… I think. Well I’d like to think so in any event.

My first year with a faux tree helped as that was all up along with the decorations by the 1st. So far so good. Did my big family Christmas on the 12th, which all went swimmingly (although I was actually wrapping presents between courses!!). Boxing Day for me was the following day on the 13th when some of the family stayed over, so really it felt like it was all over by the 14th. That’s when I went under the weather big time 🤧!!

Those few last-minute bits and bobs seemed to go on forever and although there was less family around the table on the day itself this year, I just couldn’t seem to get it all together. Everything was just an effort. Well that’s my excuse this year however I don’t know what reasons (excuses) I can offer up for all the other years! So, for 2022 folks, this will be it!! Maybe I should start now? It’s funny, Rebecca (my daughter-in-law) and I were chatting about the plans for this year on Tuesday… 11th January, really? But perhaps it’s not as daft as it sounds!

Okay so my next best intention, like most of the nation, is health. I think I mentioned that since I’ve moved house I’ve really gotten into those country treks (and I still fully intend to keep that up), but flexibility is my goal for this year… and looking after my back (not that I have any current issues but I’d like to keep it that way). One way to help with this is in fact our Today’s Special Value (TSV) this Saturday. Already on pre-sell, it’s the Stretch Mat from Homedics. Fabulous reviews!!

Now I actually purchased this last February… but it’s not been out the box!! Please let me explain as I hear you shriek in horror (clearly, I’m the only individual who has ever bought a piece of exercise equipment and never used it? Methinks not!!). This was bought three weeks before the house move and it was put to the side, only to disappear into the darkest deepest recesses of the earth in my new house (otherwise known as the loft).

We had a storage area built onto the side of the house which meant that there was lots of stuff in storage units until it was finished. To be honest, I’d been so busy that I’d forgotten all about it… until the other day whilst putting away the Christmas decorations!! Joy of joys, there it was in all its glory (as you can see in the top image 😃). I am now super excited to be on with it at 4pm this Saturday and hopefully this will give me all the inspiration I need to build a good regular habit (rather than just owning a good intention!!).

Of course, part of health is diet!! Taking ownership of our nutrition is a must and if like me you’ve more than over done things during the festive season, then at QVC we’re here to help with that too.

A fabulous TSV offer from Ninja on Sunday, which I have the pleasure of showing you at both 11am and 1pm, is an amazing oven which will cut your cooking times drastically.  Again, good intentions of cooking proper meals from scratch are one thing… but when you get home famished on a cold, dark night and just want something filling that’s quick and easy, that’s when those resolutions can fall by the wayside. Well whether it’s a solo recipe or you’re feeding the whole family, you’re sure to be inspired when you see exactly what this machine is capable of.

With 10 functions and preheating in only 90 seconds you can achieve that healthy start to 2022 and it can use up to 75% less fat too!! Did I mention that it’s also up to 40% faster than a fan oven? Of course, Ninja as a brand… well, they’re just on it aren’t they!! And remember as always, our 60-day money back guarantee. I’d also like to point you towards a WOW of a TSV this Friday from Color Wow, which is available now. Here is an actual photo of my shower which includes all the products you’re getting.

Yes, I use them all on a regular basis but if I could have built a little podium for them, the Dream Coat would have been right up there winning first prize!! This has built such a massive reputation within the industry and for very good reason too!! To be applied every third wash or so, this leaves your hair in super silky condition. I just love it. Well I love the whole range and only fully appreciated how brilliantly it cares for and prolongs your colour when we hit lockdown the first time round nearly two years ago. It was an absolute saviour!!

To marry up with your crowning glory, on Monday we’re sorting your nails out with a great offer from Perfect Formula and the gorgeous Ruth Francis. She will be showing us precisely just how to achieve this (she is such a great advert for the brand… beautifully manicured nails).

So there you have it folks. What about your good intentions for 2022? Did you know that the majority of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by the 19th January? That’s next Wednesday! But of course that won’t be us now… will it?

Catch you at the weekend.

Anne xx


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