Behold! Easy hair and easy wear!

Two of my very favourite things!

Seeing as I’m always on the go, whether it’s at work or at home with the cats, I love my fashion to be easy wear, fuss free, easy to care for and to look fantastic! Our lovely Ruth Langsford is just the same! That’s why her clothing range is so perfect if you, like us, want your wardrobe to work for you rather than the other way round.

Ruth has a fabulous Today’s Special Value coming up on Saturday, the 27th, and I’m over the moon to be sharing two shows with her. At 11am we will be browsing through her collection together including a look at the gorgeous tunic TSV that I’m wearing in leopard print. I love that it’s no hassle, no iron, throw on and look-great fashion. It’s actually available from this morning, 24th February here.

At midday on Saturday it’s me and Ruth again but this show is called ‘Ruth’s Fashion Edit’. This is where Ruth hand picks items from our enormous collection of designers at QVC. She is truly hands-on in the process. Well in a safe, socially distanced way of course! She doesn’t just waltz in at the last minute, she really gets involved in styling the outfits and selecting things she loves. Ruth has a great eye for what looks good and feels good so I’m really keen to see what she’s chosen!

On the subject of easy care, I’ve often mentioned on air that I took my ironing board to the recycling centre years ago, ha, ha! I’ve got my trusty Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron, which I’ve also had for years, and on the rare occasions I have something which needs an iron I just give it a quick burst of steam and I’m done! We even have one of their steamy wonders (did anyone else start singing ‘Steamy Windows’ just then?) in our presenter lounge for our usage. If you’ve never tried one, I think you’re missing out!

On to one of my passions and, I guess you could say, hobbies. Hair! I’m a bit of a hair chameleon. I have been for as far back as I can remember, actually. When I was a nine-year-old brunette I recall asking Father Christmas for blonde wig!! I must’ve been naughty that year as I didn’t get my wish, but I did receive a pair of fluffy edged pink slippers!! Isn’t it funny that after so many years we can remember things like that?

During my years at QVC I’ve had waist length blonde hair, a very short, almost black bob and a broad spectrum of colours, lengths and styles over that time. I change my hair as often as I change my dress size!

I had fixed, or permanent, extensions for a number of years. I loved them but they were extremely costly. We’re talking several hundreds of pounds and they had to be replaced every few months. Not the most cost-effective option but I felt they were worth every penny. Obviously, since lockdown, I’ve not been back to my extensionist for well over a year. I removed mine and eventually I completely changed my hairstyle by cutting it into a bob with a fringe!

I love playing with hair and I have lots of old clip-in extensions from years ago but it’s time for an update. I was so excited when I heard Easilocks were coming to QVC. I first found out when I saw Katy Pullinger walking into the studio looking incredible! I said “WOW! Katy! Your hair looks great! It looks longer, too!”. I didn’t even think it was extensions, I just thought it looked great. She told me she had just finished a screen test for the brand, and she loved the piece she was wearing so much she kept it in and wore it on air that day. This was some time ago now, maybe a couple of months or so.

I told my boss that I’d be thrilled if I could present any of their future shows as I’m passionate about hair. He knows this from years of working with me and, like a wonderful fairy (should that be hairy?) godfather, he decided I’d be the perfect person to launch the brand! Yippee! I’m not even due to be on air that day but when I was asked if I could do it, I leapt at the chance!

Highly regarded by the professional hair care industry, Easilocks provide hair extension systems to salons all over the country. Whether you’re looking for luxurious length or voluminous locks, Easilocks hair extensions have got you covered. Their luxurious clip-in hair extensions offer endless style options and you can achieve so many looks, effortlessly. Their hair extensions are designed for ultimate impact almost instantly!

Easilocks founder Shane O Sullivan will be joining me for his QVC premiere show at 12pm on Monday 1st March. Shane began his career at the age of 13, working alongside his Father John in the family owned salon in Dublin, Ireland.

Shane was honoured when Vidal Sasoon named him “Colourist of the year” at the age of 18 and he earned his stripes as a L’Oreal professional colour specialist. He was also internationally recognised at countless hairdressing championships for his precision cutting techniques.

Shane has worked with almost every hair extension brand. His unique exposure to the industry led him to discover that every system was missing something, especially maintaining the highest quality at every stage of the process. Putting this knowledge to good use, Shane spent five years designing the optimum hair extension solution, travelling the world to find the best materials and processes and testing it in his own salon.

The result was the launch of Easilocks in 2012. Easilocks is a revolutionary hair enhancement system in which organic, reusable human hair is attached without the use of glue, heat, sewing or braiding.

Easilocks also offers a selection of occasional wear hairpieces. Each piece is handcrafted and designed with a patented system to be secured to the natural hair in seconds, transforming your look and ensuring effortless style and limitless creativity every time. Easilocks also has a range of homecare products and hot tools and has become a celebrity favourite and preferred choice of system in the UK and Ireland.

Another benefit to clipping in pieces for an instant hairstyle is that you’re also being kinder to your own hair as you’re not damaging it with heat or overloading it with products. If you’re fed up of your lockdown locks then please make a note in the diary to tune in next Monday, 1st March, at midday as I truly believe we will have something to liven up your look or just make doing your hair sooooo much faster. Instant impact!

If you’re looking to care for the hair you’ve already got then look out for the Philip Kingsley Today’s Special Value featuring on ‘Triple Day’. It’s a supersize collection. Their bestselling Bodybuilding Shampoo and Moisture Balancing Conditioner will be in whopping 1 litre pump dispensers and they’re also including a 150ml size of the iconic Elasticizer. Plus, everything else on Triple Day, will be available in three easy interest-free instalments!! I’m looking forward to it. There’s some brilliant deals across our departments on the day that I think I’ll have to treat myself to! So, another date for the diary is 3rd March – Triple Day!

Well, I really hope these upcoming highlights give you something to look forward to as much as I’m looking forward to them. Thank you as ever for sharing your time, your thoughts, your kindness and smiles with me. Both here and on my social media channels. It will always mean more than I can say. From my heart I really feel we’ve been there for each other over the years and now more so than ever. Please stay as safe and well as you can.

All my love,

Catherine xx

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  1. Dear Catherine
    I’ve just read for the second time your tribute to Princess Pixie; the first time I read it was when I realised my own little angel was on the downward path, today I had to make the so so painful decision that it was time to let her go. She was 14 and her liver had failed/cancer. I had only had the privilege of living alongside her for 11 years, she was a pedigree Abyssinian and had been “used” for breeding. She needed me and I needed her, I had just had a breakdown. We so “got” each other. She always slept alongside me and had the loudest purr – for hours through the night! Never a lap cat, always on equal status to me. If I put my hand down to stroke her, she had to lick me first. If I bent down to kiss her she lifted her little head to “kiss” me with her little nose. I have two more little fur babies left; they are genetically her grandchildren but are “tabby/abys”. Different personalities but wonderful all the same. They are 10 this year, I hope they will be with me for a while longer. I so understand your description of the gut-wrenching grief I’m feeling. Believe me I’m 66 and have had cats all my life; I’ve been here so many times and lost both my parents and live/care with my darling disabled daughter (and I’ve had many, many life-threatening situations with her). Even with COVID-19 we’ve been home, shielded for a year, I’ve got through it but losing my little Princess Pussy Flamstone Jamani Jamie is almost more than I can bear. Sadness is overwhelming. Your tribute gives me hope that I, also, will get through this. With deepest love and admiration for a fellow cat lover.

  2. Hi there Catherine, wow, wow, wow I just adore your amazing new bob it looks incredible and you’ve made such an excellent job of it, and made it look really simple. I’ve been looking at QVC today on my IPad and saw you wearing what looked like a long black and silver, or black and white duster style jacket, amazing, but I haven’t been able to find it online, any chance you remember it please?

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