DIY haircut & It Works!

Hello there! Welcome to this week’s blog update! If you watch regularly, you’ll already have seen my new hairdo.

I did have someone on social media questioning QVC about how I’d been able to get to the salon to have my hair cut when they’re all shut… what a compliment that was to me! I didn’t go to a salon at all…

I went to my own bathroom armed with tips I’d picked up on good old YouTube, a comb, four elastic bands and some old scissors that came with my son’s clipper set a few years ago and I got to work!

I’ve always enjoyed playing around with my hair, my make-up and nails. For me it’s quite good fun but, during these days we’re living in, it became a necessity. I wanted to trim my ends and then I thought, hey, why not just go for a fresh new look altogether so opted for a bob.


Here’s the video of me cutting it…


Obviously, it’s not perfect but it will do until I can get back to a professional. Hairdressers of the world, you have my utmost respect and I will happily be bringing custom back to your doors as soon as it’s possible to do so. For now, though, I’ll keep playing with my new do!

Needless to say, my Dyson hair appliances have been brilliant for my new style. I wouldn’t be without them. The Dyson Corrale straighter is great for getting waves, curls and, of course, straightening but even if I use the Airwrap with the brush attachment or the Supersonic dryer it’s quite good to grab the Corrale for a quick bevelling-under of the fringe. And the shine.. wow! I’ve been using the My Hair Doctor range on it for the past week or so and I do feel that’s made a lovely difference to how healthy it looks and feels, too.

There’s a really exciting launch coming next month which will help me out if I regret going shorter, too! Easilocks hair extensions! I was so thrilled when I heard they were coming to QVC that my boss asked if I’d like to swap my days around so I could present the premiere show! Yippee! I’ll be sure to let you know when the show time is all finalised so you can be sure to tune in if you’re like me and love all things hair.

Ok, enough about the hair. Onto more practical things…

One of my all-time best buys and permanent household must-haves are the It Works blocks. I’ve used them for years. If you’ve never tried them before you might want to check out the Today’s Special Value offer coming up at 9pm on the 4th and featuring all day on the 5th.

There’s also going to be an Auto Delivery option to allow you keep the value going for another three shipments, each three months apart, so if you sign up to that it’s approximately a year’s worth overall and all at the special price! I’m definitely going for Auto Delivery!

I’ve been in the position of having run out of them before and went searching on the high street for something similar. I found it (but not the It Works brand) but I was honestly shocked at how expensive it was compared to our It Works offers! You might even know the one I’m talking about. I begrudgingly bought it, one solid block, and had to cut it down. It did work well, I won’t lie, but I’d never pay that price again!! I’ve yet to find anything that comes close to It Works value, personally.

The It Works 40-piece TSV pack of cleaning blocks are made from high-tech melamine that only needs tap water to work and can be used multiple times to remove all manner of stains. These environmentally friendly cleaning blocks are chemical free which could also save you more money on additional cleaning products.

The blocks can be cut into whatever size you need. Obviously, this makes them go even further but also allows you to get the perfect size for each job.

Here’s what you get:

  • 25 blocks medium size 7.6cm x 5.7cm x 2cm
  • 10 blocks large size 12 cm x 6 cm x 2cm
  • 5 blocks chunky size 12 cm x 6 cm x 3cm

Here are just some ways you can use them. On cooking appliances, pans, ceramic hobs and cooker tops. Pretty much on all surfaces such as tile, laminate, wood floors and trainers. Use them to remove marks on leather (real or faux), from car interiors to handbags and even shoes. They can bring the sparkle back to alloy wheels and remove rubber scuff marks on bumpers, too.

Remove grime from computer keyboards and workstations, eradicate scuff marks on laminate and even permanent marker and crayon from floor tiles. I think you’ll find even more ways to use them once you get them home.

I’d love to know if you’ve been doing any DIY hairdos and also if you’re a fan of the It Works blocks. Let me know with a comment below. Even if I don’t comment with an individual response please know I do check back and read them all ❤️

Take care and stay safe. Lots of love,

Catherine xx

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  1. Hi Catherine

    You’ve done a great job with your hair. So much so I prefer it to the way you had it before. It really suits you!

    Love watching your shows as you have such a warm and charming personality and are keeping me going during Lockdown.

    Take care of yourself and love to the cats.

  2. Hi Catherine….. You did brill…!!!!!!… Your hair looks great and a lovely colour to…… Thank you to QVC for keeping me company through this strange time…. You are all lovely presenters… Keep safe.. Jane X👍.

  3. Looking lovely Catherine!! I have a layered hair style that is normally all flicked out. Managing a little bit of scissor work on the front and sides but oh lord the back us a nightmare 🙈having to use a little bit of curling tong action and straighteners!! 😂😂😂xxx

  4. Hi Catherine,
    I think it looks FAB, you did a great job on your hair, i personally think its so much better, very modern.
    I hope you keep it like that.
    Love Kathy

  5. Hi Catherine lovely hair cut and really shiny. Talking about haircuts my little four year old granddaughter decided last weekend to use her own cutting scissors to completely cut her fringe off to the top of her forehead and hack into the back!! She wasn’t upset until she saw her Mum’s reaction…! It’s a good job it’s winter and hats can cover the evidence. I said we might all be going to her for our next haircuts if the salons remain shut!
    If I could show you a before & after I would. So many children seem to do this. But we still love her all the same 🤗
    Still on the subject of hair; I very sadly lost my beloved husband at the end of October to cancer. But my hair has started coming out in handfuls. I thought I might try some Philip Kingsley. I wondered what you or readers of the blog might recommend? With love from Julia xxx

  6. Catherine Clever you! your Hair looks Lovely and the Style brings out your Cute Face I saw you cutting your Hair on Facebook !! Brave you ha-ha . Wish I was Brave to do Mine but mine is thick, Bushy, Curly Kinks and Frizz so not much Hope there he-he!! but my Hair Coloring went O.K Covered the Greys ! Hairdresser is my first port of call !Love your Blog as it always makes me Smile!! always a Joy to see all you QVC Presenters on T.V Lets just Hope 2021 gets Better and Safer for us All xx Pamela

  7. I’m a stylist and u did an amazing job. You were very brave as I never cut my own! What I wanted to ask was what colour do you use on your hair? X

  8. Hi Catherine,
    I am totally gobsmacked and in awe of your bravery tackling your DIY haircut. In my eyes you deserve a gold medal and huge congratulations for such an achievement. It looks fantastic and suits you so well.

  9. Hi Catherine your hair if fab colour is wow wish I could take the plunge and colour it
    Best wishes and kind regards to you and all the very best wishes to all presenters and the customer service team for all the things that they have done for me. Keep well and safe.

  10. hair looks nice and amazing what we are capable of in desperate times . i have shaved my hair twice since lockdown began last year went to mad first time but second time partner did it and it turned out better , my son was not happy lol but hey i find im rebelling more as i get older and a girls got to do what a girl has to do x

  11. amazing well done with your haircut i know too well how hard it is to try and cut your own hair ive been cutting people hair since the lockdown in our bubbles and it can easy go wrong as i have seen first hand

    also i have seen from you the love just shines though from you and you have a tun of love to give which is so nice to see

  12. Hello Catherine,
    Your new bob really suits you,Well done for making such a great job of it.
    I have a bob ,but dont have a fringe. My husband has been cutting my hair, and I must say he is making a great job of cutting it.He however he does not have loads of hair these days, so I have been shaving his head.At least we both look presentable until like many others we can go back to our local hairdressers.
    Lovely to see you on QVC with your easy manner and lovely smiles.
    Take Care and Stay Well.
    Best Wishes

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