A bevy of bovine beauties!

Cows are just big dogs. Well, they are very similar. No, really, they are! Bigger, obviously, but they are loving, playful, sweet, trusting and sometimes very inquisitive!

I recently went on one of my mammoth walks in the countryside with my fine fellow, Jamie. We both love to be close to nature and going on long walks. It’s especially nice when we get the chance to go together. A couple of weeks ago I promised I’d soon be posting a video of me singing to cows. I use the term ‘singing’ very loosely.

Now you may be wondering what prompted me to sing to cows… or you may know me well enough by now to be thinking I’m pretty eccentric and you’ve barely raised an eyebrow.

Well, this video on YouTube warmed my heart some time ago. If you’ve never seen it do take a look, it’s so sweet! I don’t play (or own) a trombone so I’ve had to improvise, but, remarkably, it still had an impact on the cows!

In the original video the man is playing a song by Lorde. I could only half-remember that one, and so it sort of morphed into ‘Walking in the Air’ by Aled Jones, if any of you remember that one, hee hee!

Well, here’s my video.

Catherine Huntley singing to cows

Catherine Huntley singing to cows

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This is taken a few minutes after I started. They were nowhere near the fence at the start, but one after another, their interest was piqued. Finally I had a whole cow posse focused intently on my odd mouth trumpet utterances!

It totally warmed my heart and I highly recommend it if you’re lucky enough to happen upon a field of darling beings like these. It’ll make your soul glow!

I also heartily recommend seeking out videos of cows playing with balls. They really aren’t so different from our pets, at all. That said, I don’t think I’d like to clean out their litter tray, or have one on my lap for too long.

Seriously, though, they are wonderful creatures and I never realised how loving and playful they were until recently. Utterly delightful.

Onto another passion of mine… shopping! Most of my QVC shopping is done in our fashion department.

As a vegan, I’m not buying leather items anymore so I’m always on the hunt for great non-leather items we have at QVC. I’ve found a fair few recently! One of my most recent buys are these beauties from Geox.

Here are some more of my latest finds… worth a look. And obviously they’re not just for vegans! Ha ha!

Gorgeous boots from Rieker. I went for both Black and Tan in these…

These Skechers have been getting a lot of compliments, too! Especially from the models here at QVC. A few people have thought they were some big designer name. Even my best friend, Steven, said he’d love a pair, too! 

Another pair of Skechers that’ve won me over for the coming season are these.

And this is an absolute gem of a bag!

I’ve had so much use out of it. There are quite a few non-leather offerings from Frank Usher. They’re really affordable, too!

One of the newest styles, hot off the press, from Kipling is this one.

I have always loved Kipling, but even more so since becoming vegan as the majority of what they do is non-leather! This one is great as you can wear it as a wristlet, cross body, shoulder strap, bum bag (or waist bag, if you favour that terminology); and it even has kind of a built-in purse so you don’t have to carry a separate one!

I could go on, but I’ll leave it there for now and wish you all a very happy week whoever you may be singing to!

Lots of love,

Catherine xx

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  1. Hey Caterine you are not alone, Iam also vegan and have a field of cows down the road which I sing & talk to. My dogs were playing in the stream and I looked up and all the baby cows were lined up watching. They could hear my dogs excited & happy barks so they came over to watch, so amazing. Soon the farmer will come & take the babies away from their mothers and the thought of their sadness keeps me awake at night. So hard to care so much isn’t it?

  2. Hi Catherine , you look fabulous in the black , cold shoulder dress this evening ( Diamonique tsv show ) . Is it available to buy on QVZC ?
    Best wishes Kate

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