2020’s done… welcome 2021!

With the start of each new year I always have a feeling of hope and anticipation about what may lay ahead in the year to come. I am very old fashioned and have an actual paper diary which I usually buy around November time and fill with significant dates and my QVC shifts. Its clean pages, blank and crisp, are full of unwritten memories waiting to be made.

This year, more than any I can remember, seems more mysterious than ever. As I note friends’ birthdays, I wonder whether we’ll be celebrating in person. Looking at the summer months I can’t imagine where I might be spending a holiday. Anniversaries, weddings, time off, it’s all rather uncertain. One common thread, a constant, as I jot meaningful events into my brand new diary is relationships. People (and animals) who are important to me feature in my calendar year after year. Whether it’s those who we share our lives with now or those we remember on certain dates, the one thing I feel sure of is that my relationships will keep me going. Those I have with work colleagues, family members, friends, both virtual and in ‘real life’ and my dear man, Jamie. All of them are what really count to me.

So, I’m starting this year with an attitude of gratitude for all that I have to be thankful for. Those of you who share your lives with me and allow me to share parts of mine with you mean more to me than you might realise. I share quite a lot but there are some things I don’t share due to not wanting to encroach on others’ privacy when certain events involve some of my nearest and dearest. 2020 was challenging in more ways than I’m at liberty to say due to a couple of family members ill health but 2021 is looking more positive, I’m pleased to report.

Perhaps my biggest challenge of 2020 was having to say goodbye to our dear little family member of 13 years, little Miss Pixiecat. I remain optimistic about life, as ever, but the light in my world got just a little dimmer when she left it. She was, and always will be, a very special soul whose memory will be imprinted in my heart for all of my days.

You all shared my pain, sadness, happiness at the memories and you shared your own personal experiences. We cried with each other and smiled through the tears at remembering the good times. So many of you sent thoughtful gifts such as remembrance pieces, books, ornaments, artwork, letters, cards and love. Though I do find it so hard to keep up with all the social media comments and traditional correspondence I really do want you to know that it has meant the world to me. I am humbled by your compassion and generosity. You have hearts bigger than I could ever have imagined and I will never be able to thank you enough even if I said thank you every day for the rest of my life. I am so grateful for you.

It’s not just me who is thankful for you at QVC. We are all so moved by the way you have kept us all going throughout last year. Our on-site team has reduced dramatically with vast amounts of employees now working remotely from home. Whether you’ve shopped with us or tuned in for a bit of ‘normality’ or just some company, you have made a difference to us. You’ve also made a difference to many of the businesses whose products we showcase. Yes, we have many of the biggest brands at the Q, but we also have small businesses who have relied on us to help keep them going throughout their toughest times. Many are UK-based, homegrown businesses who couldn’t have survived easily without your help so thank you on their behalf, too.

QVC have come up with another exciting way to say thank you… with a massive giveaway! The Great QVC Giveaway will certainly give you something to be hopeful about this January.

We’re inviting you to kick off the new year with an exciting chance to grab some great prizes. How it works is every time you make a purchase you use your order number to enter online, give our virtual prize wheel a spin and you could land on a brilliant prize! Plus, you’ll be entered into our Grand Prize Draw to win a whopping £10,000! Not bad, eh? So, if you’re anything like me and shop regularly all you need to do is get shopping and start spinning! Good luck!

One last thing to tell you about before I finish this first blog of the year…the forthcoming Today’s Special Value offer from cosmetician, fashion designer and popular TV presenter, Judith Williams. Her range comprises innovative and pampering skincare designed to help tackle the visible signs of ageing and encourage a gorgeous glow.

The collection is comprised of some fantastic products from her Lifelong Beauty regime. The four-piece Face and Neck Collection. Perfect to have as your night-time regime or to slot into your already existing routine. You get the Neck & Decollate Cream in a 100ml size, the famed Rose Oil, also 100ml, 30ml of the Ultra Lift Eye Cream and 120ml of Judith’s brand new Laser Tech Tightening Face Cream.

So, the first three are time-honoured favourites but the new launch is the one everyone’s talking about here at QVC. Lifelong Beauty Laser Tech Tightening Face Cream. Here’s what I have been told about it. Sounds good to me!

“This cream will help combat the signs of skin ageing as it will help improve the appearance of volume and wrinkles, while making the skin feel tighter. The Youth Complexion improves the feel of skin texture and leaves it looking even and rosy. The Densilift 5.0 is one of the strongest ingredient combinations in the Judith Williams range.”

Of course, it’s at a very special price until midnight on the 7th so worth grabbing it whilst you can make a considerable saving and also take a spin to win with the Great QVC Giveaway!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I’m wishing you a very happy, healthy and safe new year. As ever, thanks for your support.

Lots of love,

Catherine xx

4 Responses

  1. I love, love, LOOOOVE those drawings of Pixie. Gorgeous!! And from what you have said and photographs you have shown, they really seem to capture her “essence”.

  2. Lovely blog, let’s all be aware and thankful for the little things that mean the most to us through these difficult times. Can’t wait to get hold of the JW TSV, love the rose oil, look forward to trying the new launch of the tightening cream.xx

  3. Hi Catherine. I always enjoy reading your blog. Like you i am an old fashioned diary girl. And am going to look forward and not back. And fill it with happy memories. Look after yourself and your lovely family and animal family. Take care,stay safe.

  4. Hi Catherine, You have a lovely way with words. Your blog made me feel emotional and will strike a cord with many people. Love watching you on QVC. Lets hope 2021 is better for everyone! Take care and keep safe xx.

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