Adjusting to our new ‘normal’

Hello and thank you for stopping by for a little read. It’s always lovely to know you are there and I know, from feedback on social media, that the feeling is mutual for so many. As a QVC customer and avid viewer myself, I’m hugely grateful for the service QVC is able to deliver during these unique times. I’d like to say a huge thank you to all the people who are making this possible from those in our warehouses, our suppliers (many of whom are small businesses who rely on QVC to keep going), the delivery drivers and so many others. Too many to mention here but I’m grateful to all of my colleagues who are doing a great job.

The biggest thank you must go to the frontline NHS workers, of course. It’s hard to even contemplate what they are going through right now. This will include those delivering vital equipment, cleaners, radiographers, those who are performing and analysing tests and again, more than I can possibly mention here. A huge thank you to you, too for joining us every Thursday at 8pm, when we join the rest of the UK and show our appreciation through our applause together. I have friends who are frontline key workers and I know that the support the public has shown to them has meant an awful lot. One of my wonderful neighbours, Kath, a respiratory nurse, is right in the thick of things. She says she and her colleagues have been moved by wonderful messages of support and even food parcels. This warms my heart no end.

Everyday life has changed so much, in such a short space of time, for all of us around the world. I thought I’d give you a little insight into how we’ve been spending some of our time together at Chez Huntley.

My darling best friend, Steven, sent us a New York themed jigsaw puzzle. How characteristically lovely of him! We enjoyed it immensely! It’s actually very addictive! I’d forgotten just how much fun it is to play with puzzles. It also helps to focus your mind. It’s quite meditative. My mum is a big fan of crossword puzzles, I’d imagine they’d be quite good right now, too, if you’re in need of quieting and calming your thoughts.

The sun came out with a vengeance at the weekend. For years, I’d lived in flats and had always wanted a garden. Now I have one, not very big but big enough to sit outside on a blanket and have some breakfast in the sunshine whilst watching the cats explore. I recently bought these Skechers sandals, they’re great for just pottering about and I love how they match my water bottle, which I also bought from QVC. If you are spending some time enjoying the sun on your balcony or in the garden don’t forget your Ultrasun!

Pixiecat and Popsiecat have been very entertaining. I think we are spending more time just sitting with them, stroking them, talking to them and generally appreciating them. They don’t go outside much but they like to be where we are so if we go in the garden they come out and find a nice little spot to perch and watch the world go by, too. The other day I was watching Pixie as she chased a pretty little white butterfly around in the glorious sunshine. Awwww, so sweet, but then…she caught it and happily chomped it down with lots of lip-smacking contentment while I looked on, wide eyed and open mouthed! Nature can be cruel but at least it was a very swift end. Down in three bites, I’d say! A bit gruesome but what can you do? At least they don’t bring prey into the house. In fact, Popsiecat loves nothing more than catching leaves and twigs for us, ha ha! Funny little ladies, they are.

I’m going to be spending more time in the garden and have been ordering up a few things from QVC such as Richard Jackson’s compost, a mushroom growing kit and a blueberry plant. I’ve also had a mushroom kit sent to Jamie. Actually, I have some gardening shows at the weekend, if you’re interested. On Saturday at noon it’s Tools for the Garden and then Thompson & Morgan at 1pm. Then on Sunday I have DIY at noon and Richard Jackson’s Garden at 1pm. If gardening’s not your thing I also have an hour of beauty on Sunday at 11am.

My own beauties, my son and daughter, have both performed online gigs so the house has been filled with music. We’ve also watched films and, sometimes, idled about on YouTube simply watching lots of funny pet videos. Sometimes you just have to find little reasons to laugh. Tom and Chrissie are my rays of sunshine. I’m so grateful to have them both with me.

Speaking of rays of sunshine. My darling Jamie. We speak every day, but he is stuck in Scotland indefinitely now. We’ve no idea when we will get to see each other in the flesh so that’s taken some getting used to. Sometimes it’s bittersweet catching up on FaceTime as it feels so hard not to be together even though it’s lovely we get to see each other on screen. Sometimes there are tears, but we do our best to keep smiling. I made the suggestion that we could sometimes be on FaceTime even with the sound off just so we can see each other. For example, we recently cooked dinner together. When I say together, I mean that we each had our cameras on so we could see each other as we went about chopping up vegetables and having a sip of wine. It was very comforting.

Movie date was great! When Jamie is here with me, we love going to a lovely little local cinema. It’s very cosy and they serve nice nibbles and cocktails. Obviously, we can’t do that, so we had our own matinee screening of The Notebook in our respective bedrooms on Saturday afternoon. We each prepared our snacks and drinks, set up our cameras so we could see each other, lined up the movie to the same place, pressed pause, got settled and then, 3…2…1 pressed play! Excuse Jamie being topless, but he was cosied up in bed all comfy, hee, hee! He asked if he should get dressed up and I said no, just be as comfy as you like. I did my hair with my Dyson Airwrap and, of course, prepared for my date with a full face of make-up. That felt nice even though Jamie tells me I never have to, and he loves me just as I am, with or without make-up and hair done. I tell him I feel the same about him, ha, ha!

Mum is doing well in her new place. She’s been there since December so is nice and settled and has lovely neighbours. Mum has always been very independent and she has her shopping delivered so is managing just fine through all this. She also knits all the time, when her arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome allows. About a year ago she knitted this Scotsman, complete with kilt and sporran. During a visit to her house I commented on how it was like a little Jamie and she let me have him. So, I cuddle up to my little mini Jamie every night now. Thanks mum!

Just in case you didn’t know, over on my Instagram account I am doing a weekly sign language video so you can learn along with me. I post it every Wednesday. I’m also doing some reading aloud for people who might find that calming or for those who may not be able to read for whatever reason, perhaps due to being partially sighted. I’ve had requests to keep that going so I’m aiming to put up a new video every Thursday. Please feel free to join me for a little light relief. I’m currently reading a favourite book which is very cat-centric and calming. If you fancy it, I’m @catherinehuntleytv on Instagram and I’ve saved both as ‘series’ on my Instagram TV. You’ll find them just under my profile info under highlights if you want to have a look.

Thank you again for dropping by for a read. Surreal times but hang on in there and stay safe.

Lots of love,

Catherine xx

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  1. Catherine what a touching and uplifting post from you, thank you. You have a heart of gold. Stay safe and go gently. Cherish the time with your lovely children. There is a rainbow out there!

  2. Hi Catherine, thank you for blog. It has been very comforting to read. God bless you and your lovely family. Stay safe. Antoinette

  3. That was a lovely read. Keep your spirits up. Hopefully we’ll all come out the other end much stronger ❤❤

  4. Dear Catherine, you are one of the most Gorgeous, Beautiful Women on Planet Earth.
    You have the face of an Angel & a Heart of Pure Gold.
    Stay Safe & Keep Well.
    Love you forever!!

  5. Thank you so much Catherine, you are a beautiful person, you have a lovely family, love your cats too. And of course handsome Jamie a fellow Scott! I’m at home with my 2 buddies, Oscar pug, and Billy Parrot, I’m sure they must be sick of me blabbering on. Stay safe guys. ❤️

  6. Wonderful post Catherine 😘
    A big 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 to all presenters & back room staff at QVC, TV & radio all round the country for being our virtual friends at the moment. Great job at keeping us entertained.
    Take care, stay safe & keep happy 😘

  7. Hi Catherine love your blog I love seeing your cat pictures they are so cute.
    I just had to email you as I have knitted the same thing and I have also knitted the complete family including the baby. I really enjoyed knitting them.
    Knitting occupies you and takes your mind off thing so I can see why your mum knits I am pleased that she is doing well in her new place and she is well.
    Stay safe and well

  8. Hi Catherine, I watch QVC a lot and you are one of my favourite presenters.i hope it won’t be long till you see your young man again, but as a Scot myself it is a lovely part of the world weather permitting. QVC is doing a great job at the moment keeping us entertained.keep up the good work and keep well. Norma xx

  9. Thanks for your thoughts Catherine, I work in the NHS in the emergency dept. And we truly appreciate your claps and banging of saucepans it makes us think, Yes we are doing a good job. It keeps moral going knowing we are appreciated. A big thank you. X

  10. Hi Catherine just wanted to say you are such a lovely genuine person inside and out and it’s so nice when you are presenting on QVC. Wishing you, your family and partner all the very best and stay safe and keep positive as there will be a rainbow after this storm cloud has passed for us all…. love Lisa xxx

  11. great to read your blog hopefully this awfull set of circumstances we are all in will end thanks to you and qvc you are a lifeline to so many people out there keep safe

  12. Hi Catherine,love the photos and your Skechers!What size did you get?Im a 6/6 1/2,Im not sure which size to go for?Xxx

  13. Hi catherine thank you for letting us share in your life so lovely. Unfortunately I live in a flat now so I have no garden to sit in and as I am classed as vulnerable I’m not allowed out but sometimes this is not viable as I need shopping or chemist to pick up meds. I’m on my own and miss my girls friends and family so much but we video call and speak all the time. On the bright side I have Gucci ten months now and a little diva I want a princess and she wants to be a tomboy! Doing a puzzle is a great idea i would love one but can’t. Anyway glad you and your family are safe and well I’m live near aberdeen and if Jamie is in scotland I’m sure he will be ok. Take care xx

  14. Hi Catherine

    You are such an uplifting person, beautiful, kind and funny. Loved the green vitamin tablet explosion in your glass on Sunday afternoon. Was hilarious….. oooh errr Missus!

    Stay safe everyone.
    Love Lindy Lou x

  15. just wonderful to have your family and the day will come again for your time with Jamie and then it will be special we are all living in very strange times ,I am living with my Husband Martyn who has never been at home for so long ,and he finds it very hard not to be able to go fishing as we live right by the sea marsh where he likes to fish!! But I am used to being at home SLE so I cope because I have a garden and one is thankful keep well and safe and smile life will one day return to normal best wishes to all at qvc xx Pamela

  16. My black cat Pearlie does the exact same thing as Pixiecat, every year she eats as many white butterflies as she can get away with!! Weird xx

  17. reading blogs and stories to keep sane, have you been feeding your dandies with Rg’s flower power?
    your garden will look lovely,once you get going it is hard to stop but does keep your mind off other things going on.
    By the way I looked on the 7 QVC hosts that have quit or been fired America qvc, did you know your picture is on the site under the name Jacque Gonzales. They do say everyone has a double I think I have found your’s
    take care smiles

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