Won’t be giving up my day job…

Hey everyone,

Hope you all had a great Easter with lots of chocolate! 🐣

I write this while eating a white chocolate egg… so enough said concerning me on that front!! It was a much smaller event this year than is usual in the Dawson household, but then again, last year was pretty much the same. Really hoping that we can get back to lots of friends and family gatherings very soon, as I’m sure most of you are too!! I so miss them!

So yes… never fear, I’m sticking to my day job! Jilly Halliday and myself were asked to take part in a little fashion shoot ahead of our fashion event this weekend. Now you would think given my job with presenting live TV and all the studio lights and cameras etc. that this should be a bit like a “duck to water” type scenario… but guess what? I absolutely detest having my photo taken! Honestly!! (I can just about manage a selfie for Instagram and that’s only a relatively recent event). It’s one thing to point me towards a camera where I’m chatting, moving around and presenting, but a whole different ball game being fairly static or “posing” as it were. Not my bag at all!!

Nevertheless with the team on board (fabulous Capri our photographer and Stine our multi-talented stylist), I have to say it was utterly painless and in fact quite fun.

Believe it or not the shots were not actually posed for but were mainly captured with me chatting or being told to look around etc. I was surprised at how the time flew by and thought that the girls did a really great job with both us presenters (probably a tad easier with lovely Jilly as their subject matter… she’s a natural!!).

So yes, I loved my outfits… from the Ruth Langsford trousers to the Joules blazer and wow, so totally loved the WULI:LUU by Gok Wan blouse too!! A quick mention as well to look out for Saturday’s Today’s Special Value offer, a gorgeous midi dress from Ruth Langsford, which goes live at 9pm tonight.

But come 9pm Saturday night, we shall all be turning our attention to the great British brand of Elemis for a truly whopping offer in the form of Sunday’s Today’s Special Value!! The Energise & Renew Five-Piece Collection. Now I have just caught up with the gorgeous Keeley in Cyprus (video call of course) and we were both saying this is like a Christmas TSV at Easter!!

It’s not just about the value either, you have a true headliner here in the form of the brand new Pro-Collagen Renewal Serum. This really is the wow factor in terms of the most recent innovation and development from the brand. Retinol, a buzz word in beauty to many, but a source of discomfort and irritation to others. Normally kept for nighttime, here this latest launch has all the ingredients that mimic retinol on the skin but without any potential downside. The results? A seriously fabulous anti-ageing serum at the top of its game!!

First time ever also in a TSV, we’re getting the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30. Add to that the glorious Energising Marine Cleanser and the only decision you need to make is whether to go for the Bath & Shower Milk and complementing Body Cream in either the Sea Lavender & Samphire or British Botanical options. Think refreshing oceanic wake up call versus a calming and cocooning tranquil oasis for the soul!!

My favourite (which actually surprised me) is the British Botanical. This is not just some sort of “flowery” experience… this feels uplifting and harmonising, like it’s melting away all the stress and anxiety with an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility. I adore it.

So please don’t miss out on this great offer. I’ll be on your screens with it Sunday at 1pm stock permitting!! And stocks are depleting as it’s available on pre-sell now!!

There you have it folks. I’ve include a couple of Easter pics for you as well as it’s never too early for a couple of chocolate treats… even at 9am (see clock in the background).

Oh and as far as “those other pics” are concerned… don’t worry, like I said,  I’m not giving up my day job anytime soon!!

Lol 🤣🤣🤣

Take care and see you at the weekend,

Anne xx

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    1. Thanks Liz. Yes I’m afraid Easter and chocolate are still continuing at the moment 😋
      Hopefully will finish by the May Bank holiday …..lol 😂xx

  1. Anne, you’re a natural, you look amazing and I love reading your news and watching you on QVC keep up the good work, stay safe, xxx

  2. Anne you are a natural, you look amazing, I love reading your stories and watching your presentations, keep up the good work and stay safe xxx

  3. Hi Anne,

    don’t you look the business absolutely gorgeous!
    Love your beautiful daffs such a lovely mix.
    In respect of the day job I think that you should consider that as a second option.

    Happy Easter
    Love Janet

    1. Oh bless you Janet…….you’re way too kind, but thanks!!
      Always nice to get a confidence boost 😊xx

  4. Hi Anne, I felt I had to send you a message to say how fab you look on your photo shoot! I, like you, do my best to avoid photos & cannot understand why most women think that posing with a fish face is attractive?! These photos are by far the best of all the presenter photo shoots I have seen ( sorry everyone else!) & you certainly rock that hat. The trouser, jacket & hat is my favourite & you so remind me of a younger version of the very stylish Diane Keaton whilst hubby glanced at you & said you reminded him of Lulu so I don’t think they are bad comparisons. Your Easter displays look lovely & so pleased you enjoyed your white egg-much nicer than normal chocolate I think.
    Take Care Anne & keep strutting your stuff
    Love & Best Wishes
    Mandy xx 🙂

    1. Wow Mandy!! I am saving your comment to read on the days we all get when we feel just a tad under par!!
      Thank you so much (and your hubby too!!)
      When our lovely stylist Stine started she asked all us presenters whose style we would most like to emulate……funnily enough…..I chose Diane Keaton!! So there you go!!
      Take care and stay in touch Mandy xx

  5. Hi Anne,
    Happy belated Easter! I have to agree with the ladies above and Mandy when she says you remind her of Diane Keaton and Lulu! Spot on there! You’re just such a natural and not a poser at all which is so refreshing as the ladies say! Bring on more Anne!
    How are the boys and the family? I hope you enjoyed Easter and it looks like you had the decorations out! I love your floral display and kitchen if that’s where it is. Hope you’re settling x

    1. Hey Susan,
      Lovely as always to hear from you. I know you comment regularly and I apologise as I’m a bit behind in my responses with everything that’s been going on (move etc).
      I adore my new house (yes that is indeed my kitchen) and the family are all well!! Can’t believe how time flies …….must be getting old 🤣
      You take care my lovely xx

      1. Hi Anne,
        Don’t worry at all. Life is so busy and we’re all just trying to keep up and going. Great to hear you have moved and are settling though. I’m guessing it was a huge move. Do you have any of the boys with you or all flown? Hope your niece and family are well. Take care x

  6. Hi Anne
    With Kathy’s retirement I realised how much the presenter’s familiar faces become part of daily life. Living in rural Scotland I have found QVC a great way to shop for many years ,I especially like the fashion – models of all shapes and sizes and age groups. (being a canny Scot myself, I think QVC could have a rethink re p&p for loyal customers) I really like and value your style of presentation and hope you’ll remain a familiar QVC personality
    for a while yet. Kind regards

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