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Meet Samantha Antoine. This lovely lady is a big fan of QVC and I’m really looking forward to having a good chat with her on Saturday the 26th in my 2pm Liz Earle show. Tune in to find out what she thinks about the range and why she got in touch to share her story. Remember that you can share your stories with us, too, and you may be invited to share with the nation, live on air. Get in touch with us here. 


I hope you’re having a fabulous February so far. Nice to see signs of spring here and there. I am always happy when I see those beautiful daffodils poking their pretty heads up!

Soon we’ll be preparing our gardens for warmer weather. Part of those preparations may be to start cleaning up your paving and driveways. QVC have a great offer on the 27th from Wolf in the form of a pressure washer at a Today’s Special Value price! I’m interested already as my patio and driveway need some attention, but I’m also thinking it’ll be perfect for washing my car. The weather is a bit tipsy turvy before summer comes along, so whether you’re a cyclist, driver or pedestrian, you’re likely to encounter some mud.


I like the idea of having a pressure washer to hand to make light work of cleaning bicycles and boots, as well as garden furniture. When I think of how much I spend just having my car cleaned by someone else with a pressure washer, I think this thing could pay for itself in no time! Definitely one to watch out for.

Another one to watch out for is our Women With Control Today’s Special Value trousers, which will be featuring from 9pm tonight until midnight on Thursday at a super price. If you’ve yet to try the brand, why not give these a go? They’re practical, versatile and, best of all, oh-so flattering! As the brand’s founder, Renee Greentsein, says, “no wiggle, no jiggle!” They give me the feeling of having more toned legs, bum and tum as they hold you so well.

Well, I’d better skedaddle (what a great word) for now, but I hope you’re well and I look forward to sharing some great shows with you this February.

Love Catherine

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  1. hello Catherine,
    How I enjoyed the Christmas hour last week. feeling down worried about the weather trees blowing all around. watching.QVC. you came on telling us the Christmas cracker jokes. with lovely Christmas items.my day became a happy one. Thanks to you and and the presenter that was with you.

  2. I brought this pressure washer last year- I haven’t tried it yet but I do need to dig it out to use on my car! M25 dirt isn’t a good luck!
    How are you getting on with learning sign language? Would be good to see how you are progressing?

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