Bring on the spring!

Hi, I hope you’re well and not too cold and soggy. Spring has been a bit of a washout so far where I live. I’m sure the gardeners among us, like my mum, will be happy for the extra watering the plants are getting, but I’m ready for sunshine!

Springtime is often when we think about having a good old spring clean and get set for summer. Well, that’s just what Anne Dawson and I have done with our dressing room at QVC. We share but we’re not often in at the same time, although we do leave little notes for each other. Mine usually apologise for the mess and hers tell me not to be so silly.  Anne’s a great dressing room buddy, and we’re paired perfectly to share as we’re both quite laid back. Plus, she’s just a lovely person who I get on really well with.

Our presenter stylist, Stine, has been helping us go through our wardrobes to have a good clear out. If you don’t yet follow her on Instagram, she is @stinestylistqvc, and she often posts behind-the-scenes photos and videos. She’s been so encouraging to me about embracing my shape and finding my own style. I’ll write more about that in a future blog, as we’ve been working on something together that’s been great fun. I couldn’t adore her more if I tried. It maybe helps that she’s a cat lover – like me!

One thing we both laugh about is how many cat hairs I have on my clothes! With three cats in the house, their telltale hairs often travel with me to work and find their way onto pieces of clothing in my wardrobe. Now that spring is in the air, Popsie in particular, is shedding little fluffy floofs wherever she goes!

Cozee Home rug, Skechers slippers, Cuddle Duds pyjamas

Lucky for me, I’ve been trying out the latest Today’s Special Value offer from Dyson, which will feature all day this Saturday at an incredible price. If you have pets you’ll love it, but it’s also certified asthma and allergy friendly, so it comes at just the right time of year for those of us who suffer.

This machine is brilliant! It has an even bigger bin than previous models, so it’s great for doing those big spring cleans and it has up to 60 minutes of run time with no loss of suction. Again, ideal for getting it all done without having to wait for recharging!

I like that it has a LCD screen display so you can monitor runtime and performance. With my own Dyson cordless vacuum (which by the way, I love), I just have to estimate how much time I have left before it runs out, so this is a great feature. One thing I’ve always loved about these cordless Dyson vacuums is how quickly you can turn them into a handheld vac for nipping out to clean the car or doing the sofas.

I’ve really enjoyed giving this model a road test, and I’d encourage you to give it a try as you have your 60 days to decide if it’s right for you, or if you want to return it and get your money back. Personally, I think it’s game-changing, and I love the extra runtime and the bigger dust bin.

Speaking of great offers, we now have a new section on the website where you get a second chance to get a hold of some of our previous Today’s Special Value offers and Big Deals! You can find it here. I do love a good deal!

Now, I want to tell you about something very special to me. Many of you know that my beloved Pixiecat went for her final catnap back in August. She is buried in our garden, which has been a source of comfort to us, as we feel she is never too far away.

Once I had accepted Pixie’s terminal cancer diagnosis, I decided to plan for how we would say goodbye. It may sound odd, but I’m so glad we did, as she had the most beautiful, peaceful passing in our garden surrounded by love. You can read more about that time by looking back through my blogs. It may be helpful to you if you’re in a similar position.

One thing I knew I wanted was a sculpture to mark Pixiecat’s final resting place. I began searching, and I put it out there on my social media for artist recommendations. I had a heartwarming response from so many people, but there was one which instantly stood out for me. A lovely lady called Mel said her husband created just the type of thing I was looking for. He had started with a tribute piece in memory of one of their own cats.

The artist is Peter Close. He and his wife are such kind people. As Peter knows the pain of losing a furry family member, he is incredibly sensitive and considerate of how his clients are feeling throughout the process of creating the artwork. I sent several photos and Peter kept me informed all the way so I could approve before he moved to the next stage.

I will be placing her in the garden soon. It may sound strange, but I want to wait until the warmer weather comes and the butterflies are fluttering about again, the ones she loved chasing around so much in the garden.

So much work and care went into creating the perfect memorial piece for my sweet angel. I knew you’d appreciate seeing this special work of art. It was money well spent for an investment in a bespoke sculpture which means the world to our family. Peter specialises in pets, but his talents extend much further. You can check out Peter’s Instagram, as well as his own website which tells you more about him and his work.

When I finally place the piece in the garden, I’ll post some more images of the start-to-finish process on my social media. Be sure to follow if you’d like to see those.

I hope you are staying safe and well. Thank you, as ever, for stopping by and having a little read.

Lots of love,

Catherine xx

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  1. Hi Catherine
    I always enjoy reading your blogs and love to see the latest pictures of the lovely Popsie, Bowie and Ziggy.
    I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Pixie, but the memorial you have had made of her is a very special reminder and she will always be with you.
    With best wishes
    Jules x

  2. What a lovely tribute to a beautiful cat. I lost my cocker spaniel many years ago. And have had a statue of Shelley in my garden. I do have a rescue dog Poppy who i have had 10 years and she is 12 now. Your past pets are never replaced but it is nice to have another to love. You cats are lovely x

  3. Catherine what a beautiful thing to have done a sculpture of pixie cat. I always like reading your stories of Popsie cat and your new two additions what beautiful cats they are and they have settled in well we took in a rescue cat a tabby called MR Pip we got him on 24th November 2017 we found out he was born on 24th November 2009 and i met my husband to be on the 24th November 1985 he has a wonderful nature and a fan club where i work in a Nursing home i take photos of him to show the residents

  4. That’s such a beautiful memorial we love our pets so much and we never hear much about cats so thankyou for voicing our cat lover community. Warmest best wishes x

  5. Hi Katherine just hoping you’re okay haven’t seen you on the TV lately? Hope you’ll be back soon miss your smile X

  6. Hi Katherine, I hope you and yours are all well? Missing you On QVC and Facebook! Stay safe lovely girl. XXX

  7. Hi Catherine, it’s such a long time since you’ve been on the ‘Q’ I hope everything is ok and look forward to seeing you soon.

  8. Hi Catherine, what a beautiful sculpture for your beautiful Pixiecat. I am a cat lover too, and have 2 cats myself whom I adore!! Love the names of your new additions to the family, as I am a Bowie fan myself since the 70’s…hope all is well, as haven’t seen you around on qvc in a while! Much love. Lisa xxxx

  9. Hi Catherine do enjoy reading your blogs hope you are well as you have not been on for a while and no new blogs either to catch up on . Miss your happy face hope we will see you back soon.xx

  10. Hi Catherine haven’t seen you on QVC for a while, Hope everything is ok with you and your family and its not to long before we see your smiling face.

  11. Hello Catherine, Miss seeing you on QVC as you have always been one of my favourite presenters. I have watched you shine from when you first arrived on set, Hope everything is ok? Be back when you are ready X

  12. Hi Catherine. i have missed seeing you on QVC and also on Instagram.
    Thinking of you and sending lots of love and hugs.
    Best wishes

  13. Hi Catherine, I haven’t seen you on QVC for quite a while now , was wondering when you’re coming back ( hope it’s soon ). Hope you’re ok ,take care. xx

  14. Hi Katherine just sending you lots of love and letting you know how much you are missed
    Please take care and hopefully we will see or hear from you soon.

  15. Where are you Catherine??????…… Wish you would reply…… Just want to know you are ok??? 👍👍😃😃😃.. x

  16. Hello Catherine,
    I am not sure what has happened but you are never on qvc now and your blog has not been updated for months and months ? I hope you are ok and also hope you return to brighten my days as you are so funny and so missed.
    Kind Regards


  18. Hi Catherine, like other posts have so missed you and your lovely smiles and your explanation of items, are you coming back or have you left or did you have a conflict of interest with your new lifestyle ?

  19. Hi Catherine, as many people have commented you have been missing from our screens for months now and are very much missed. I may have missed any explanation as to your long absence. It’s eerily strange that I haven’t heard your name mentioned at all. Hope all is well, take care 💐 x

  20. Hi Catherine, as with so many other people, really miss you on QVC. I really hope you are well. Hopefully, we will get to see your lovely smile again. Wishing you all good things. From a fellow cat lover. x

  21. Hi Catherine hope all is well with you.You have been missing from QVC for sometime now.Are you coming back? You are missed you were always so happy and positive and so natural and funny. Take care.

  22. Hi Catherine I am watching you this morning so happy to see you back in our screen you have been missed I don’t have social media so this is my only way of saying thrilled you are back can’t say it enough times you look amazing lots of love and hugs xxxxxxxxx

  23. Hi Catherine. Lovely to see you back on air this afternoon. Have been checking your blogs for months, wondering if you were OK. Never responded to any blog before, but this is an exception. Welcome back.

  24. Hello Catherine I hear you are coming back shortly? Hope so”, missed your kind presence on QVC for so many reasons. Look forward to your first “show”. Best wishes.

  25. Hi Catherine, welcome back!! I’ve really missed you. I hope all is well with you. I look forward to seeing you lots more on QVC. Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, safe New Year.
    Best wishes

  26. Hi Catherine,

    Missing you on QVC. I’ve been a Qvc customer since the beginning and especially watching you from your first day! I’ve really enjoyed your personality since and hope that you’ll return to Qvc in the future.
    Best wishes

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