2020 so far and a super Samsung offer

Wow! I’m in love!

Ok, I realise how that sounds… well, it just so happens I AM in love with a wonderful man but what I was actually talking about was a Today’s Special Value offer from Samsung. It’s a stunning phone which caught my eye the minute I took it out of the box to try it, but it can do way more than just look sexy! More about that in a moment…

Let’s come back to the other love again. Gorgeous Jamie. We spent Christmas together with my children and had the best time ever. On New Year’s Eve we went to a gig where my musician son was playing live, and Valentine’s week was pretty Tom and Chrissie centric too…

On the 13th we were treated to my daughter singing live in Bristol, and then on Valentine’s Day itself, we cheered Tom on as he played and sang to a crowd gathered for an anti-valentines evening. Jamie and I were allowed in but we were told, tongue in cheek, that we weren’t allowed to be all coupley as this was a night for the anti valentiners. Ha ha! We had an amazing time at both events.

We did get a day all to ourselves when I wasn’t working, so we went for a nice walk to a local eatery where we had fabulous pizza and then went on to the Oscar-winning film, Parasite. I can highly recommend it, though if you don’t like subtitled films it won’t be for you unless you speak Korean. A remarkable piece of cinematography. Our local cinema is really lovely: small and intimate with the best cocktails! So we indulged in a couple of those, and then we walked off the food and drinks with a long, happy saunter home.

That’s a very concise little catch up on what I’ve been up to in 2020 so far! It’s been rather busy so I’m afraid the blog has been neglected. My apologies for that. I’ll try to keep up but I’m starting to think I’d really benefit from a personal assistant! My best friend, Steven, would be perfect for the job.

Ooh, and how could I forget? Last month Steven and I went on the trip of a lifetime to New York. It was unforgettable, truly magical. I kept nice and snug in my Centigrade coat and Skechers boots. Steven had blisters and painful feet and I didn’t! I hate to gloat, but I honestly believe it’s thanks to the Skechers!

Speaking of Skechers, I’m thrilled to give you a heads up on Saturday’s TSV. They are the arch fit trainers and are really stylish as well as super comfy and supportive. I’m hoping they don’t sell out prior to my show at 11am on Saturday as they are wonderful.

Back to that gorgeous smartphone I’m in love with now… you can find all the information about it here, but I highly recommend you consider taking the plunge. Give it a try for yourself at home with our 30 days money-back guarantee, as it’s the best way to truly appreciate all it can do for you. It’s launching at 9pm tonight and we will have presentations throughout Thursday while stocks last.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is a stylish Android smartphone which features 5G for super fast downloads, a large 6.7″ immersive display, a long-lasting battery and six fantastic cameras. This special deal also comes with a pair of sleek, wireless headphones.

Don’t forget too, we have other fantastic Leap Year deals this year from a selection of our top brands. If you use the code LEAP4Z, you can pay in four interes-free instalments!

Finally, I’ve been working a new design with jewellery brand, Clogau. We got together several months ago to begin work on it, and I’m revealing it in my 5pm show tomorrow with our lovely Graham Stock. I hope you can join me.

Don’t forget, for more regular updates with me you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thank you as always for stopping by. I truly appreciate it more than you know.

All my love,

Catherine xx

3 Responses

  1. Good morning Catherine,
    Thank you for sharing your lovely blog. You and Jamie look so much in love. Remind me of my self and my husband. We are celebrating 52 years of marriage next month. You must feel like the happiest mum in the world. I have been doing lots of shopping at qvc. Best wishes to you and your family.

  2. Hi Catherine,
    So happy for you and Jamie. At last you say! And rightly so! Life can be tougher for some than others for no reason and I’m so glad you’ve found a good man. It sort of gives us hope.
    Lovely to hear of your trip with Steven too. How is he? A trip of a lifetime as you say as the big apple is a bit of a money eater! So glad you got to experience it!
    Lovely to hear the kids are well and see Tom too. Handsome.
    Take care,
    Susan x

  3. Your a beautiful lady Catherine, both inside and outside. Jamie is one lucky guy, glad you have found happiness with each other, you deserve it. With the same breath Cath, what a pleasure to watch you presenting, your such a professional lady. I wish you both and your family all the happiness in the world. Take care and stay safe Catherine. Regards, Ken. Xx

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