A roller coaster week!

Hello my lovelies.

Thank you so much for all of your comments on my last blog. I completely understand those of you who are not on Facebook and not fans of it.

I will do my best to bring as many blogs as I can to you as I really want to keep it going. You’ve been extremely supportive to me and I genuinely love keeping in touch here. To those of you who have followed on Facebook, thank you, too!

I’ve been overwhelmed by the response and my head is spinning a little just trying to keep up! I’m sure all will soon fall into place and a good balance between blog and social media channels will occur!

First things first… have you seen our Beauty Pick of the Month from Color Wow? If not, it’s a special limited edition Dream Coat. The same great formula that we know and love already but brought to us by Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist, Chris Appleton.

He is renowned for creating the mirror-like shine that Kim is known for. Not only does it give great shine to the hair but it acts like a protective coating which prevents frizz which can be caused by humidity and water.

With our weather it’s a godsend.  A brilliant price and no P&P for the whole of October. Great ahead of the festive season.

Speaking of great hair… many of you know (and love) my BFF, Steven. He has hair to envy! We spent a week together recently and it was bliss! We are both children at heart. We love a laugh and we both love rollercoasters, too. We took ourselves off to Alton towers for a couple of days. Wow, what a great time we had!

Ok, so it rained the whole time. So what?  It meant that we had virtually no queuing time for the rides or food! It was fantastic! There are too many funny moments to recall but one that stands out for me is when it started to rain again and we were just about to get on Rita, Queen of Speed.

It’s a super fast roller coaster. I speedily helped him on with his waterproof poncho. It was only when we went to look at our ride photo that we realised I had accidentally put it in him back to front.

This meant that the hood was at the front instead of the back and it slapped him right in the face when we got up to speed! We did laugh about it and, fortunately, he wasn’t hurt… it was just typical of me!

We made good friends with one of the front of house members of staff at the Alton Towers Hotel, Mick. He was so attentive and shared our sense of humour. We decided to give homes to these little bears and we named them Mick and Michaela in his honour. They are the best of friends, too!

Before I go, I’d just like to pound out this week’s big deals. We have a luxurious four-piece Hand & Body Collection from Rituals, a four-piece collection of jar candles from Yankee Candle, a stunning Centigrade coat with a faux fur trim and a gorgeous dress from MarlaWynne. 

I always like to check and see what’s on offer but the weeks fly by so fast that sometime I miss them.

Have a wonderful fortnight. I look forward to catching up soon.

Lots of love,

Catherine xx

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  1. Good morning Catherine, thank you for your lovely blog. I always look forward to reading your blogs. Please keep them coming. Have a fantastic week. God bless you Antoinette.

  2. Hi Catherine, lovely blog again, I love catching up with you, thankyou so much. Look forward to hearing all your news in a fortnight. take care. Pennyxx

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