We’ve got a great Shark vacuum cleaner deal

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the sunshine. ☀️

Just popped up to let you know about a fantastic offer we have coming up this weekend with Shark!

This is truly an amazing entry point for such a high-end machine. So if you’re looking at a new vacuum cleaner, Shark never disappoint with such user friendly solutions to cleaning up life’s daily messes (well most of them anyway!! 😀).

For the times when you want a really deep clean with minimum fuss, the Shark Duo Clean will glide effortlessly from carpets to hard floors in an instant. In fact, everyone I’ve spoken to recommends the “double test”. Firstly vacuum the floor with your current vacuum… then use your new Shark and go over the area again. You’ll be amazed at what you find! Not only is it fantastic at cleaning all that deep down embedded dirt, but you get that great “go faster” stripe down the middle of your carpet too!!

But it doesn’t end there, the Anti Hair Wrap technology means that you’ll never find yourself again with a pair of scissors mid clean trying to disentangle the mess in the brush head. It also has the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal, meaning it’ll help sort out dust and allergens by sealing them inside the unit instead of releasing them back into the air (brilliant at this time of the year especially).

It’s sleek and flexible design really takes the hard work out of cleaning as not only can it get into all those awkward and hard to reach areas, but it converts to a handheld cleaner too!! So great for the stairs, furniture and so much more besides.

I’m sure the inimitable Mr Phil Parker will be demonstrating throughout the day the many ways in which it can make our life so much easier. I’m delighted to be bringing it to you live during my 7pm show on Saturday evening, so please let’s make it a date to see it in all its glory (that’s the Shark Duo as well as Mr Parker of course 🤣🤣).

But… if want a quick peak in the interim period checkout the little video I’ve included.

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Oh I nearly forgot to talk about the price… It’s not often you see me write a blog about one thing and one thing only… but this offer is an absolute corker!! It saves you over £110 – that’s over 40%! It’s unbelievable.

So please join the fabulous Phil and myself this Saturday at 7pm for the Shark Today’s Special Value.

Take care,

Anne xx

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  1. I bought this and somehow my brain registered the name on the box as Shrek. I’ve been unable to call it by it’s real name, and it annoys my daughter when I refer to the Shrek.

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