The “secret” to revitalising your life!

Well hello everyone,

Hope you’re all well as we approach the end of what certainly seems like the longest month of the year (and not just financially either!!). It can seem a bit of a long haul from now ’til springtime… but we’re here to help. 😀

Our big Revitalise Your Beauty event this weekend is all about beauty, but I’m slightly extending the title to include other aspects of your life too!!  Like gardening for instance! I have a fabulous two hour show lined up for you this Friday at 9am with the inimitable Michael Perry no less, and a super-duper Today’s Special Value (TSV) from Plants2Gardens.

Low maintenance, high impact and suitable for the novice gardener, this is most assuredly my kind of gardening!! I think I mentioned that I moved house last year and my garden was a kind of blank canvas. Unfortunately with the way life is at times… not a lot has changed! It’s still more or less a blank canvas!! So it simply has to change this year and this TSV has all the potential to achieve precisely that.

Simply stunning bell-shaped blooms that will last approximately five months, the Penstemon Phoenix Collection will not disappoint and will continue to deliver these results year after year. The colours are breathtaking (check out the beautiful images), and so incredibly easy to plant and care for. Of course, it helps when it’s a brand that so many of you have come to know and love.

Now the one thing I did make a start on last year was my patio. I invested in some garden furniture which included a couple of amazing parasols, thanks to the lovely Lucy Piper. Well she’s tempting me again with the amazing Cocoon Chair from Innovators. I’ve had my eye on it as I think it not only looks great, but will perhaps encourage me to sit down and relax a bit more this spring/summer. It could play a part in me “revitalising my life” (note to self, sit back and enjoy the journey more).

But yes, the big event this weekend is all about beauty and we’re certainly going revitalise your make-up routine with our Doll 10 TCE Luminous Collection TSV on Saturday, which is already available here. If you’ve never tried the range before this is the perfect opportunity for you, especially if you love a really natural looking finish that’s quick and easy. It gives you simply everything you need for a beautiful, luminous glow on the outside (even when we feel less luminous on the inside!!!).

Skin, eyes, cheeks and lips, gorgeous Doris Dalton the creator has it all covered. With the T.C.E (this covers everything) Foundation as our starting point, we continue with a beautiful blusher and finish with incredible lashes and a fabulous lippie. What’s not to love? Oh… and a great price too. I’ll be showing it to you during The Beauty Morning Show at 9am and then I have a full hour of Doll 10 at 11am.

Of course the whole weekend event is super exciting and packed full of your favourite brands and offers. Yes folks, I’m certainly looking forward to the weekend!!

By the way, were you wondering what a photo of my poinsettia is doing on this blog? Well, just because really! This is what’s directly in front of me as I write this and I’m rather proud of how it has been behaving itself for the last couple of months. Hopefully I can get the same great plant results outside this year as well as inside!!

Now just before I go, you may also be wondering what the “secret” element in this blog title refers to. Can you keep a secret? Personally I struggle… but I’m afraid my lips are firmly sealed regarding this one. We have news!! And it concerns this weekend but I’m not allowed to spill any beans. Suffice to say, I think you will all be delighted in your droves when it is announced!! 😃😃😃😃 We do indeed have something very big on the horizon, happening Saturday and Sunday, but you’ll have to wait until Friday evening before the cat is let out of the proverbial bag!!!

And that’s all I’m saying about that!! (Why does that last comment remind me of Forest Gump?)

Anyway, I digress… take care and catch you all at the weekend.

Anne xxx

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  1. Hello Anne,
    I watch you on the Nails Inc hour on Sunday and wow you looked amazing I did spot the Marlawynne top you were wearing snap I love mine too, I did wonder who’s trainers you were wearing please ?I utterly adore the colour ordered the Moda in Pelle TSV in the same colour today.
    Take Care Keep up looking so amazing.
    Love Linda

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